House Resolution 758 passed yesterday by an overwhelming 411-10 votes. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the resolution's sponsor, said:
"The US, Europe and our allies must aggressively keep the pressure on Mr. Putin to encourage him to change his behavior."
Right. Putin did change his behavior - much to the glee of the US: he tore up trade deals with the US/NATO/EU and sought out other countries willing to trade. But the shock of Russia closing the Southstream Pipeline project and redirecting resources towards the Bluestream pipeline to Turkey must have really ruffled some feathers.

To counter Russia, the great minds in Washington came up with another plan. Let's take a look:
Introduced in House (11/18/2014)

Supports the efforts by President Poroshenko and the people of Ukraine to establish a lasting peace for Ukraine that includes:
  • full withdrawal of Russian forces from its territory,
  • full control of its international borders,
  • disarming of separatist and paramilitary forces in eastern Ukraine,
  • adoption of policies to reduce the Russian Federation's ability to use energy exports and trade barriers as weapons to apply economic and political pressure, and
  • an end to interference by the Russian Federation in Ukraine's internal affairs.
Five bullet points - and all based on false premises. The first point makes one wonder if they are aware of NATO's reports on the supposed Russian invasion of Ukraine, or if they are upset with Russia's humanitarian missions? The second point seems to be alluding to Crimea's referendum on secession and return to Russia. On the third point, let's review who started arming the "rebels", shall we (hint: Poroshenko)? The fourth point reveals they are upset Russia didn't provide Ukraine with free energy. On the last point, it's okay for the US/NATO/EU to interfere in Ukraine, but apparently forbidden to anyone else.

The resolution then continues with a plan of action:
Affirms the right of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and all countries to exercise their sovereign rights within their internationally recognized borders.
No one, including Russia, would argue with this affirmation.
States that the military intervention by the Russian Federation in Ukraine:
  • is in breach of its obligations under the United Nations Charter and the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, and
  • poses a threat to international peace.
Calls on the Russian Federation to:
  • reverse its illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula, end its support of the separatist forces in Crimea, and remove its military forces from that region (other than those operating in strict accordance with its 1997 agreement on the Status and Conditions of the Black Sea Fleet Stationing on the Territory of Ukraine);
  • remove its military forces from Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova, and end its political, military, and economic support of separatist forces; and
  • end violations of the September 2014 cease fire.
Calls on the President to provide the government of Ukraine with necessary defense articles, services, and intelligence in order to defend its territory and sovereignty.
We have already covered the subject of Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine and the legal annexation of Crimea above. It's only legal if the EU says it is. But let me get this straight: the House is calling for Russia to stop its political, military, and economic support, but wants the US to provide this same support instead? No equal footing then. The US can't have anybody interfering in 'our playground'.
Condemns the continuing political, economic, and military aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.
Naturally they are furious that Russia won't let the US do what it has always done.
Calls on North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies and U.S. partners to suspend military cooperation with Russia.
So, in turn, the non-NATO allies and partners will increase military cooperation with Russia. "If you're not with us, then you are against us". What will happen if NATO allies don't comply?
Calls on the President to cooperate with U.S. allies to:
  • (1) refuse to recognize the Russian Federation's illegal annexation of Crimea; and
  • (2) impose visa bans, asset freezes, and sanctions on the Russian Federation and its leadership to compel it to end its violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Number one isn't working out too well since the secession wasn't illegal. On number two, the sanctions aren't working too well either since they're causing Russia's influence in the world to grow, not shrink.
Urges the President, in consultation with Congress, to review the Treaty readiness of U.S. and NATO armed forces.

Urges the President to hold the Russian Federation accountable for violations of its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.
The INF Treaty has been an ongoing "finger-pointing" fiasco. The US is making it look like Russia is not cooperating, all the while the US plants missiles and weapons close to Russia's borders.
Calls on Ukraine, the European Union (EU), and other European countries to support energy diversification initiatives to reduce the Russian Federation's ability to use energy supplies as a means of applying political and economic pressure on other countries.
Since Russia's move to cancel the Southstream Pipeline project, the EU must be worried as to where it will find the energy resources Europe needs.
Calls on the President and the Department of State to develop a strategy to produce or otherwise procure and distribute news and information in the Russian language to countries with significant Russian-speaking populations.
Must spread the "American Exceptionalism" propaganda, don't you know!
Calls upon the Russian Federation to seek a mutually beneficial relationship with the United States based on respect for the independence and sovereignty of all countries.
This aim will be most difficult to reach because the US is not interested in mutuality. Especially when the US and EU don't agree on basic values. Russia is not following the US's failed examples. Instead, Russia offers real mutually beneficial relationships with countries who feel the same way. The US dictates while Russia actually listens.

I encourage SOTT readers to read this article: while it may seem at first like a pro-Russia puff piece, in actuality it's an attempt to show how the US, no matter how pure its intentions - historically or presently, has failed to objectively see the world and thereby act in humanity's best interest.