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Dr. Bob Sears
Capistrano Beach pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears has come under review from the California Medical Board. He now joins a long list of modern-day medical professionals targeted and persecuted for standing by their training, medical ethics, common sense and unwavering beliefs. Regardless of what is going through the mind and heart of Dr. Sears at this moment, he now joins the spiritually conscious company of fellow healers Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D, Dr. Jack Wolfson, Dr. Kalb and many others who have publicly and privately put their careers second to their conscience.

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

From the early reporting and local news articles, Dr. Sears case might have been prompted by unintentionally being caught between a family's legal and medical disagreements. However, the high-profile status of Dr. Sears as an outspoken member of the California medical community towards California's Senate Bill 277 (SB277) and the Center's for Disease Control and Prevention's untested vaccine schedule casts doubt that his medical board review case was pure coincidence. At this point, how and when Dr. Sears became caught up in the system may matter little in California's SB277-charged environment. It will be the treatment he receives and the ultimate ruling bestowed upon him that the nation will be watching.

According to local reports, the California Medical Board appears to have a somewhat weak case with historically dangerous implications and accusations. The board is accusing Dr. Sears of committing "gross negligence" for a medical exemption he wrote in 2014 after the child's mother described an adverse reaction as an infant.

The Orange County Register writes:
"His [Dr. Sears] medical record notes that his mother said after his 2-month shots his bowels and bladder "shut down" for 24 hours. After the baby's 3-month shots, she said, he was limp for a day and didn't act like himself for a week."
The board's documents say Sears failed to obtain a detailed medical history documenting the boy's prior vaccines and reactions. What is concerning about these accusations is that again, the public is witnessing a medical body/agency attack and attempt to set the precedent to dismantle and erode the sacrosanct doctor-patient relationship. Once SB277 was set in motion, there has been a chain of events pointing directly to a concerted effort to destroy the doctor-patient relationship and replace it with bureaucrat-run healthcare. Continually taking a backseat in the eyes of politicians and governing bodies since SB277's activation have been doctor's discretion and parental choice.

California's Clear Track Record

It was only months before that The California Cooperative of American Physicians (CCAP) wrote in their internal newsletter (that was leaked to the media) stating:
"If there is no legitimate reason the child should not be vaccinated, then the parents are refusing recommended treatment. The American Academy of Pediatrics has published an Informed Refusal that doctors should place in the patient's charts. It is the physician's choice whether to continue to treat the child based on this refusal, which indicates a breakdown in the physician-patient relationship. The child may be discontinued from the practice using recommended guidelines."
CCAP's directives make the false point that if the patient has no contraindications to vaccination, the physician is to either get them vaccinated or kick them out of their practice. During SB277 testimony, the bill's author Richard "crazy legs" Pan stated on record "The medical exemption is entirely within the medical judgment of a physician".

Before the California medical community and public could think about removing the knife from their back, The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department director Charity Dean decided to violate numerous codes, acts and policies by circulating an internal letter to the county's school superintendents, principals and child care center directors. Her letter announced a newly formed "Medical Exemption Pilot Program" and demanded recipients fax children's medical exemptions already on file to her and the "immunization program staff" for review. Again the doctor-patient relationship experienced direct political pressure and the knife was aggressively twisted. Dean has yet to rightfully be brought before the Santa Barbara Grand Jury for potential violations of the Stark Act, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects, 18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law, and 18 U.S. Code § 1001 - Statements or entries generally, and potentially others.

Ironically, the day the Medical Board of California filed its accusation against Dr. Sears, California resident Christina Hildebrand from the organization A Voice for Choice went live before the very same Medical Board to give public comment on vaccines and SB277. Among many valid points, Hildebrand asked the board "I would ask you to please call off the witch hunt on those doctors that are giving medical exemptions."

It should also be noted that while families, school boards and staff and the medical community at large all have voiced strong opposition to SB277, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released their statement calling for a sweeping, country-wide removal of all non-medical exemptions in all states. "The AAP views non-medical exemptions to school-required immunizations as inappropriate for individual, public health, and ethical reasons and advocates for their elimination."

American and much of the global community are moving further towards the removal of freedom, autonomy and ethics concerning their health choices. What had been a slow, creeping encroachment paved by pharmaceutical company money now appears to be an awkward breakaway sprint towards the finish line. Yet, it is exactly this sprint, in full view of the public, that has allowed humanity to see the naked, brazen power grab at their doorstep. Historically, when power structures go for broke in full view of an awake and staring public, their days become numbered as populations activate to defend truth, justice and their rights. SB277's implementation forced many to enter the fight for health freedom. With the continued, transparent political and medical overreach, the activated population continues to watch and become emboldened that they are on the right side of history.