Comment: Yevgeny Alexeyevich Fedorov is a Russian politician, deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia four convocations (1993-1996, 2003), chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship of the State Duma, member of the Central Political Council of United Russia party, PhD. State Councilor of the Russian Federation. In this interview with (Cognitive TV) he discusses the mechanisms by which the US seeks to overthrow the Russian government from the inside.

Transcript posted by New Insight.

Evgeny Fedorov: To be honest, I liked the statement by the US Defense Secretary recently, one week ago or so. He said frankly: We won't lift the sanctions until we solve two problems in Russia: the resignation of the Russian government, i.e. Putin, and the dissolution of the Russian Federation. The second problem they have been trying to solve for a thousand years. The first has been added. This is the way they frame the issue. Here we just need to understand the technology of their efforts - the technology of orange invasion. The Maidan in Yerevan is a small element of the invasion.

We have talked about this before, but let's go through the details again. The invasion technology is the recruitment of the decision-makers, under the influence of fear, by the use of blackmail, a guarantee of political asylum, and a guarantee, that they can keep their stolen wealth. Those are the main mechanisms. Their tasks are: Communication to a thousand decision-makers in Russia or a few hundred in Armenia: ministers, oligarchs, state officials, leading media figures, and so on. And a personal agreement with them, that they see their future within the United States of America, and will move to there, if problems arise. It's called, "here's a plane for you". When Yeltsin was ordering the storming of the White House ( Moscow, 1993 ), there was an American plane waiting. Meaning: Yeltsin knew, that whatever would happen in the White House, if he would be losing, then in half an hour he's on the plane and out of there. And that's the end of it - he's sitting in America, contented, i.e. he loses the position of President, but he doesn't lose his wealth or life. Here we have the same, i.e. personal negotiations, in the context of which a result is achieved. The US Defense Secretary spoke very clearly, very correctly. What he reflected was not the usual propaganda nonsense that "Once you give up Crimea, the sanctions will end". He reflected the main point: Crimea became an issue for those objectives. Crimea only became an issue after the coup d'état in Kiev, which was an attack on us, after which the secondary issues arose: Crimea, Donbass, and so on. The objective of the February 2014 attack in Kiev was in fact a violation of international law. The Americans decided to do that. They don't do this all that often, I mean such a violation of the law, this is an exception. Having decided to do this, they would clearly go all the way, having already attacked. It's like when Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. He couldn't have advanced 100 km only to say: "I've changed my mind. I'm going back". That doesn't happen. It's an attack to the end, till the death. Quite simply the Defense Secretary explicitly revealed the true objectives - the dismemberment of the Russian Federation, the removal of Vladimir Putin. That's it.

Next begins the mechanism to achieve these objectives. What is the mechanism? Well, I was at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. I liked the fact that those mechanisms were articulated clearly. We're not just trying to guess why the Americans are applying pressure - it was all revealed there. They are conducting a negotiation process with the Russian elites for the extradition of Putin. The same negotiation process was conducted, for example, in Ukraine for Yanukovych. These are basically the methodologies of Ambassador Tefft. He works by them all the time. It was the same before that, when Saakashvili entered the leadership of Georgia. It's the same mechanism. The task is to get a thousand people to join this conspiracy. In essence, one can call it a conspiracy. However, they don't need to make a pact among themselves, they only need to make agreements with the US Ambassador, or with his representatives. It's not correct to call it a conspiracy in the full sense of the word, because it's not made among themselves. This is how the mechanisms of external invasion work - they make agreements with the Americans. The US Ambassador says: "We're willing to lift the pressure of sanctions on Russia, if you extradite the national leader Putin, and agree to the dismemberment of Russia, which will require a certain amount of time".

