the truth is out there
But where can it be found?
See Part I of this article for an introduction to what's being discussed here: SOTT Exclusive: New X-Files blows it on the truth and reality of alien abduction - and why it matters - Part I

Before going any further, let's watch this rather funny but insightful short animated video from Mashable summarizing the X-Files series:

Did you catch the major insight the video had about the series? Put simply, it is that the themes of the X-Files and the subject matter being discussed here, when considered and researched seriously, can be quite simply terrifying. How much easier would it be to never have to consider that one could be abducted, controlled and possibly killed by highly intelligent and powerful - but effectively evil - beings from other worlds?! On the face of it, the idea sounds absurd. But even if one has to suspend their disbelief to really consider it, I mean, really, who wants to think about such things - especially when one is having fun with their life or, conversely, if one has serious day-to-day problems that are difficult enough to deal with already? And who doesn't have a few of those in this insane day and age?

But what if, in the midst of just living your life (whether ridden with problems or relatively problem-free) you begin to have some strange (and I mean really strange) experiences that include having no idea where you were for the past several hours; finding yourself waking up in unaccounted for place and in an unaccounted for condition?

Or recall seeing a UFO just before blacking out for a time?

Or find strange marks, cuts or bruises on your person that you do not recall the reasons for getting?

Or experience weird electrical events in your home that are accompanied by phenomena that could only be described as paranormal?

Maybe you wake up one morning, having felt perfectly fine the night before and knowing, just knowing deep down inside of you that something horrible - even traumatizing - occurred to you while you were in your bed sleeping at night. You just don't know what.

Then imagine that these deeply troubling experiences go on and on for many months, or even years. Who do you tell, your doctor? Your priest? Can you even explain it to them - and would it make any sense even if you did? You can hardly explain these experiences to yourself. So who do you turn to? Who can you go to that can help you to make sense of the inexplicable? What would you do?

These and similar events have and do happen to many people from all walks of life, all around the world. And some of these people have been brave and determined enough to seek answers about their experiences. To know the truth, the causes, and the reasons their lives have been turned upside down and their being made to suffer from some sort of paranormally induced PTSD. For some, however, the fear of being thought crazy is enough to compel them to stay quiet about it and suffer in silence. For still others, they keep themselves distracted and busy with other things to avoid opening a categorically cosmic can of worms.

But again, there are the ones who meet the problem head-on, who network and seek out others who already have familiarity with their very strange problems. They find the books and the research and the people out there that help to explain what they've gone through. And, as much as possible, work to come to terms with their horrific experiences. It is through these efforts that many thousands of people have been interviewed and have had their stories documented and compared to others' - that we begin to see the bigger picture of what has been occurring.

Does such a widespread scenario seem too outlandish to be true? Dr. Karla Turner, a university instructor, might have thought so until she, her husband Elton (aka Casey) and her son began to experience 'alien' intrusions firsthand. Turner and her family found themselves subject to a host of distressing events, just like the ones mentioned above, and found that they were scarcely equipped to understand or prevent what was happening to them. As Turner explains in her first book, Into the Fringe, although she was already familiar with the alien abduction hypothesis, it was explored as an explanation only after much deliberation and thought in the attempt to account for their experiences in other ways:
Our pasts, we now feared, held some mysterious and frightening secrets. Was it better, we wondered, to leave those secrets buried? Our lives had been good, and these new, unsettling developments were very unwelcome. We didn't realize, at that time, just how deeply and irrevocably they would change our world, yet we couldn't help but fear what was coming. Our instincts told us to be conservative and protective, to keep this new knowledge to ourselves, and so we did. That meant, however, that inevitably we began to withdraw from our close friends. They loved us, we knew, but how could we expect them to accept such outrageous, fantastic stories? At this point, we still weren't sure we believed them ourselves. So the prudent, sensible thing to do was to keep silent, at least until we knew much more about what had happened.

