Michele Bachmann
© APTo whom is Michele Bachmann swearing alligiance to?
Republican member of the House of Representatives Rep. Michele Bachmann says Iran's nuclear facilities "must be bombed" despite a nuclear agreement between Iran and six major powers.

"It may be incumbent upon the Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] to make a decision he has no desire to make, and that would be to bomb facilities, that must be bombed, in Iran," Bachmann said during a speech at a Zionist Organization of America gala.

On November 24, a six-month accord was sealed in Geneva between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council -- the US, Britain, Russia, France and China -- plus Germany.

The House Intelligence Committee member said the nuclear deal was a deliberate effort to harm Israel's security interests.

"That decision that was made by the P5+1 in Geneva had more to do with Israel than it had to do with Iran," she said.

"Because, you see, the decision that was made could be the biggest cudgel that our president, and that the nations of the world, could use to prevent Israel from defending not only herself, but her right to exist," the congresswoman claimed.

The Jewish group, the Zionist Organization of America, had earlier condemned the agreement and described it as "an appeasement deal."

The former US presidential candidate pointed out that the deal has left Israel isolated.

Israel "may be forced now, when the greatest nations of the world have abandoned her, in her time of greatest need... to stand alone," Bachmann said.

Comment: The greatest need for the people of Israel is to make peace with its neighbours, to disarm its nuclear arsenal and to get rid of their psychopathic leaders, who do not care one bit for the people of Israel.

Israel would gain a lot of goodwill if it did that. In addition, it needs to facilitate the return of Palestinian refugees into an integrated Israel/Palestine, land that has been stolen since 1948, give Syria the Golan Heights back, dismantle the open-air prison called Gaza, stop illegal settlements and stop subverting international relations by aiding and abetting terrorism the world over.

In short, Israel needs to grow up and become civilized.

"It is one thing to be a friend of Israel when the sun is shining, and when times are good... it is another to be a friend of Israel and to make the case that Israel not only has the right to exist but the right to defend herself, and that right may possibly include the right to be able to bomb nuclear facilities and potential nuclear facilities in Iran," she argued. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded angrily after the accord was struck, calling it a "horrible mistake."

"For the first time the leading world powers agreed to allow Iran to continue enriching uranium, totally ignoring the UN sanctions," Netanyahu said. "Israel is not obligated by this agreement."

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama defended the agreement, pushing back against rising criticism from Israel and Congress.

"We cannot close the door on diplomacy, and we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems," Obama said.

"We cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict, and tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it's not the right thing for our security," he added.