EF: What was the response? The response of Russian big business was the following. Just three days ago Deripaska ( Oleg, billionaire ) talked for half an hour in an interview on RainTV, he said it clearly. In this context he is talking not just for himself but as a representative of the business community. He said: "we need to negotiate with the Americans". The Americans' position is known - "we're negotiating on the basis of extradition of Russia's leader". Thereafter the response from the Russian business community was: "We agree to talk to you and negotiate". The Americans' conditions have been announced, so it must to be on those conditions. Next begins the negotiation process for extradition, which is already underway and will involve generals, the Interior Ministry, the security forces, because they have to be taken care of in this process. Then appears the public figures for the transitional period, to whom power should to be transferred. The same happened in Ukraine. Look at Turchynov - this is a temporary figure of the transitional period, who was supported by the Americans. After him came their second candidate. Next will come the third. So they will be taking this path. Now look at that Forum, the main event of the Forum. The St. Petersburg Forum. The main event, at the opening, i.e. at the very beginning, was the first five or six speakers. All of a sudden the issue is raised about early presidential elections. Where is the economic forum and where are the presidential elections? [Strange.] The issue is being raised. Next, see how the pieces came together. The Americans say, "we will negotiate with you on condition of extradition". I'm not making this up. I'm only citing the official statement of the business community: "we're willing to negotiate".

So it begins: professionals in the political domain start looking for compromises, saying, "Ok, we'll have, say, early elections".

PTV: What difference does that make?

EF: It's very simple. Early elections strip the president of his authority, in certain circumstances.

PTV: By how much do they want to shift it?

They haven't said yet. It was only announced for the first time at this high-level forum. And the business community has only just been told: "You want to stay alive in the face of sanctions pressure and American aggression? You want to negotiate with them? Ok then, let's find the technologies by which they will be happy with you, and you with them". Of course, you will be happy with them, if they lift the pressure. They will be happy with you, if you organize the removal of the national leader. Later the professionals discuss how to remove him. It means organizing early elections. By the way, with Yanukovych it was the same story - early elections were demanded. That happened on the eve of the coup d'état - the demand for early presidential elections. The methodology is just being repeated to the letter, except that in Russia it will take longer - it's a more complex country, therefore this methodology has to be fleshed out more along the way, but it's all happening in absolutely the same way.

Now let us see what is the reaction of Russia. The process doesn't simply advance by itself. We began talking about Armenia, and have now switched over to Russia, because that's important for us. The process doesn't simply advance by itself. It's been underway for a year in a certain controlled way. How would you characterize the position of Russia for this year in the environment of external aggression? How? We know the objective is the destruction of the Russian Federation. What have the Russian authorities done, above all the Government, in this year in response to the aggression against Russia?

PTV: I have the impression we are taking cover behind our boxing gloves and saying "don't punch us" - but we ourselves are not punching.

EF: We are not even covering.

PTV: Some things we are doing.

EF: We are not doing anything.

We're talking about "quantitative easing". The policy consists of many points, but the main among them is the interest rate. Apart from that: regulations, lending periods, reserves. For some reason we have Basel III, while in America, in Europe - no Basel III. This has also been established by the Central Bank. In other words, the Central Bank is the warder, controlled from outside, who doesn't give Russia the means to create its own life-blood in the economy, roughly speaking. Their task is to ensure that the adrenal glands of the state organism don't function. By the same mechanism we receive blood from the Americans through certain pipes which are called "foreign investments" or "credits". Then they said to us: "Today we won't give you any blood". They closed the pipes. But making your own is forbidden. It means the organism is softly dying - this is the essence of the sanctions.

If you want the sanctions to be ineffective against us, then you don't need to make an embargo for those purposes (embargo is for other purposes), rather you need to enable the adrenal glands, right? That's putting it in simple terms for ordinary people. You're an ordinary Russian citizen. You want to eat meat?

PTV: Some don't eat it at all.

OK, but you want to eat normally? Yes. You want to travel just in a normal car? Yes. Well, if you have money, then you will spend it to buy food. This money then goes into industry which produces food - dairies, farms, and so on. Then the money circulates, the food is produced, right? The policies of Russia is to not give you money. To lower your pension, lower your wages, or better still - fire you. That's been the policies of the past year. Consequently, you don't get money in your hands, and you don't bring this money into the economy. Or you want to buy a car, but you're not given the money, so you didn't buy a car. The engineering plants which manufacture cars in Kaluga have halted, because people have stopped buying cars from them. You are not given the money to solve your problems, or, at the same time, to power up the engine of the economy.

