I don't believe a lot of what I read on Before It's News, et. al., until I see the facts for myself. I always do my own research. There are a lot of folks out there making things up just to get their names out on the net.

The rumor that has been going around about no one in the Army getting to take leave during the month of September and October is one of the things I had to see for myself. If that were true, that is a very big deal. It doesn't happen very often.

My daughter and her husband have just been stationed at Ft. Riley, KS. He is in a unit that has just returned recently from deployment and is on "recovery phase" They are not slated to deploy anywhere anytime in the near future. My daughter called last night and said that they have all been told that they will get no leave in September through October. They were even told that they are on QRF, (Quick Reaction Force)

I was in the Army for a long time. When you go on QRF, you are told months in advance and train and prep for it. You have to go through a week of paperwork, vaccinations for the area of possible deployment, etc. It is a big deal. It also only involves one unit as opposed to an entire base. It never happens on the fly like this. This tells me that they are planning for the possibility of a rapid deployment of at least one division. I do not know if this is happening at other bases.

When they did the no fly zone over Libya, this did not happen. That suggests to me that this Syria BS is going to be much bigger than the action in Libya.

I don't like to fear monger. I like to look at all the data that I see and plan accordingly for any scenario that could happen. This could become nothing, but with all of the other things that we all know are going on right now, it seems like that we should pay extra attention to the Syria War that they are starting.

Personally, I am going to plan for several scenarios for the next few weeks: the possibility that we could get invaded in a small or large way by the "friends of the Syrian government", the possibility of all out or partial nuclear war. I do believe that if this happens in any way, that our government will pretend to fight it, but we all know their true intentions.

Be on alert, and be an extra vigilant watchman for the next few weeks and hope that this is something that will pass without incident.