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This post was made by the late great Pam Mckeon on her Facebook page, just hours before she was killed in a tragic car accident (She appears to have been the only death in the 2 car accident and was driving an SUV)
"When people say why bother? that's not going to work, they own us, you are doing it wrong, evil is winning, too many sheep, too many shills and trolls, your voice means nothing, you are wasting your time and money; I simply just think baseball practice, unless we keep showing up with everything we have ...even foul balls, strike outs, and bench warmers, they will think they won and that is not going to happen..eventually we will have some hits, some runs, and home runs and knock it out of the park and I can hear the crowds already cheering for our league!"

"We're not bugged nor or are we protestors! We are deeply concerned Citizens! MSM never can really get it...always slanted ....but they do have a comments section on this...:-)"
(by Pam Mkeon, may she rest in peace)

It is with heavy heart that I tell you the news of an amazing activist, a mom of a child with autism, and a true inspiration to all; Pam Mkeon, was killed in a car accident after she had protested at a vector control board meeting to stop the residents of Orange County from being sprayed with Dibrom (Naled is the active ingredient in Dibrom. It might be noted that Dibrom spells Morbid backwards so you won't forget the name.

Pam was a crusader, a true warrior, a mom standing up for her child and for all of us as she fought SB277 (mandatory vaccination bill that was signed into law and made effective just weeks ago for students in California)

Pam was also an activist fighting to stop Naled, a known neurotoxin linked to birth defects, autism and cancer, from being sprayed aerial and elsewhere in Southern California and around the nation.

They just sprayed us here in Florida as well, and there appears to be no plan to stop. Even after we see our own governor is invested (literally!) in the mosquito spray company(s), it goes on as they rain down the toxins upon us.

I hope we'll remember Pam's message and wake up and carry on the fight. No time to be complacent, but instead, we need to act and stop this from going on and carry on Pam's name and her mission.

Pam's friend has set up a Gofundme account you can find here to help with costs, as she leaves behind a severely autistic non verbal daughter, not to mention there are costs for Pam's death.

Rest in Peace to a hero,

XO Erin