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Putin, using advanced Russian technology to hack American democracy - from his mom's basement
The secret's out. Hillary Clinton's told the whole world: "Russia's hacked into a lot of things."

On August 27th, corporate puppet Senator Harry Reid took the bold move that we had all been waiting for - he requested the FBI finally intervene in Russia's 'hacking into a lot of things', stating that:
The 'evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump's presidential campaign continues to mount and has led Michael Morrell, the former Acting Central Intelligence Director, to call Trump an "unwitting agent" of the Kremlin.'
While a thinking person might take pause and consider that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence", Senator Reid provided absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support his extraordinary claim. Fortunately the US State Department has yet again come to the rescue and provided irrefutable evidence that makes Senator Reid's claims make sense, as opposed to the baseless and outlandish nonsense that they appear to be at first glance.

The US State Department recently completed a multi-year-long investigation to uncover the truth about Putin's hacking, and discovered that the answers lie deeply embedded in a history - a history full of deceit.

So, before anyone else starts to get clued in to the fact that democracy in the USA has a long history of being rigged through racial violence, shadowy electronic voting machines, and outright fraud - the US government wants to distract inform you with the shocking evidence that Putin has 'hacked a lot of things'. In the following paragraphs, we will exclusively reveal that shocking evidence.

The Bush Election: Neocons Infuriated That Putin Stole Election That They Thought They Stole

While some may remember the "liberal" (communist) media reporting that it was a group of neoconservatives - George W. Bush, his father George H.W. Bush and their cronies - who plotted to steal the 2000 elections for good 'ol boy George 'Dubya', the first round of evidence released by the US State Department conclusively proves that the man behind this attempt to derail 'Murican Dumbocracy' was none other than Vladimir Putin. Putin's goal was to derail the US's highly successful war of on terror. See the damning evidence below.

putin hacking bush election

Bush: "Hey Rumsfeld, where's the beer dispenser on this thing?"
Putin's plot may have failed that time, as the US went on to fight thousands of terrorists that it funded, armed, and trained, killing a boatload of innocent civilians in the process, but he didn't stop there.

Is Putin Building a Cyber Army of Hackers?

Not being satisfied with Wikileaks' and Edward Snowden's ruthless attempts to destabilize American society by releasing volumes of incriminating evidence showing US government officials as the corrupt, lying, psychopaths that they are, the US State Department has released a video of Putin seemingly issuing a call to build a new cyber army of hackers from the back of an American police car (which he also hacked), to unleash even more damning evidence against the ruling psychopathic elite in America:

As shocking and mind-blowing as these revelations are, the depth and depravity of this sinister conspiracy goes even deeper than anyone could have imagined.

US State Department Drops a Bombshell: Putin's Already Hacked Every Single One of the Estimated 327 Billion Computers Ever Made

In 1822 Charles Babbage began work on what he called the 'difference engine' - the prototype for what would become the world's first computer. What Babbage never could have realized was that, for Putin, his difference engine was easier to hack than an old log:

putin hacked babbage difference engine first computer

Translation: "Owned"
This prototype computer, which would serve as the basis for the development of all modern computers ranging from desktop PCs, to cell phones, and even voting machines, was hacked by Putin before it was even out the door - a hack that has lived on until today thanks to Putin's patented self-replicating Trojan RuxNet virus.

Putin and Trump Team Up in Operation "MK-CALLCENTER"

In a move seemingly designed to discredit the CIA's good-natured and humanity-benefiting program MK-ULTRA, harass and terrorize the American public with annoying phone calls during dinner and fund Putin's 2-billion-strong army of elite Russian hackers and Internet trolls, Putin and Trump went under cover at an Indian call center in a sick and twisted attempt to extract money from the American people by getting them hooked on counterfeit girl scout cookies:

putin and trump's hair indian call center

Another cunning disguise by the Trumpinator, but the hair always shines through
Most alarmingly, inside sources report that Putin was overheard repeatedly saying: "No, you can't be put on our do-not-call list...ever."

Naysayers and 'Conspiracy Theorists'

Yet some aren't convinced by this mountain of completely legitimate, totally undoctored evidence, like Cynthia McKinney, PhD. As Cynthia McKinney relates,
In the US, votes and vote tabulation processes are done without any traceable back-up procedures. In other words, there is no paper trail - no receipt of a vote, as it were - whatsoever. In one of my Congressional elections in which the electronic voting machines "failed," not only was I unable to obtain the election data despite a lawsuit having been filed, an expert witness for the state of Georgia testified that voters have to simply "trust" that the announced winner is the actual winner. Meanwhile, candidates have no access to the raw election data because that information is "owned" by Diebold—the company that produced the electronic voting machines and the software used by them.
Absurd allegations. Outrageous conspiracy theories! She continues:
Add to these procedural vagaries, the influence of private money in US elections and even the pretense of holding transparent, free, and fair elections is stood completely on its head. As I wrote in a previous post, the rules have given rise to super-wealthy individuals who lurk in the shadows while becoming the power behind the public faces of candidates.
Dr. McKinney, please spare us your "evidence", your "facts", your "rational arguments" and your "making sense". We're not dumb enough to fall for those tactics; what the US Government says is reality. And even if it's not reality, when they say it, it creates that reality. And when that reality is created by the reality-creators, it's reality, whether it's reality or not. So clearly, in "reality", Putin hacked the world's first computer nearly two centuries ago, just to be able to blame the rigged elections on the innocent, kind, decent, honest and generous Diebold corporation and the humanitarianeo-cons.

Hacking Hillary
Putin Hillary Cough
As the world's master hacker, you would no doubt expect to see some truly nefarious new techniques being used by Putin against the freedom-loving peoples of the world. Well, look no further than the recent spate of "hacking" by Hillary Clinton. Some put the troubling display of esophageal reflux down to the Democratic POTUS candidate's ill health, but the truth is much more troubling: Putin has actually hacked Hillary Clinton and installed a virus in her brain that leaves her unable to properly convey her message of love and bunny rabbits for the whole world. How evil is that?! Another, possibly unintended, effect of this dastardly ploy is that Hillary may eventually cough up those missing emails. And what a disaster that would be.

Conclusion: You've Been Hacked

While everyone thinks that they know that American politicians are some of the most corrupt and vile people born on this planet, it's just too hard to believe that they would lie in order to win themselves more power, more influence, and more money. Would Hillary Clinton really try to deflect attention from her seedy history by making up random nonsensical stories, with absolutely no supporting evidence, and pointing the finger at Vladimir Putin for all the world's woes? Of course not.

So while Western society crumbles and falls apart all around you, don't dare blame the officials busy hauling away trillions of dollars' worth of your tax money to give to corporate cronies on Wall Street, while sending young men and women to die in wars that do nothing other than enrich the corporations on whose board of directors they sit.

No, make sure you do your part and blame Vladimir Putin. And one last thing: