‌In the midst of the coup atmosphere currently gripping the US, several related stories reflect American-generated chaos throughout the world: an uptick in Kiev's desperate war on Donbass civilians, the untimely death of yet another veteran Russian Ambassador, and the demonetization developments in India. All give a strong suggestion of where the elites would like to take things. How do all these fit together, and what are they a larger symptom of?

Join us this week on Behind the Headlines as we connect the dots that form the bigger, uglier picture. We'll also take look at one of the ideas of Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon - the 'fourth turning' - and what it might mean for America's future, and the world's. As the saying goes, "when the US sneezes the whole world catches a cold." In this light, we will also be asking how the US's growing inner turmoil is affecting other nations, and what a great US crisis may mean in the future for all.

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