Deep State

Right after mainstream fake news humiliated itself falsely inflating poll numbers and wrongly predicting their crime boss candidate owned up to a 99% chance of winning the presidency, only to have their nemesis Trump triumph, ever since that November 8th shocker, deep state's been feverishly ratcheting up its longtime objective to completely control the outflow of information and news to the world. Fast closing in on a little more than a month before Trump's January 20th inauguration and representing the Clintons-Obama-Bush-Soros-Rothschild crime cabal, deep state is currently waging an all-out war against America's First Amendment rights of free press and free speech as well as warring against any further exposure of government scandals like Pizzagate. By any and all means necessary, the ruling elite is now quickly honing in on silencing the main deliverers of truth that expose the elite's scandals - independent and alternative news media.

Internet censorship and control is nothing new. It's long been on deep state's agenda. An entire chapter in the failed Trans Pacific Partnership was devoted to how the elite planned to usurp internet control by limiting online access and enacting censorship across the World Wide Web. And it still is moving in that direction with Obama recently handing over internet domain control to foreign nations known for severe censorship like China. But with the globalists' TPP going down in defeat just like Hillary and the anti-Brexit, we are witnessing a worldwide populist uprising, tired of increasing government corruption, theft, propaganda lies, wars and violence. But no unfolding drama in this erratic, crazy event-filled, fateful year of shock and surprises has elicited such a horrified reaction from the millions of internet users in recent weeks than the breaking scandalous story called Pizzagate, hinging on the unraveled, highly incriminating circumstantial evidence that the Clintons and the Podesta brothers may be involved in a child sex trafficking ring with the epicenter a Northwest Washington DC pizzeria named Comet Ping Pong.

Literally an army of internet citizen sleuths over this last month investigating the hundreds of WikiLeaks released John Podesta emails and Instagram posts of Comet pizza owner James Alefantis (ranked #49 by GQ on DC's most powerful persons list) have uncovered and laid bare the sickeningly despicable Pizzagate scandal - to date by far this century's biggest story (behind 9/11). Exposing Pizzagate and the Clinton-Podesta-Epstein international child sex trafficking network can potentially bring down the current crime cabal government in Washington and beyond. But outside of the thousands of internet investigators, few in alternative media have dared to even cover the pedophile-Pizzagate scandal.

Why? Because alternative media knows that it presently sits in the crosshairs of total censorship by deep state and its MSM minions. If the government and MSM get their way, there will not even be an alternative news media to present a much needed counterbalance to mainstream media's "fake news" narrative. For instance, once it was learned that last Sunday's Comet pizza shooter Edgar Welch was an Alex Jones fan, even the pied piper of the anti-globalist alternative media movement himself boasting the largest audience reach in America suddenly halted InfoWars from any further coverage of the child sex ring scandal. Instead Jones emphasized the plethora of Podesta emails revealing "hundreds of other dastardly deeds" deemed more deserving of America's attention. In all likelihood, Jones saw how MSM was out to make a mockery of any "reputable" news outlet contending that a DC child sex trafficking network is real and therefore decided to pull away for fear of his own lost credibility and diminished reputation. Speculation abounds also over longtime InfoWars employee Joe Biggs' abrupt departure with the question of whether he was fired or quit. But consensus of opinion agrees on one thing, controversial Pizzagate was at the heart of the matter.

Because so many alternative news sites are on the establishment's hit list, they are increasingly fearing legal prosecution with slander/libel/defamation lawsuits backed by big money like Soros'. Thus in response to the feds and MSM assault, already alternative news sites are succumbing to external threats and pressures by internally censoring and narrowing their topics covered and content disclosed, InfoWars being just one prime example.

A week ago I compiled what I believe to be compelling evidence demonstrating that Pizzagate is in fact real and that the Clinton-Podesta-Epstein nexus operating worldwide child sex slavery and abuse through its international child trafficking rings are currently an epidemic exploding around the globe today like never before. Yet out of the several legitimate news sites where I regularly contribute my work, only saw fit to post my controversial article. Fortunately a few other sites recognized its importance and value and also ran it like State of the Nation, International Reporter and the Millennium Report. My most recent follow-up article exposes last Sunday's incident at Comet pizza as a false flag when apparently another crisis actor with an IMDb profile turned lone gunman-stooge suddenly showed up armed with an assault rifle firing off rounds inside the notorious pizza joint.

