heart divided, divide conquer
In order to keep the populace deceived into believing that the 'theatre of illusion' world they live in is real, it has been necessary for those controlling the show - the world's ruling elite with their stage con artists - to artfully invent a number of distractions. These distractions are designed to keep the populace's focus away from the ruling elite's deceptions so that they don't get worked out and become exposed.

One of the ruling elite's most effective pieces of distraction woven and spun, socially engineered into the fabric of the fake world for controlling the populace, is the divide and rule tactic.

Be it in politics, business, banking, finance, science, religion, race relations, the military, medicine, drugs, etc. the divide and rule tactic continues to have a massive controlling effect on a deceived populace as they bicker, argue, take sides and fight amongst each other, never joining the dots, never seeing the bigger picture, never realizing how they're being played by distraction....

In the divide and rule clash of viewpoints a number of common patterns recur:

1. All sides, each with their conflicting views and ideals, have been secretly manufactured or funded and controlled by the ruling elite. In effect, the ruling elite are the invisible 3rd party in the conflicts.

2. Thus, no side is the one that's 'got it right.'

3. ...or has the 'truth.'

5. No side will ever win. The Hegelian Dialectic conflict will continue here on out. Even if it morphs into a different dialectic the same old conflicts will occur.

6. The destabilizing weakening 'us' versus 'them' scenario prevents those divided and ruled from realizing just how powerful they could be together. How together they could topple those puppet masters at the top of the hierarchical tree....

In light of the above here are 6 examples of divide and conquer:

1. 'My Political Party Versus Yours'

Getting closer to Election Day, the unfolding 2016 US Presidential campaigning has shown us how increasingly politically divided the nation is, as in the case of a recent Donald Trump rally in Chicago. It was reported that a large number of anti-Trump protesters turned out to disrupt the occasion. After a number of fights broke out and arrests were made, the event was eventually cancelled. Because of the disruption and further threat, Trump decided not to show up at the event to speak.

Yet another case where rigidly dogmatic people act out their mental software programmes not realizing that the Republican/Democrat 2-horse race is backed, owned and controlled by the ruling elite, so it doesn't matter who gets into office, voting will change nothing.

Comment: An election is a public relations stunt to keep people convinced that they have a real voice while keeping them enmeshed in a vain hope that things might be different this time; in reality things will be exactly as they have been up to now or perhaps worse.

Yes, I know that many of you realize no matter what country it is general elections are a farce. They exist to give the masses the illusion of democracy. However, many in the know still fall for the same traps by voting for one party because they've been offered an incentive such as a tax cut...

Voting for a major political party in this way is a short-term payoff. What then comes with it is a far greater and awful long-term cost. That long-term cost being the advancement of the dehumanising New World Order (NWO) agenda: The major parties' corrupt puppet politicians who you voted for will only be too happy to carry out the wishes of their lords and masters the ruling elite, to slyly advance their NWO agenda and the further enslavement of you, your family and friends.

People, wake up!

2. 'Divide and Rule by Manufacturing Wars'

Certain events over time, secretly planned, have currently manifested into what looks like the brink of World War 3. Don't become a sucker for the ruling elite's secretly manufactured wars.

The real reasons for wars are not given to you in the history books. Truth is, wars were (and are) secretly manufactured by the ruling elite for political gain, huge profits for their corporations like the weapons industry, population reduction and advancement of the NWO enslavement agenda. In short, wars are a massive deception. If only those countless millions who had died fighting had known about these ulterior motives....

Question everything. Question the ulterior motives: get the 'who, what, when and why..?' if a military conflict breaks out.

3. The 'Wars On...'

The truth is that anything declared a 'war on' is designed to fail. People in high places overseeing the funding while playing all sides to deal with the related problems know that they fund ineffective approaches that will never get to the root cause and win the wars. This allows these people in high places to continually profiteer here on out from never-ending wars.

Thus, the different approaches coming from divided opinions on how we should tackle certain problems such as those related to 'the war on cancer,' 'the war on drugs,' or 'the war on war'... etc. are essentially nothing more than deliberate distractions to lead nowhere while the real solutions have been hidden, suppressed and if exposed are unjustly ridiculed by a bought-off mainstream media.

4. Controlled Opposition
"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." - Vladimir Lenin
Beware of a number of charismatic deceptive wolves in sheep's clothing in positions of authority connected to 3. Playing the 'pied piper' making empty promises, apparently expressing the same sentiment as we-the-people, they attract many followers who have no idea that their nothing more than controlled opposition.

5. Stirring up Political/Religious Differences

The ruling elite running the planet and their Masonic lackeys: presidents, prime ministers...and other serial liars, traitors to humanity leaders... could lead us into World War 3.

The desire to stir things up and make 3 world wars happen began as far back as the mid- to late-1800s. A documented example as proof of this can be found in the form of a letter written by Albert Pike, a world leading Freemason and agent of the world's hidden controllers running the planet. Basically, the letter to fellow Freemason Guiseppi Mazzini (Mafia founder) outlines the need to secretly manufacture three world wars by dividing and stirring up religious and political differences between nations and encourage involvement from allies, sympathisers... i.e., those taking sides then joining in with the conflict

Pike stated there would be mutual destruction of the many nations involved. A social cataclysm and godless world disillusioned with religion would soon follow....

6. Divide and Conquer Through Simplistic Reduction

Be it concerning political, financial, ethnic, educational or other matters the Western world powers that be want you to take sides through their simplistic reduction of "liberal" versus "conservative" issues.

This age-old political stratagem has the effect of creating divided people fighting against each other instead of turning against their oppressors, the ruling elite.

That concludes just 6 of indeed a countless number of examples of divide and rule.
divide conquer
What You Can Do

Educate yourself. Know your enemy. Find out who they are and what they stand for. Spread the word to others on your findings on how we've been broken up into weak and powerless pieces.

You see, the real enemy is not some ethnic, political, or religious individual or group; the only real enemy, the only 'us against them' is we-the-people against the ruling elite.

Comment: The real enemy of the people is the small percentage of psychopathic individuals who have insinuated themselves into positions of power. While the majority of the ruling elites may indeed be pathocratic, they can be found in all races, religions, nations and social classes. What we most need to understand are the characteristics of these societal predators and how they operate in order to inoculate ourselves against their malicious influence.

All else is mere deliberate distraction.

Discernment is needed every step of the way to becoming one collective entity to take back our power.

Paul A. Philips is an author and the editor of NewParadigm.ws.