ISS foo fighter
The strange white UFO caught on NASA film
A glowing white craft has been captured on a NASA feed from the ISS - is it aliens or just a piece of space debris?

A second strange white UFO has been filmed floating in space near the International Space Station.

Spotted on the grainy live stream from the orbiting base, the mysterious white light appears to glow in the blackness of space.

The footage was captured and posted online by YouTube channel Hidden Cams on November 4.

In the video, the UFO moves gradually out of shot.

It's most likely a piece of space debris caught drifting through the cosmos.

However, it's the second time in as many days that an object has been caught passing the ISS.

The strange white UFO caught on NASA film

In an earlier video [above], the NASA camera operator pans left and then zooms in on a bright light.

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring likened it to one of the glowing "foo fighters" seen by fighter pilots during World War II.

The light is so bright that the camera cannot focus properly.

The object also appears to be tracking the ISS, moving at a similar speed behind it.

"If the astronauts on board the space station are concerned about this glowing object near them, don't you think you should be too?" said Waring.

"However, identifying a UFO as a foo fighter doesn't give us much knowledge about it and tells us who controlling it."

NASA has bigger things that UFOs to worry about. The space agency is set to make an announcement regarding the atmosphere on Mars later this evening.