All week long mainstream media has had a field day exploiting this staged event, concluding that it was Pizzagate's internet hype propagating a fake conspiracy theory that motivated a misguided, armed and dangerous vigilante citizen to crash the pizza party in an alleged attempt to "self-investigate" Comet pizza, searching for trafficked child sex victims in underground tunnels below the pizza parlor. This way MSM can insist that the alleged threats on the owner's life and staff along with the so called online bullying and hate mail fomented by internet "fake news" directly caused this incident, placing Americans' public safety at growing risk by "radicalized" violent extremists feeding off the "out-of-control" fake news online frenzy. The orchestrated drama appears to be an over the top PSYOPS operation geared to justify censorship and buzz off any further serious inquiry into the Hillary-Podesta child sex ring.

The first question to ask in trying to solve any mystery is who stands to benefit the most. Certainly 28-year old patsy Edgar Welch has little to gain except lots of jail time and people upset with him. Alternative media has nothing to gain and by far the most to lose. The bottom line is deep state and mainstream media have everything to gain by way of both motive and the means to pull off such an incident. The feds have loads of past experience now under their belt to draw from in perpetrating false flag operations. That said, they always leave their sloppy calling card of anomalies that have become their false flag trademarks.

Former CIA and Marine intelligence officer Robert David Steele whose own firsthand experience with false flags led him to emphatically assert that virtually every major terrorist act committed in both the US and abroad has been a false flag. As of the 2013 NDAA, government propaganda was made legal so false flags are merely a backdoor method promoting legal propaganda.

In all the MSM coverage of last Sunday's event, the following facts have been omitted as inconvenient truths. The Comet pizza lone gunman Edgar Welch has been exposed as yet another actor whose father Harry Welch happens to own a film company called Forever Young Productions in addition to being executive director of the NGO non-profit Protect-A-Child in Haiti where both the suspect and his father worked in the same country where the Clinton Global Initiatives stole $2 billion with confirmed links to child trafficking. Just over a month ago in October the pizza gunman while driving a car in North Carolina seriously injured a 13-year old boy who had to be airlifted to the hospital. With an alcohol-drug history already and now facing his recent legal problem, the failed would-be actor who had trouble holding down a job fits the profile of a recruited candidate for a clandestine false flag operation. Additionally, the day before Welch entered Comet Ping Pong, it was noted on that the traffic camera had been pointed away from pizza restaurant. These conspicuous, strange anomalies loom very large to contradict the established false narrative. It goes without saying that you won't be hearing or seeing any of these facts being issued on fake mainstream news.

The other day this writer was contacted by an AP reporter who apparently had read my last article exposing the Sunday event as a false flag. As an opportunity to spread the truth reaching a wider circulation through the international news agency, I spoke with AP correspondent Ben Nuckols by phone, verbalizing my reasons why I believe it was a false flag. Reiterating the above facts, I explained that it was orchestrated by deep state and MSM for the dual purpose of taking the heat off the Clinton connected child sex trafficking operation as well as to discredit and demonize alternative news media as more proof of "fake news" to justify accelerating censorship and ultimate elimination. I realized consenting to an AP interview risked a hack job as part of mainstream media's agenda to blaspheme alternative news proponents as paranoid, "tin foil hat" wearing conspiracy theorists.

"Conspiracy theory" is a CIA invented term coined to dispel nonbelievers in the official fake story cover-up behind the JFK murder, which the majority of Americans never did buy that original "lone gunman" theory even back then. It's since been proven that the same shadow government that silenced the last president to truly represent US citizens remains firmly in control today. Think tanks like CFR, the Rand Corporation and Project for a New American Century as behind-the-scene White House handlers work with selected powerful Congress members and rogue elements in the CIA and FBI to make the US government today the most secretive, insulated, Stasi-inspired cesspool of totalitarian corruption ever occupying the nation's capital.

