Out of thin air: Dog appears to 'teleport' on a motorway
A bizarre video that shows a dog apparently teleporting onto a motorway has gone viral.

The fascinating footage shows the mysterious pooch appear as if out of thin air during an illegal drag race taking place on the highway.

Shot on a mobile phone by one of the spectators, the clip shows at least two cars travelling at high speed down the motorway with the camera panning around as the cars vanish into the distance.

But incredibly, although it seems impossible for the cars to miss the animal, a dog suddenly seems to appear from nowhere and bounds happily over to the side of the road, with its tail wagging.

It runs up to the spectators, leaping and dancing around in excitement, completely undisturbed by the fact that it appears to have had such a narrow escape.

The video was first uploaded to the Internet last month in South America where it was widely reported that the illegal car race had been taking place in Chile.

It was shared in many South American countries before suddenly going viral in Europe with heated debate about whether the dog had just been extremely lucky as it crossed the road, or whether it was something more supernatural.

The spectators are heard speaking Spanish with a South American accent, clearly amazed at the dog having survived, but there is no clue as to whereabouts the incident it took place.