man behind the curtain

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!" - Scene from the Wizard of Oz
Like predictable clockwork, just when the truth comes out exposing the criminal enterprise behind terrorism and war on a global scale, another false flag mass shooting steals the mainstream headlines in a wag the dog formula that works like a charm every time. The latest is the Russians have just released proof that the US Empire's number one ally in the Middle East - Turkey - has just been caught financing Islamic State terrorism, the largest terrorist organization on the planet. A press conference held Wednesday by the Russian Ministry of Defense revealed that an illegal family business belongs to Turkish President Erdogan and his son as owner of the oil distribution company that funds ISIS terrorism. For over two months now Putin has been demolishing ISIS infrastructure, rapidly destroying the Islamic State's biggest funding source from continued sale of stolen oil from Syria and Iraq transported to the Erdogans in Turkey.

With today's breaking news revealing this dirty little secret to the world, the US Empire, NATO and its key NATO member Turkey are feeling the heat and growing desperate. That's why Obama approved Turkey shooting down that Russian Su-24 flying in Syrian airspace last week. It was a panicky, failed attempt to stop Putin from demolishing Turkish-terrorist oil trade, the source of the worldwide terrorism brought to you by US Empire and its unholy friends. Russia broadcast this damning information and as always happens, another mass shooting spree breaks out in the United States to the rescue. But the truth will win and terror will lose. Obama, Erdogan and their no longer secret ally and partner Islamic State, YOU'RE BUSTED!

Whenever major embarrassing and damaging truth gets disclosed about US Empire's dirty bidding on behalf of the ruling elite, 100% of the time the feds suddenly manufacture another false flag crisis that effectively steals the MSM headlines and the public's attention away from the truth. Wednesday's mass shooting spree is producing headlines reporting that there have been more mass killings (355) in the US than number of days so far this year (337). And with each bloody event Obama gets to roll out his lip-synched, broken record "gun control" mantra. That worn out agenda effectively kills two problems, the sleight of hand diverts America's focus to blood and gore while pounding home the same relentless message that guns need to be confiscated in order to protect Americans from other crazy gun-toting Americans. And if the mass killers happen to have Arabic, Muslim sounding names, all the better for serving the feds' propaganda purposes. The biggest reason is it effectively drowns out and overshadows important information from being learned about who really controls the world and their diabolical plan to use their forever war on terror to continue wreaking earthly havoc murdering millions of humans in the process. Obama, his US Empire and ministry of MSM propaganda will simply not allow it.

This presentation is not minimizing a tragedy of more human lives lost if in fact that's the case. Virtually in every false flag there are innocent victims tragically killed. This latest violent incident is too fresh with too little information to determine with any certainty whether it too is another false flag. But that said, what can be stated with unequivocal certainty is that every time significant news that often affects the entire world is being reported that puts the US federal government in a bad light, always a false flag event involving gun violence is suddenly co-occurring to divert the masses' attention away from what the feds don't want you to know. This is the unbroken pattern that needs to be kept in mind as details surrounding this latest attention grabbing story unfolds out of Southern California.

According to the LA Times, on Wednesday at a San Bernardino County regional center where developmentally disabled youth and adolescents receive support services, identified suspects an American named 28-year old Syed Farook, a regional center employee for five years, and his 27-year old wife Tashfeen Malik allegedly armed with assault rifles and semiautomatic handguns are reported to have opened fire at a holiday party attended by county health department employees. The married couple who have a six month old daughter murdered fourteen people and wounded seventeen others at the regional center. Two miles from the scene of the crime they were killed in a shootout with the police. A third person is said to be in custody without further details. Two witnesses who had worked with Farook for three years happened to be in a bathroom at the time of the shooting described Farook as a quiet but likeable coworker. Born and raised in America, the press reports Farook made a recent trip to Saudi Arabia. The couple's motive for the shootings is not yet known although it appears that the incident was preplanned. The suspects apparently planned to detonate remote controlled explosives left in a bag at the regional center. The incident is being called the most deadly mass killing since Sandy Hook.

But once again it's Wizard of Oz time, pay no attention to the man behind the screen madly pushing and pulling all the levers and strings. It's just Obama and company not wanting you to learn the sinister truth about what's really going on in this world. So let's sit back and make yourself comfortable as our president wants you to be thoroughly fixated and horrified by this latest bloodbath brought to you by the crime cabal government and its media whores.

But as hard as the ruling elite tries to obscure, squelch and silence the truth, it eventually fails. Americans are slowly catching on, learning to realize the dog and pony show is being manufactured as yet more mind controlling bullshit used on an already dumbed down population not unlike Pavlov used a bell on his salivating, wagging tailed dogs. As dumbed down as the elite wants us to be, Americans are not as easily fooled and manipulated by the MSM reruns ad nauseam. So let's change the channel and go back to a press conference in Russia held Wednesday. Its headline could just as easily read the United States government is the biggest state sponsor of worldwide terrorism. And its biggest Middle Eastern ally just got busted as the main financier of global terrorism. This should be the breaking story heard around the world... but in gun happy America, we're relegated to just more blood and gore diversion.

Friday the 13th Paris terrorism was staged as another false flag carried out by the CIA, Mossad and French intelligence in order to declare martial law behind the national emergency that effectively sealed off French borders from the thousands of protestors planning to gather for the UN Climate Change Conference currently legislating global laws codifying one world government authority. The Paris massacre was the excuse used by the diabolical Empire elite to regain lost momentum for stopping Putin from killing off their secret mercenary ally, the terrorists. Without terrorists the ruling elite has lost its "endless" war on terror. Globalists are feeling the squeeze now because the likes of Obama and Erdogan as their puppets are now being exposed as frauds and traitors. So what does the elite do when stricken with panic, switch to breaking news of another wagging dog false flag mass murder event and call it homegrown terrorism. That way, truth and dissent as today's enemies of the state can be criminalized, locked up and exterminated. Their worn out lies and propaganda are simply no longer working. With enough of us questioning the 24/7 false flag narrative and more of us seeking the real truth behind the lies, we are fast approaching critical mass just a step ahead of their one world government agenda. It's never too late to change the world. And there's no better time than now when the elite is drawing up its one world government laws designed to permanently enslave us.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at