This is being done by the Americans along with the Central Bank. Previously, the Americans provided money, and the Central Bank a little too, plus the government. Now the Americans provide none, nor does the Central Bank, which has become tougher, and the government is implementing austerity and not providing money.

PTV: The Central Bank wasn't providing money before either.

EF: But the Americans did.

PTV: Then the Central Bank is irrelevant here.

EF: That's not the point. They could provide money. We used to get money from the Americans, from the Fed, i.e. the American Central Bank was performing the function of the Russian Central Bank in supporting your standard of living. You see? Since they shut off this function, while not allowing our CB to take on this function, it automatically freezes the economy. The freezing of the economy affects everyone, not forcefully but gradually. Because today your pay is 30 thousand, later it will be 27 thousand, then 20 thousand. After a year you see it has become 20. Then add inflation. It doesn't come in one big shock.

PTV: Softly.

EF: But for commerce it's a sharp shock, because they have to bluntly declare bankruptcy. So it's a mechanism for manipulation of the business community, especially large businesses, to bring them into the conspiracy. Which is what we are observing.

We see a conspiracy forming in Russia against Putin on the basis of the sanctions and the corporations which are dependent on the Americans - we don't have any others. We see that this conspiracy is even beginning to be expressed officially via TV. It's no longer just happening covertly in people's kitchens, but is now being articulated via TV. We will see in August that by its dynamics it will have matured into the already calculated proposals. There will be talk of not just "early elections" but now in detail about "who should be elected". You and I drew attention to elections. The next day at 8 o'clock there was a breakfast at Sberbank, where dubious theses were presented about "his last term in office", i.e. the rolling out of the thesis of "early elections" has already begun, which in the understanding of the American initiators means the early election of someone else.

PTV: Not Putin then.

Obviously. We can see the conspiracy is beginning to take shape. Moreover, the conspiracy is lawful. Some may think that a conspiracy involves people with weapons. That does happen too, but not in this case. The conspiracy is lawful, meaning they will exploit their resources. Which resources? Parliamentary deputies, most of whom have close ties with the business community. State officials - also having ties with business. People in the Interior Ministry - who provide protection for the business community, i.e. receive money. Many of them have ties.

PTV: And FSB officers.

EF: It has all begun.

The Americans have found, if you like, the weak link, by which they are building the conspiracy. What is meant by "lawful"? Vladimir Putin's options to implement policy even by direct control will be cut, cut, cut. Say he wants to introduce a law. He will be told, "No, we don't fear you any more. We won't implement this law: this or that signature is missing. We will muddle it up". This has happened before. Now it will be activated. Furthermore, it will affect the personnel policy too. After August, through the winter, I think, by the drop of living standards, they will manage to bring out several hundred thousand people onto the streets, as in Armenia. Simply because, with the help of the government, they will severely crash people's living standards. This will be especially felt after the winter. I think the main salvos, which we see now in Armenia, we will see in Russia around Spring 2016. But for the specialists it will all be clear by August. So the plan is clear and is now simply being realized by Tefft. He is traveling around the country for that reason, talking to everyone, seeking points of rebellion. Recently, for example, he went to Ekaterinburg and met the mayor Roizman to discuss this subject. People also went to Yakutsk and discussed it there. So he's looking.

In order to start a rebellion is simply needed 100,000 - 200,000 hungry people, as in Armenia, of whom 90% could be blindly exploited, while at the same time organized. They are not told they're acting for the benefit of the Americans. They are simply told: "You are hungry? Then come out against the government". That's all. But among them will be certain essential detachments, some of whom will be sent from Ukraine. No wonder our bill to ban Ukrainians - militants from Ukraine - from participating in protests is being rejected in the Duma.

PTV: You submitted such a bill?

EF: Our group "Russian Sovereignty" introduced the bill.

PTV: That foreign citizens may not participate?