Getting back to Ben Nuckol's AP article, he first presents the police side of the story of what happened:
According to police, Welch drove to a restaurant called Comet Ping Pong to investigate the "pizzagate" rumors that Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta, and other Washington insiders were harboring child sex slaves there. Police said Welch fired several shots inside the pizzeria on Sunday with a military-style rifle but surrendered peacefully after he found no evidence of a secret pedophilia ring.
Note how neatly that fits and plays into the false narrative that there's no real story here. Swayed and misguided by so much internet "fake news," Welch was driven by all the online hype to see for himself, so he came, he saw, and convinced "he found no evidence of a secret pedophilia ring," after firing off a few rounds, he quietly set his gun down and peacefully walked outside to give himself up.

In the very first sentence of his next paragraph, Nuckols' head is already wrapped around the official line:
There's no evidence to back up the rumors about the restaurant, a beloved neighborhood institution in the wealthy enclave of Chevy Chase. But to true believers, the absence of proof is just another sign of a conspiracy and a well-orchestrated cover-up.
As an open-minded, "fair and accurate" AP reporter, Nuckols must never have checked out owner James Alefantis' "kid-friendly" Instagram photos nor read his revealing commentary depicting children in bondage for sale. Or the adult "after dark" entertainment at the "beloved neighborhood institution" making multiple references to pedophiliac preferences for little children. Nuckols goes on to seek the "expert" opinion of noted conspiracy debunker Syracuse University professor emeritus Michael Barkun:
[Conspiracy theories] are constructed in such a way that there isn't any evidence you can present to someone who believes them that will lead a believer to change his or her mind.
Amazing, it works the same with non-believers. Present overwhelming evidence of a child sex ring and the deniers will simply dismiss everything without even bothering to refute any of it. Nuckols ends his article with another so called expert's quote, sizing up conspiracy theorists' neurotic need to "process genuinely horrific news":
Having a targeted source of villainy creates, in some people's minds, a feeling of control. Evil isn't random. It's a result of these nameable forces that we can target.
Thank you Sigmund, I mean New Jersey City University professor James Broderick. Such pedantic condescension should be expected. These smug, armchaired, ivory towered erudites seem to refuse to look at the hard evidence that a handful of psychopaths rule this world by owning and controlling all the largest multinational corporations and oligarchic governments that include the US and every Western nation, that through secret societies like Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, the CFR, Bilderbergs, dictate economic and geopolitical policies promoting imperialism and war under their globalism hashtag that includes state sponsored false flag terrorism for increasing Orwellian authoritarian control over the global population. Perhaps like MSM, these academics are simply paid off to turn a blind eye to confronting the evil entrenched at the top echelons of power that have been proven to be behind millions of missing children each year that are sexually abused, trafficked and even killed. Just look no further than the fully documented Jimmy Savile-royalty-BBC connection or the Bush White House-Franklin scandal or the Clinton-Epstein-Lolita Express. Instead these apologists make their living ridiculing those possessing the intellectual capacity to question authority and think critically to see through the lies and propaganda.

In the face of Pizzagate and the upcoming Trump presidency amidst Hillary's failed tristate recount with co-opted sell-out Jill Stein doing her dirty bidding, dozens of death threats have been targeting Electoral College voters especially in the pivotal swing states Trump won, unduly pressuring them to switch their December 20th votes to Clinton. Meanwhile, earlier this week two reporters in Finland were meeting with a mayor when all three women were assassinated. The two journalists were allegedly investigating the politician's ties between the Finnish government and the Clinton child trafficking ring. But the murders in Finland and Pizzagate are just the latest in an explosive month that's blown the epidemic of child sex trafficking sky high.

Several weeks ago in nearby Norway the biggest child trafficking ring in that nation's history led to 51 arrests. In a separate bust last month dubbed "Operation Rescue," the largest child sex ring ever was discovered involving over 70,000 members resulting in Europol police arresting 184 (five American) suspects, identifying 670 more and rescuing 230 abused children in 30 countries. Just over a month ago 400 children were rescued and nearly 400 adult suspects were arrested in Toronto. 50,000 woman, many underage forced into prostitution, are trafficked out of Colombia each year with very few prosecutions. And just a couple weeks ago a dozen adults were arrested for attempting to smuggle Colombian girls 14-16 years old out of the country. The global trafficking networks on this planet have never been bigger than they are today. At an estimate of 20.9 million people, more human slaves are suffering in bondage now than at any prior time in history including the pre-Civil War. Another source seven years ago listed an estimated 27 million slaves in the world and numbers are increasing each year.

