Nichols Junior High school
Attorneys are expecting to file a lawsuit by the end of the evening Wednesday, over a mysterious illness plaguing a junior high school in Arlington.

Dozens of Nichols Junior High School staff members have reported symptoms including dizziness, headaches and nausea, only while they're in the school building. It's been happening since September.

The district has had outside experts run a battery of air quality and mold tests, but nothing serious has come out to explain the illnesses.

Now the NAACP is working with local attorneys to file the suit, pushing to move students to another building until a cause is found.

Some parents agree. "If something is going on and they haven't found the answer to, I think they shouldn't allow the kids to go to school," said parent Dominique Bailey. "Send them home with their work, or something like that. That way they won't fall back, or at least let us know. That way we have a choice."

The district says it won't comment on any pending litigation. But in the past said it is communicating closely with parents and doing everything it can to resolve this.

The attorneys filing the suit are planning a press conference for 10 a.m. Thursday.