But pulling on our emotions in the other direction was a strong need for answers. We felt angry, as if our lives had been broken into and robbed of some very precious innocence. We wanted an explanation, maybe even an apology, for our forced encounters with these beings, so we decided to find out everything we could about our dimly remembered experiences. For Casey, especially, this was important, since he had always known that strange events had happened to him, without remembering enough detail to know what any of these events really comprised. He was like a man with partial amnesia, who cannot feel complete with such perplexing gaps in his memory. So, in spite of our fears, we decided to explore this phenomenon, in our own lives and in whatever research material we could find. In our concern for the past, however, it never occurred to us that the same strange events might start up again in the future.

alien shadow
Once our research began, we found a great deal of ambiguity in the UFO-ET phenomenon, stemming mainly from the nature of the evidence. Eyewitness accounts, which make up the bulk of UFO material, are ultimately unverifiable, to most people's thinking, no matter how many witnesses confirm each other's story. Sure, they may all have seen something at the same time, but given the brevity of the usual sighting and the distances involved, accurate descriptions must be very rare. Photos can be faked, and so, for that matter, can video. Physical traces are admittedly evidence of something, but the "something" itself isn't there to identify reliably. And there's always the chance of deliberate deception. So what is one to make of the tons of material in the book stores claiming to deliver factual accounts of UFO and alien activity?

It would have been much easier to dismiss the whole bizarre notion if I didn't have someone I loved and trusted telling me similar things about his own life. But I still couldn't seriously accept Casey's memories as factual, and I'm not certain that he could, at that time, either. We were involved in something so strange that we tended to treat it like a fiction, as if we'd just discovered we were actors in a movie we didn't realize was being made. We knew, of course, that something was going on, but we held to the idea that his memories were symbolic, not actual. And as we left to visit Barbara late in June, we both hoped that regression would uncover the hidden truth about Casey's experiences, a truth that had nothing to do with UFOs.
The 'regression' Turner speaks of here is basically a form of hypnosis. It is designed to relax and focus an individual enough to assist remembering events kept more or less in one's unconscious mind, events that are less readily available for recall during normal waking states. There is nothing magical or strange about this process, but just a technique used by therapists and mental health professionals to help an individual in recalling and processing traumatic events. The most qualitative results of such therapy occur when regressions do not lead a person a particular way, but simply assist recall through detailed questions about the experience being 're-lived'.

hypnotic regression
Quite often the therapist (or abduction researcher in this case) also serves a supportive role and reminds the individual that they are safe in recalling past events, if or when feelings of distress come up. After the process is undergone, the person under hypnosis is gently brought back to their normal state of awareness, and the experiences recalled are discussed and reviewed with them. It is through such sessions as these that a number of UFO/alien abduction researchers have, collectively, worked with thousands of people over the past few decades; the details of their experiences recorded and compared with that of numerous other individuals.

So what are people remembering?

In many cases individuals recall themselves having been in strange environments (presumably craft but also bases of a terrestrial nature) where they are physically examined on top of tables. This is being conducted mostly by variants of the ubiquitous gray alien, who are themselves overseen by other different types of beings. And yes, some of those overseers appear 'reptilian' in form. Be that as it may, it seems that strange technology is being used by these creatures to not only get a physiological read on the captive human beings, and to execute various procedures, but to exercise neurological and psychological control over these hapless people. Sometimes sexual arousal is induced in the victim and they are made to engage in sex with other present abductees. And sometimes an abductee is shown things about Earth's future on a screen, or told they have a "special role" to play in helping the aliens with "future missions" on Earth when "The Change" is going to occur.

A good sampling of these types of experiences may be read in Karla Turner's book Taken, as well as David M. Jacobs' books Secret Life and The Threat. Both researchers have gone to great lengths to understand what many people have undergone and why. In Taken, Turner finds that the women she's interviewed have very different views of their life-long interactions with aliens. Some of the women believe that their abductions are ultimately positive things, as illustrated in a rather extreme way here. Yet others believe that their experiences reflect an intrusion or infringement of their free will at the deepest levels. Given these two very different points of view, one should consider that everyone's psychological and even spiritual make-up is different. And while some may 'take to' abductions like a Stockholm Syndrome victim to their captors, others recognize and resist the "idea" that their abductions are of benefit to them - despite suggestions made by others, or by the aliens themselves.

What's important to note about the abductees' memories is that these experiences - described in great detail quite often - match up with the experiences of many others. The memories also provide the missing piece of the puzzle that accounts for their 'missing time', paranormal experiences, strange physical symptoms and emotional and psychological turmoil. Who or what has the power and a reason to create such deep and lasting effects on such a grand scale? And If human beings are in fact being abducted by aliens, then why are the aliens doing it?