With human trafficking at an all-time high, child sex slave trafficking is a multibillion dollar business thanks to the likes of the Clintons and their mover and shaker friends like the Podestas and the Epsteins. As of 2010 a $32 billion a year profit is made through human trafficking, the majority being sex victims. The annual revenue generated from online sexual exploitation of children is $3 billion with an estimate of at least 1.8 million children used in commercial sex, many sold as slaves, abducted and trafficked.

But we're supposed to pay no attention to the elite pushing these life and death levers behind their thinly veiled curtain. After all, naked portraits of half dead looking teens in bondage hung on a Podesta wall doesn't necessarily mean they eat children at their pizza parties. Nor does the fact that DC and its outlying state of Virginia having nearly five times more missing kids than the average amongst the rest of the United States proves that Clinton's DC child trafficking ring is the cause. But the totality of so many already uncovered, known circumstantial facts more than warrants a thorough investigation... because we all know that if it was you or me, we would have already been arrested, tried, convicted and locked away for life a long time ago on a lot less evidence.

Fearing the naked emperor has just been guiltily caught in the sinful act violating little children, in recent weeks we're witnessing the international crime cabal's highly aggressive pushback engaging in a colossal smear campaign to gloss over everything in total denial. The cabal is raging war against free speech and free press with the alternative news media lined up in its crosshairs. With the House of Representatives sneaking through passage of HR 6393 on November 30th, deep state is rapidly closing in on shutting down alternative news outlets as the last accessible purveyors of truth to the world. The Senate followed suit on December 8th passing the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act. Obama is ready to sign it before his time runs out. The feds are outlawing a list of black listed alternative news sites for spreading alleged Russian propaganda when nothing could be more fake or further from the truth.
But in desperation, by resorting to shameful McCarthyism tactics using blacklists of "fake news" sites, the US federal government, the EU and the mainstream pressitutes partnering in collusion with the internet mega giants Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit are determined to completely eliminate MSM's only honest competition exposing deep state corruption, tyranny and nefariously lethal transgressions and high crimes. This week the European Union issued an ultimatum demanding that within 24 hours that all the tech giants censor all "illegal hate speech" from their sites or else. Of course the undefined, loose, subjective definition of "hate speech" provides wide birth leeway to censor anything that either deep state doesn't like or on any of the many reputable blacklisted news sites on a McCarthy-ite list. Cutting off the truth to the global masses is really just one facet of the international crime cabal's genocidal war against humanity. And with total control over all news and information, uniformed citizens of the world will be unable to resist or oppose the ruling elite's mission to establish its one world government tyranny.

A cursory glance at the lists surfacing after the election proves that they are biased against independent news, obviously favoring the mainstream media giants delivering only their fake brand of news. One such list that was the first to go viral immediately after Trump was elected was compiled by an obscure professor from an obscure Massachusetts liberal arts college recommending only pro-Hillary mainstream news outlets as providing "real news." Seems more like sour grapes because her candidate lost.

Another "fake news" list now circulating around the internet is erroneously linking alternative news to Russian propaganda, yet one more tack to discredit alt-news. The list created by a group calling itself PropOrNot only went online in August and describes itself as:
PropOrNot is an independent team of concerned American citizens with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, including professional experience in computer science, statistics, public policy, and national security affairs.
This shadowy anonymous group's list of 200 apparently is being conveniently taken as the Gospel truth by the establishment players and with Congress passing legislated bans prohibiting "fake news" that spread "Russian propaganda," this list may well be the one that removes all "truth" sites off the web. This particular list by PropOrNot is being taken very seriously with an endorsement in the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame among the three richest Americans, is now owner of the ultra-liberal, pro-Hillary rag Post pushing to ban blacklisted news sites from the internet, social media and major search engines Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Under the cold war banner of "blame Putin for everything" that his Hillary champions, this PropOrNot group egregiously slanders scores of important, legitimate independent news sites for violating the Espionage Act and treason. Moreover, PropOrNot's neo-Nazi ties to Ukrainian nationalism carries the same agenda in America that it's perpetrated already in Ukraine, blacklisting, harassing and imprisoning numerous journalists in that US wrecked war ravaged country. Now thoroughly outed and threatened with a defamation suit, the Washington Post has since been publicly forced to disavow PropOrNot's "Russian propaganda" blacklist.