EF:That foreign citizens cannot participate in political protests.
In religious and cultural events - by all means, as much as you like. But in political events, with political slogans, where the initiating group registers a "political protest" - no. We have introduced such a bill. The government was afraid to give a negative submission. No-one gave a negative submission, because it's such an obvious thing. Then the US Embassy made phone calls to get it crushed, because our bill, like all the others, is, so to speak, a 'wrecker'. We are always sticking in these wreckers, 'cause we know how the system is constructed. Our little wreckers could bring down the whole system at a certain point. So now there is a battle ongoing for this bill. It's so obvious, that even the government doesn't want to reveal themselves.

PTV: Quite rightly, because the bill is clear and sensible enough.

EF: And obvious. So the struggle continues. But that wasn't my point. We have a battle on all fronts. That was just one small episode of it.

Or the one about aggressor nations, where the bill didn't pass, you know. The essence of the bill was to forbid Americans from controlling the processes in Russia which they are officially controlling. How on earth is one to defend against an aggressor, if the aggressor controls you? Well, we are controlled by Americans - officially, in the form of dozens of American companies working in all the main ministries and departments, performing administration - they write the laws. For example, the IMF writes something, and they kind of decode it and translate into Russian. They write the laws, government decisions, ministers' orders, instructions - all of them. These offices, ministries lack their own creative departments. They all take the creativity from the Americans, while their own creativity is forbidden under Article 13 of the 1993 Russian Constitution - the ban on state ideology. So we proposed: at least in law don't allow aggressor nations to command us. It's a simple law.

PTV: Well, if we are controlled by the Americans then this bill will not pass.

EF: It didn't pass.

PTV: Obviously.

EF: Once again, they all ran away, hid, failed to vote.

But what is the essence? It's obvious. You are fighting a Great Patriotic War, but your Red Army is subordinated to Hitler. The general sits waiting: until the order comes from Hitler's headquarters, I will not execute the orders of Stalin. Let them repeat it. This is nonsense, absolutely all of it - this is how it is in our administration. Why are we surprised that with every passing day it's getting worse, worse, worse. You stated that in the past year nothing was done. That is spot-on. The foreign conspiracy, the invasion, the aggression and the sanctions - in one year nothing has been done about it. There is a 60-point anti-crisis plan - in not one of the 60 points is there a fight against the crisis. There are points to soften the blows from the crisis a little: giving money to people who have become unemployed as a result of the crisis. But why should people become unemployed at all? Put money into the economy and no-one becomes unemployed. But no, better to take away money from the budget and give it to the unemployed. These are the plans.

Or subsidizing the interest rate. Just lower the rate, and there will be no need to subsidize it. That's how they do it in 40 countries: Europe, America, Japan, Switzerland, Australia. Why subsidize it? Subsidy means taking away money from pensioners out of the budget and giving it to businesses. What's the point of that? Just keep the interest rate low, as in Europe, and there will be no need to take away pensioners' money from the budget. Furthermore, with low interest rates that money will begin to circulate in the economy, and will become tax revenues, which flow into the budget. So your budget, on the contrary, will increase. You can raise pensions and salaries, while having zero inflation. Oh no, we are categorically not going down that path. At the St. Petersburg forum, which you mentioned, people with ideas of normal economic response - i.e. lowering the interest rates - were not invited at all. People like Glazyev, for example. Those ideas were not expressed at all. We heard only the propaganda nonsense from the textbooks on colony management, i.e. you should do this, because it says so in our textbook. That's what all the speakers were saying, without any reference to reality. They don't have a single example of a country with low interest rates and high inflation. There simply are no examples. Yet there are 40 countries with low interest rates. So what is the issue?

It's what we have been talking about before: in an environment of no sovereignty in the nation, any talk of resisting external aggression is pointless hot air. Until you've resolved the problem of sovereignty, you won't resolve a single other problem. Not the battle against the aggressor. Not the problem of Donbass and Ukraine. Because the fifth column will always be in charge there, and any patriotism or heroism by the people will be cut off by a knife in the back. In principle, no movement on this whole story of the crisis. Nothing will be achieved at all. That's clear, because you don't have the power. The issue of sovereignty is the issue of power. Who has the power? Foreigners on the territory of Russia? Russian institutions of government? Putin? The parliament? Or someone else? This is the issue. Until you have resolved the issue of sovereignty, it's impossible to resolve the problem of survival.

