white helmets
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A bizarre video purportedly shows the White Helmets staging a rescue effort. This humanitarian group is already believed to be linked with Al-Qaeda.

An odd video has surfaced online, purporting to show, in the most explicit way imaginable, the White Helmets doing what they do best, faking humanitarian disaster stories and selling them to gullible politicians and media in the West.

Recently, John Kirby had to admit that the information he received about Russia bombing Syrian hospitals came from the pro-Al Qaeda terrorist organisation known as the White Helmets. This explains why he recently lost his rag, when challenged as to the nature of his sources by RT's Gayane Chichakyan.

The fact that the White Helmets are nothing more than a terrorist organisation masqueradingas a non-partisan humanitarian group, has long been established from a variety of credible international sources.

Respected journalist Vanessa Beeley described the White Helmets as:
...a fraudulent shadow-state construct created by NATO to simply propagate the propaganda that will demonise Assad's government and also demonise Russian legal intervention in Syria.
The recent video was initially posted by the ant-government group Revolutionary Forces of Syria, although they have since removed the video. The White Helmets, who themselves have a large online media presence, have not posted it nor have they made any public comment on it.

The video clearly shows a man who appears to be heavily made-up, lying happily in a pile of rubble. Then two men dressed in White Helmets uniforms come to attend to him. At this point someone ostensibly gives the cue for the action to begin and the man beings howling in pain as the two White Helmets bring him away.

If authentic, this shows what many have already proved. The White Helmets are a hoax and a dangerous one, which whitewashes the crimes of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra, whilst spreading outright lies about the Syrian government and its allies.