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An investigation will be opened by Florent Boura, the local state prosecutor who has seen the video footage of the offending scene. Jean-Pierre Door, the local mayor, hopes for strict sanctions

Jean-Pierre Door, the (UMP party) deputy mayor of Montargis in the Loiret department in north-central France, discovered a horrific video of youths committing a 'quenelle' * in front of his town hall yesterday morning. He was absolutely disgusted.

Posted on Youtube on December 29th, it depicts nine youths openly, on the steps of the city hall, before showing their support for the humorist Dieudonné, making the gesture of 'la quenelle' repeatedly, while their spokesman violently attacks the great President of the Republic. All the while, in the background, "Le Chant des Partisans" plays.

A fine of 45,000 euros for insulting the President of the Republic

Jean-Pierre Door sent the video to the police so that they can begin their investigations. An investigation will also be opened by Florent Boura, the state prosecutor of Montargis. He believes that the video contains objectionable features, including an insult to the President of the Republic. The penalty is a fine of € 45,000. The prosecutor also mentioned incitement to racial hatred: "The fact that this crime was performed in the city of Montargis is not an aggravating factor but for a different analysis."

Employment-welfare contract terminated

Jean-Pierre Door recognized one of the youths in the video; the youth has a contract with the local employment-welfare service. Door said he will make an example of him: "I will ask for his contract to be terminated. We can not reach out to help them and be slapped in return. It boggles the mind, the ingratitude [of these punks]."

* Gesture invented by Dieudonné against the system, and considered anti-Semitic by critics as representing 'a Nazi salute in reverse'