From that, here is my prognosis: without resolving the problem of sovereignty, Russia will go under. As the US Government has announced, the Secretary of Defense. He announced deliberately and honestly: we will achieve our objectives, because we know that in every node of the Russian administration sits our people, who are in control of the processes, and they shall mindlessly surrender Russia by the set deadlines. That's it. The Ambassador has reported to Washington on the execution of his task. So without resolving the problem of sovereignty, i.e. constitutional reform, referendum, it is impossible to resolve the problem of survivability. Even overcoming or combating the crisis is impossible. It's as obvious as ABC.

If you have the phenomenon of Putin in charge of the national direction and NOD (National Liberation Movement), then we have the law on our side. We are the organization of law, we don't need to break it.

PTV: I can't disagree with that.

EF: Laws are being broken against us. Now in Petersburg our cars were set on fire. It was written directly, that the car was set on fire because it was from NOD. Of course, terrorism is being conducted against us, against NOD. What did you think. It's the embassy. Moreover, they burned it on the day the US Ambassador arrived in Petersburg. What did you think? Dozens of NOD members have been killed in Donbass. There is ongoing terrorism against us, because we are the main ones addressing the issue of really transforming the system. All the others have scattered. Some people may be doing good deeds, helping children or something else. But who will save the nation? We are the main bone. That's why I'm telling you - their task is to paralyze us.

Why is there now such a rouse against NOD on the Internet? Moreover, not on the essence but simply stuffing negative spam. Because we are the main problem for the Americans. Because even with the weak forces which exist in Russia, with the right historical solution, it's possible to be get out of this, i.e. defeat them. What is our government doing now? They are just mindlessly leading the country into the quagmire to destroy it. It would be better if they were doing nothing. But in fact, the further it goes, the worse it gets, because that is where they are leading us, along a blatantly hostile road. We are the only ones offering the technology with which to respond. That's the strength of NOD, and that's why the primary terror is being conducted against us. Who else had their car burned up in Russia? Only ours. Because we are main technology, the historical technology. So it's impossible to solve the problems without personally putting time and strength into it. Let's say you really want to get some result - whatever, getting a girl to fall in love with you, making your country free, getting the aggressor expelled from your land. You won't achieve it by picking your nose. You have to act: conquer the girl, repel the aggressor, liberate your country by some specific means, be it with or without weapons - there are different scenarios. It's just ABC. Half the citizens of Russia have realized this. That's the reason they took a portrait of their grandfather, and, rather than sitting in their kitchen with it, like they did last year, the previous year, or the 60-70 years before that, they went out onto the streets in a collective action, i.e. there are some brains, there is an awakening in the windings.

Next, spend three hours supporting Putin, pushing the issue, maybe more than once. If you don't push it, then you'll leave it to the oligarchs and conspirators alone,
and they'll peck it to death, push it aside. Putin is now saying openly, "my directives are not being implemented". In three years of the directives under the May Edicts there is only 20% implementation. In three of twelve messages he states repeatedly that on the Central Bank there is always zero effect. We need to help. What is there to not understand about that? Help. You love him, you give him a good rating, then do something. Don't mess about. Since that's what you've decided, then do something.

PTV: Evgeny, people simply have an entirely different mindset. They trust the person whom they have elected to the post of President. They have entrusted him with administration. Thereafter he's supposed to know what to do about everything. They have entrusted him with authority over the nation.

EF: Nothing of the sort! Where did you find the word "authority"? Have you even read the Constitution? Where did you hear the word "authority" of the President? We have three authorities: legislative authority is led by the Chairperson of the Federation Council and the State Duma; executive authority is led by the Prime Minister; judicial authority is lead by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Where is the President here?

PTV: The President is the head of the executive authority.