This call for extreme censorship is totally un-American, and one more ominous, dangerous sign of the unprecedented oppression that we as a nation are now facing, fostering a rigid monopolized system of centralized control over what's deemed news and information that invariably shapes our perception of the world and our very sense of consensual reality. Surrendering this level of mind control over to deep state is an Orwellian nightmare come true - a fascist totalitarian oligarchic police state rapidly morphing into New World Order's one world government tyranny that the global elite's been plotting for centuries.

Though we may still be in the cold war phase of an ongoing global currency, trade and cyber war heating up into a wider geopolitical military war that at any moment could go "hot" launching World War III against Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, timed to coincide with the global economy crash, this foreboding apocalyptic future is right around the corner as soon as deep state manages to kill off alternative media as the final voice preserving what's left of our free press, free speech and prime source of truth in the news.

With full disclosure of a worldwide child sex slavery trafficking ring that's murdering little children and babies in ritualized Satanic sacrifice now threatening to bring down the ruling elite's pedophile-saturated cabal, the globalists fighting for their continued power and control realize that alternative media itself must be sacrificed and destroyed in order to prevent the truth from reaching critical mass amongst the global masses. Only when that tipping point is achieved will humanity be in an empowered position to demand, pressure and hold accountable the psychopathic perps who've literally been raping and ruling our planet for centuries.

The dozens of media organizations on the shadowy shit lists include WikiLeaks whose leader Julian Assange may be dead now as well as the staunchest anti-Clinton pro-Trump supporters like InfoWars, the Drudge Report and Breitbart. A number of the most reputable independent news sites that are mainstays for delivering legitimate and credible accounts of world news and developments appearing on this bogus list include Global Research, the Corbett Report, Information Clearinghouse, Consortium News, New Eastern Outlook, Lew Rockwell,, the South Front, Activist Post, Washingtons Blog, Zero Hedge, the Free Thought Project, Intrepid Report, Moon of Alabama, AlterNet, Mint Press News, Natural News, What Really Happened, Truth Out, Truth Dig and Voltaire Net, 200 in all. Of course cold war enemy Russia having the television news network with the largest global daily audience RT (Russia Today) along with other news notables Pravda and Sputnik News are also targeted on the list. Even longtime DC insiders like former presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul and two heavy hitters from the Reagan administration with popular important websites made deep state's hit list - David Stockman and Paul Craig Roberts. These internet sites and many more have proven reliable, much needed harbingers of truth that can lead us out of the darkness of ignorance and oppression. But not if we let the criminals in charge have their way.

But with the child trafficking ring's potential to crush the ruling cabal, the elite is frantically racing to eliminate the alternative news media from being able to inform and educate the masses. Knowing that educated, aware individuals banding together in unified solidarity will no longer tolerate or stand for the elite's continued evildoing, right now at the top of the globalists' agenda ranks eradication of internet independent news sites. It was George H.W. Bush himself linked to pedophilia through the Franklin scandal who said:
If the American people knew what we have done, they'd hang us from the lamp post!
During this election year cycle with WikiLeaks and alternative news constantly exposing like never before the widespread corruption, lies and criminality of the federal government, its corrosive political system and mainstream media, the elite realizes that even with six oligarchs owning and controlling the six mega media corporations responsible for over 90% of all news outflow to the world, they still couldn't control concealment of the ugly truth nor alter the rigged election outcome. And when Hillary's email-gate morphed into Weiner-gate and now onto Pizzagate, the elite fears that its controlling cabal could come crashing down if the masses become aware of the horrid levels of abuse and murder of innocent children, and how they've gotten away with this horror for centuries. Because social media and alternative media outlets are now on the verge of cracking open this ugly reality to the masses, the elite's war to censor social media and destroy alternative media is its only chance to retain power and control over us 7.4 billion earth inhabitants.

