Spooky footage shows a cabinet in Barnsley Auction Centre suddenly shattering in an empty room

* Antique was left in empty, locked room before worker found it smashed

* Staff thought intruder had entered auction centre and damaged cabinet

* But they were stunned when they viewed CCTV footage from the room

* It shows the cabinet opening by itself then smashing into pieces

This is the moment a glass cabinet door opens by itself in an empty room - before shattering into pieces.

Staff at the Barnsley Auction Centre in South Yorkshire, thought intruders had smashed the cabinet after they found shards of glass all over the floor.

But they were left terrified after they examined CCTV of the auction room, which shows nobody was anywhere near the object when it suddenly shattered.

The footage shows furniture awaiting sale stood around the room, with nobody in view. Then all of a sudden, the cabinet's door opens wide before smashing onto the floor.

An electrician found the remnants of the door when he returned from going out and told business owner Danny Parker, 42, what had happened.

Mr Parker said: 'It's all a bit spooky really. The electrician had gone out for 10 minutes and locked the building because nobody was in there.

'When he got back he stepped on the shards of glass and had no idea what had happened.'

Mr Parker added: 'He went all round the building trying to find someone but couldn't find anyone. After looking at the CCTV frame by frame I saw the glass shatter. It was really creepy.'

In an attempt to get to the bottom of what has happened, Mr Parker searched through all of the buildings 16 CCTV camera, but turned up few clues.

The antiques expert said: 'I've told some of the shop owners next door and they said the building has always been haunted - even before we got there.

'I've never believed in ghosts before but this has really spooked me. I'm a bit wary when I'm locking up on my own now.'