EF: He is only prescribed powers on foreign policy, where he has had successes, and on commanding the armed forces - meaning legal command. He was even forbidden from moving forces outside our borders, as you know, by a decision of the Federation Council ( June 2014 ). Where is his authority? The word "authority" isn't there. Yes - executive power in the areas of foreign policy and defense - that's all. Formally he has no authority. What are you talking about? The people have entrusted him, but not with authority, they have entrusted to him monitoring of the Constitution and a representative capacity. He heads the representative authority, having no executive functions, but having a portrait on the wall - a representative function. Same with other presidents - he's not the only president in the world. That's what it's about. Don't expect any solution to the problem of sovereignty from this post - that would require a different post, with a different purpose and different content. For that you would have to annul the decision from 1993 (Constitutional referendum), by which you - as a voter - prescribed the President's lack of authority. You see? This has to be done. The intellectual task has to be thought through. You have to discuss it with your wife, understand it, and thereafter spend three hours on the streets with a slogan, to provide support, and so on.

PTV: Well, if we would have been attacked, as in 1941 ...

EF: We have already been attacked.

PTV: Back then they attacked in tanks and uniforms...

EF: Ok, so you want to be told via TV, that we have been attacked. Well, TV is already captured, they won't report it. TV is the Brandenburg Regiment (special forces). They have already severed the lines of communication. You sit with your garrison, you lift the telephone, and there's only silence. Silence on the line means there's no war. No order has been given - means there's no war. We are surrendering. That's your logic. Ok then, surrender.

PTV: No, but I mean decisions are not made by the people anyway, not by the masses. There are always... You yourself have been talking about the Maidan in Ukraine and Yerevan.

EF: Decisions are made by the people. But these decisions are partly driven by instincts, by historical memory. Remember, the people made the decision en masse to volunteer to go to the front.

PTV: That's right - because we were attacked.

EF: It was said, that we had been attacked.

PTV: The people themselves saw it, felt it.

EF: The population in Leningrad didn't see that the Brest Fortress had been attacked. They were told via newspapers and radio. But today the first thing the enemy has done is to capture the newspapers and radio. One has to activate the brain a bit and understand that we could be attacked and it's not reported on the radio. Can you comprehend such a thing?

PTV: Nope.

EF: I'm sure that in some villages of the Soviet Union there was no radio and people still comprehended - by word of mouth - and went to the Armed Forces Recruiting Office. So enter NOD as a coordinator, join the struggle, or else go under. It's your choice. We have done what we could. We have laid out the path to freedom and life. Whether the masses in Russia will make use of it or not - that's up to them.

PTV: The masses have never seen you even once.

EF: That's their problem.

PTV: How theirs? The amount of information is huge, it's hard to find things.

EF: Never mind that. My starting point is that it is their problem. We have done all that we could. So it's your problem. It's your choice to die - go ahead then! We do very well understand the problem of the mass media. That's why the most important direction of NOD's work, in order to wake up the masses, is that the smaller group of people - the members and headquarters of NOD - take action, conduct the struggle. And we are conducting this struggle. We are always putting pressure on the mass media. By the way, I invite people to gather at RBC TV at 12 o'clock: we will be conducting a large picket, protesting against the fact that one of the most important mass media channels, which addresses the business community - in fact it's the main business channel - conducts a totally anti-Russian policy, supporting the sanctions, supporting the system of external administration. Moreover, it's a scandal that this channel is managed by a citizen of a NATO member state.

PTV: There's a lot of that here...

EF: I know that in business this is the norm. But in this case it is, after all, the media. We have to understand this. You said, "the media won't report it". Of course they won't, if they are the enemy. They are even managed by CIA agents and the like - that's what Putin said, not me. Obviously a citizen of a NATO member state is carrying out their orders. It's just a propaganda mouthpiece of the occupier. This needs to be discussed. I'm sure that a picket at RBC TV (we are calling out several hundred people), if it were thousands, tens of thousands of people, then Grigoriev ( Vladimir Grigoriev, head of Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication ), the American agent who gives money and grants from the Russian treasury to RBC, Echo Moscow and the rest of them, this Grigoriev would be forced to use his influence to ensure that RBC is not led by a foreign citizen.