Thus at amazing speed during this last month, a systematic, concentrated and relentless effort has been executed to attack and eliminate internet alternative news altogether. Each step has been diabolically planned, choreographed and coordinated, with the MSM propagandists deceptively reporting and using Pizzagate as a PSYOPS to belittle those daring to question the false narrative. Made to appear like a spontaneous series of responses needed to reduce increasing dangers posed by "fake news," perfectly illustrated by last Sunday's false flag, armed with readymade blacklists, MSM and the feds want to be perceived as responsively addressing this "growing problem and very real threat" emerging on the internet from what Obama in October called "the wild, wild west" that needs to be corralled and urgently controlled. In reality all the while, this is nothing more than Orwellian doublespeak used to justify alt-media's total censorship and ultimate shut down.

From the capitol command center in the info warzone, crime boss Hillary Clinton came out of her post-election hiding for Senator Harry Reid's retirement party this week. But she wasted no time firing off a few rounds during her self-righteous war cry against the "so called fake news" circulating on social and alternative media that rang true to enough voting Americans to prevent her from cheating her way to the White House. In her own words:
The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year, it's now clear that so called fake news can have real world consequences. This isn't about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk, lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days and to do their jobs, contribute to their communities. It's a danger that must be addressed, and addressed quickly. Bipartisan legislation is making its way through Congress as the government's response to foreign propaganda, and Silicon Valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news. It's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives.
While Hillary sees fake news as an epidemic, I see her child sex trafficking ring and pathological lies in lockstep with deep state and MSM as the actual out-of-control epidemic. As with all of today's challenges, Hillary and her minions look to deep state's response as the answer, the rescuer. Hillary has seized upon this latest created crisis "caused" by alt-news "controlled by Russian propaganda" as stealing the election from her. Like pretty much everything that unfolds, when examined under the Hegelian lens of "identified problem-reactive crisis-proposed solution," this artificially manufactured phenomenon branding the true news as "fake" quickly renders the elite's deceitfully subversive agenda as a desperate ploy to avoid losing power and control.

Joining dissenters on enemy-of-the state watch lists, alternative independent media is the next domestic enemy and identified problem, having "fallen under" subversive foreign control by cold war enemy Russia, marshalled fiendishly by an army of dangerous "internet bullies" and "violent haters." In actuality what we have here is a growing number of Americans who've rejected MSM lies protecting Hillary and Obama's fraudulent, treasonous crimes selling out America to foreign nationals and enemies within. The latest twist from this growing Hegelian inspired crisis is another lone gunman's attack portrayed by MSM as a crazed, out of control victim reacting to the fake news that's now placing American lives at grave risk. So Hillary, deep state and MSM are synchronizing their planned Hegelian solution under matrix control in order to subdue this rising threat by stamping out "fake news" to seal off the truth from ever leaking out again. In reality an angry, awakened masses cognizant of how they've been lied to, betrayed and forsaken by their own government, now armed with alt-media's delivered truth exposing the crime cabal, are finally seeking accountability and justice from the criminal elite.

With one broad stroke the rush to judgment labeling alternative news as "fake," aided by thousands of paid government and NGO trolls and shills infiltrating the internet social media and independent news sites to purposely muddy up the waters with false information and propaganda lies, deep state and mainstream news can then effectively undermine and weaken the public trust toward internet news sources at the same time that they "justifiably" move to "clean up" the hitherto uncontrolled flow of "fake news." Hiding behind a Political Correctness agenda usurping constitutional rule of law that no longer guarantees Americans their right to free speech and a free press, deep state and MSM are banking on this false pretense to regulate and control hate speech and online bullying amidst "fake news" as their chosen weapon of mass destruction to seek absolute subjugation and imprisonment of a population they deem too dumbed down and docile to critically figure things out at this late hour. But what they are not banking on is a growing population of informed and empowered citizens waking up and fighting back with the truth to expose and defeat the evil lying murderers bent on destroying us.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at