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Less than 24 hours after the publication of the results of the first round of the presidential election in France, irregularities are being reported on both sides. In some places, there is fear of a rigged election.

In the aftermath of the first round of the French presidential election, irregularities were seen in broad daylight. On Monday, many media reported an unusual incident. In effect, thousands of voters were removed from the lists without their knowledge. The events took place in Strasbourg.

The information was confirmed by Strasbourg town hall which referred to 15,000 people being removed from the voters' lists in a city of 270,000 people. According to Le Monde, many voters were surprised to discover that they were no longer registered to vote in their polling stations.

"We removed 16,042 people from the electoral rolls"

Addressing the press, Pierre Laplane, Director General of the City of Strasbourg, explains:
"We have written off 16,042 people from the electoral rolls because their voter's card and the mails we have sent to them Are returned with the words 'no longer residing at the address indicated."
The same incident has been reported in other parts of France. On Monday, Le Parisien reports that more than 500 electors have also been removed from the electoral rolls at Queue-en-Brie in the Île-de-France. Le Parisien states that the persons who were struck off did not present a valid address.

The persons concerned expressed their dismay by contacting a judge. "I'm really not happy. It is such an important election," lamented Pierre Léveque, one of the delegates of Strasbourg. "I moved five years ago inside the same commune and I have always been able to vote, even recently in 2015. To be told now that I am canceled, I find it really intolerable," said Brigitte, a resident of Queue-en-Brie.

"He disappears with the ballots"

In addition to this situation, many citizens received two voter cards because they had not been removed from the lists of their former dwelling. According to LCI, which cites testimonies on social networks, about 500,000 people seem to have appeared twice on the electoral rolls.

Another unusual fact related to the irregularity in some polling stations included the disappearance of bulletins in Marseille. On Monday, the newspaper La Provence revealed that the city of Marseille published the results of the first round a little late. The president of the polling station 'Olives' in the 13th arrondissement of the city had disappeared with the ballots. The man was finally found at his home by the police.