PTV: On the 30th June is the picket at RBC? At what time?

EF: At 12 mid-day. This is simply a very glaring case, where a citizen of NATO is officially in charge of Russian mass media, and, accordingly, is promoting propaganda for the destruction of the Russian economy.

PTV: There are many such cases in this country. The mass media is full of them.

EF: In this case it's absolutely clear. Don't forget, we managed to force through our little law that owners of mass media must be citizens of Russia. But then the Russian owners appoint foreign agents to run Russian TV. So the problem is wider, as we already knew. But in this case it's of a just scandalous nature. They are really shameless. So we will protest until we achieve the removal of this ... Derk Sauer ( RBC CEO ).

PTV: Returning to Yerevan. If the Yerevan Maidan is successful, what will it mean for Russia.

EF: A front will form around us. Really, it has always been there. This is their latest victory on one of the fronts. The noose is being tightened around Russia. Next it will be Belarus.

PTV: What exactly will it mean? The armed coup in Ukraine established the objective of a war between Ukraine and Russia. But an armed coup in Armenia - what is the purpose of that? The Armenia army is not going to start a war. Basically, there is no army there.

EF: It's the isolation of Russia. So that Russia has no allies. Remember when Armenia, all of a sudden, joined the Eurasian Economic Union?

PTV: Yes, there was a bit of a noise about that.

EF: Quickly, instantly. I understand what happened there. Armenia understood perfectly well what was going on. They were stringing along the Americans till the last moment, playing both sides. And when they couldn't drag it out any longer, as I understand it, they joined up by agreement with Putin. As a result, basically, the Americans have bluntly registered them as enemies and have now begun to torment them. So now we see the inevitable result.

The whole Greece saga is about total monopolism by the Americans and Europeans. No colony or vassal state can escape from them, because they will immediately close off the faucet of life. As soon as Russia resolves the problem of the rouble, i.e. lowers the interest rates and launches the national rouble - having one third of the world's wealth behind it, it will be the strongest world currency. Because it's not American virtual wealth. One third of the world's material wealth is behind us, created by our ancestors. From that point begins the fracture of the European Union. Because we will be able to offer credit to Greece on the same terms as credit from the EU. Recall their conditions: the (ECB's) key interest rate is 300 times lower. Good conditions? So that's it.

If we issue such credits to ourselves, and to others - Greece, at least, then we will be an open economy and in Russia will be launched rapid industrialization and growth of the money supply. Then, as we discussed, a person will buy chicken, automobile, apartment, because they start getting 2-3 times more pay. Inflation will fall to zero, because we will replace the dollar, which brings inflation into Russia. Remember, the rouble constitutes only 1/4 of the money in circulation in the Russian economy, while 3/4 is dollars, euro and foreign currency. We will be able to provide credit to foreign companies, including Greek ones - and why not. That's it. From that moment Greece leaves the European Union, followed by Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and even Poland and the Baltic states.

PTV: Tell me, why wasn't NOD crushed at the very beginning?

EF: Because for 15 years Putin has been preparing to oust the American power in Russia. He accumulated troops that no-one knew about. An armada appeared from up his sleeve. 15 years he prepared that. For 15 years he maneuvered and retreated, knowing his weaknesses. He saved our nuclear weapons, even though they wanted to put the squeeze on - I know about this personally. He saved, let's say, some of the supports in the economy, saved the demographics, raised the standard of living, and with that created a positive mood among the people. He spent a long time maneuvering. These were maneuvers of retreat, but still maneuvers, which created opportunities for victory. We don't have victory, of course, but opportunities for it have been created. In the context of these opportunities emerged NOD, which had existed from the very beginning. Putin and NOD have been there for 15 years. But it was formalized into headquarters only three and a bit years ago. NOD existed previously - we have already discussed that. But the headquarters appeared only under the protection of Putin. If there wouldn't have been Putin, there wouldn't have been headquarters - we would have been crushed immediately, no question about that. The headquarters appeared only under that cover, when he rolled out a certain beach-head, from where began the organizational side of things.