Bigfoot webcam footage
© OutdoorHub / YouTube
Footage from a Michigan webcam watching over an eagle's nest has caused an online frenzy because of a shadowy figure in the background that some claim is proof that the mythical Bigfoot creature exists.

According to legend, the ape-like creature, otherwise known as Sasquatch, is said to stalk the forests of North America.

The prehistoric beast has been the subject of numerous alleged sightings and hoaxes for decades, including an incident in 2012 when a man attempted a Bigfoot prank on a Montana highway and was fatally struck by two cars.

A segment of the sighting has been posted on Youtube. It shows two baby bald eagles feeding in a tree top nest, before an unidentified person or creature appears in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Comments under the blurry video are unsurprisingly mixed, with some viewers declaring it a real live Sasquatch sighting and others calling it a hoax.

"Nothing but a man in a cheap monkey suit," one person said.

Another added: "Awesome footage... I agree that this is a Bigfoot."

The images were captured close to the Platte River State salmon hatchery.

Ed Eisch, the production manager at the fish farm, told the Detroit Free Press that the "out of focus" footage is inconclusive since the camera "wasn't set up to be focused on the ground."