Israeli airforce
A Syrian military source said the Israeli Air Force violated the Syrian airspace on Thursday and struck the 155th Brigade's Headquarters.

Al-Masdar quotes a military source from the Syrian Air Defense as saying that the Israeli Air Force did indeed violate Syrian airspace on Thursday to strike the 155th Brigade's Headquarters (also known as the "Missile Base") for the second time this year and the third time in two years.

According to the military source, the Israeli warplane struck the 155th Brigade's Headquarters in the Northern Damascus countryside on Thursday evening; this abrupt airstrike did very little damage as it hit an abandoned warehouse outside of the base's main command center, the website reported.

The source further added that this deliberate attack and violation of Syrian airspace was likely to provoke an aggressive response from the Syrian Air Defense in order for the Israeli Intelligence apparatus to confirm whether or not the Syrian Government now possesses the Russian manufactured S-300 anti-aircraft missile.

Earlier this week, Al-Rai News' Chief Correspondent, Elijah Magnier, said the Syrian and Iranian Governments were officially in possession of the S-300 missiles, and this would likely agitate the Israeli government.

The military source from the Syrian Air Defense was unable to comment on the reported delivery of the S-300 missiles.