NATO troops: blindly stumbling into WWIII.
Another ceasefire in Donbass for the first time in many months is without the artillery cannonade. Peaceful cities again became peaceful. Machine gun bursts and single shots from small arms don't count. Ukrainian troops folded their heavy rocket artillery and are performing a rotation. Battered units of UAF are being replaced by fresh troops. This is where the fun begins.

One of my friends got a call from a friend living in a prosperous European country and hysterically reported that the husband of her relative, a soldier of one of the divisions of NATO, was sent to Ukraine, changed into Ukrainian uniform and delivered to the location of Donetsk airport. She also reported that according to this soldier, almost all who, under the pretext of rotation, comes to the airport - are Europeans and Americans. NATO troops are taking this strategic object under their control.

Also, during the conversation, the reason for the closure of the three largest airports of Ukraine - Zaporozhzhye, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk became clear. NATO transport aircraft landed on the runways of these airports, and unloaded military equipment, military units and ammunition. Confirmation of the delivery to Eastern Ukraine of "help" from NATO I also received from other sources - local residents in these cities confirmed that they had seen European and American equipment on the territory of the flight terminals. NATO began a soft invasion of Donbass. Dressed in Ukrainian uniform European and American military are taking up key positions on the front lines.

What can all this mean? Why should a party which is interested in a ceasefire remove their own units and replace them with soldiers, whose birthplace is far away from this place? It is not difficult to answer this question. To speculate that the well-trained fighters of NATO will be able to more efficiently contain the onslaught of the militia is stupid, because the advantage in manpower, equipment and supplies is clearly on the side of the units of the Ukrainian armed forces. Accordingly, NATO units, taking the leading positions, have a different task. In my opinion, it is these men who will provoke a conflict, which in the future is destined to grow into a full-scale military operation involving NATO troops. The desire to drag Russia into a global war may very soon bring terrible results. A war with participation of Russian troops and NATO troops very quickly may step outside Ukraine's boundaries and continue either in Russia or the European Union. This course of events, is good only for one country - USA. Mainland power will gladly engage in a global conflict, provided that it takes place on another continent and does not threaten the infrastructure of America. Separated by an ocean, America will avoid ground operations and the maximum that she faces are single air and missile strikes, which the missile defense system is able to cope with. Europe and Russia will suffer more - ground operation will inevitably lead to the destruction of settlements and partial disruption of communications and infrastructure. The question of the start date of WWIII, which will draw into its millstones most countries of our planet is decided today in Donbass, and in particular on the territory of Donetsk airport terminal. And it will be started by those NATO soldiers, which were changed into the Ukrainian uniform and sent to the positions in far away Donetsk.

The world, in a framework in which it existed until today, will soon disappear. Mired in economic and political problems America is interested in a protracted military conflict taking place on territory, other then its own. Europe is not able to resist the will of its senior strategic partner. Russia will not abandon Novorossia. Whoever wrote this bloody scenario, correctly calculated everything. If all goes according to plan, the upcoming year 2015 will be the last for many in Europe and America, and Russia. Not to mention Ukraine - tens of thousands of its citizens are already buried in a damp ground. We can only rely on the prudence of Western politicians. Today in their hands is the fate of the whole world, which they recklessly gave to the discretion of dressed in Ukrainian uniform commandos.

People often ask me - how long will the ceasefire last and what will be the result? My opinion - the ceasefire will not last long. The Ukrainian side is not interested in the loss of the territories that they consider to be theirs. Militias want to return to their homes, left behind in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Lisichansk, Severodonetsk and Mariupol. And this is the motivation used by Western military analysts who with the force of their units will provoke a new round of escalation of the conflict, which will further give an excuse for "strategic partners" of Ukraine to join the conflict. As one militiaman told me, a prisoner, he questioned, caught the other day, a commanders of the UAF, named the approximate date of commencement of a full-scale offensive - December 20, 2014. I understand that this date is not accurate, I want it to be a mistake. I hope that this does not happen. But just my desire is not enough, especially not enough to stop the inevitable impending WWIII. We will hold on. No matter what happens, we have to be strong and remember - in our unity is strength and victory!

Source: Alexey Zoteev -

Translated by Krisitna Rus for