After several decades of researching the subject, David Jacobs writes:
[...] I am persuaded that the abduction phenomenon is real. And as a result, the intellectual safety net with which I operated for so many years is now gone. I am as vulnerable as the abductees themselves. I should "know better," but I embrace as real a scenario that is both embarrassing and difficult to defend. In spite of that, I must go where the evidence leads me. I have come to view the alien abduction phenomenon and its purpose as an asteroid hurtling toward Earth—discovered too late for intervention. We can track its progress and yet be utterly incapable of preventing the collision.

As much as I want to be optimistic, I find little to fuel hope for the future. In a way, I wish I could be like the Positive researchers, existing in a naive but happy dreamland, awaiting the coming of the Benevolent Ones who will engulf us all in love and protection. The Positives' beliefs, shrouded in their own form of spirituality, must be guided by a Utopian vision that is lacking in mine.

The challenge of understanding UFO sightings that occupied so much of my time and attention when I first began my research is now a distant memory. Then I treated the phenomenon as a giant puzzle, not realizing that the completed picture would be far more distressing than the optimism and excitement I felt in the act of putting it together. As the pieces fell into place, an unease began to take hold of me. I realized early on that the UFO phenomenon was the only physical occurrence that we have ever encountered that actively dictates the terms upon which it could be studied. I did not understand that our inability to study the phenomenon was part of a calculated program to hide its activities and purpose.

The flood of information coming from the abduction phenomenon caused me to have epiphanic shock, much like the abductees go through when they realize what has been happening to them. Now I have insight into alien actions and motivations. The mysteries of UFOs "chasing" cars, disappearing, leaving marks on people's bodies, and so forth— all are routine elements of abduction activity. What researchers were hearing from those who had these experiences or even sighted low-level UFOs were merely fragments of memories, often distorted and always incomplete. With competent hypnosis, what I have heard from countless people who have been abducted and taken aboard UFOs were complex, matching, detailed accounts all leading to unavoidably distressing conclusions.

abduction art
When I first heard of certain alien procedures, they sounded irrational and illogical, but as I learned about alien goals, they have proven to be the opposite. Everything the aliens do is logical, rational, and goal-oriented. With the use of superior technology, both physical and biological, they are engaging in the systematic and clandestine physiological exploitation, and perhaps alteration, of human beings for the purposes of passing on their genetic capabilities to progeny who will integrate into the human society and, without doubt, control it. Their agenda is self-centered, not human-centered, as would be expected from a program that stresses reproduction. In the end it is possible that it will be of some benefit to us, but if we survive as a species, the price for this charity will be relinquishment of the freedom to dictate our own destiny and, most likely, our personal freedom as well.

Through competent research, many of the abduction phenomenon's challenges have been met, many of its mysteries solved. And one of its aspects has emerged with crystal clarity. The aliens have fooled us. They lulled us into an attitude of disbelief, and hence complacency, at the very beginning of our awareness of their presence. Thus, we were unable to understand the dimensions of the threat they pose and act to intervene. Now it may be too late. My own complacency is long gone, replaced by a sense of profound apprehension and even dread. We know what their behavior means, and now it is imperative to ask what the consequences of that behavior will be for future generations of human society. Perhaps, the answer to that question will not be found until they have completed their agenda, but I do not think that we will have to wait very long. It has taken us more than fifty years, but we have finally learned why the UFOs are here. We now know the alarming dimensions of the alien agenda and its goals. I could never have imagined it would turn out this way. I desperately wish it not to be true. I do not think about the future with much hope. When I was a child, I had a future with much hope. When I was a child, I had a future to look forward to. Now I fear for the future of my own children.
With that in mind, let's take another look at what Mulder says in the latest X-Files series:
Advanced extraterrestrial species visiting us, concerned for mankind and the threat of our self-destruction, forestalling our annihilation through their own self-sacrifice. ... Classified studies were done at military installations, S4, Groom Lake, Wright Patterson and Dulce - extracting alien tissue. Tests were done on unsuspecting human subjects in elaborately staged abductions, in craft using alien technology recovered from the downed saucers... including human hybridization through gene editing and forced implantation of alien embryos.
With the mounds of information and human scar tissue to back up the research of Turner, Jacobs and many others - where does this idea that the "extraterrestrials are our friends" come from? And how has this notion - to the exclusion of all other data - taken such a strong hold over so many? For the answer, stay tuned for Part III.