Texas parents were horrified to discover the camera they were using to monitor their 2-year-old and keep her safe was hacked, and what the hacker did was chilling.

"We just use it to listen," said Mark Gilbert, hacking victim.

For two years, Marc Gilbert and his wife have come to rely on their internet cameras.

"We almost couldn't live without it," Gilbert said.

With them, they could watch their two toddlers in their rooms. But over the weekend, someone else was watching, too.

"It felt like somebody broke into our house," he said.

Gilbert says he first heard a voice from down the hall. As he and his wife got closer, what it was saying got worse.

"He said, 'Wake up, Allyson, you little (expletive).'"

Gilbert knew it was coming from the camera.

"I see the camera move on us," he said.

Gilbert immediately pulled the plug and started doing research. He believes someone hacked his router as well as the camera. The person could see Allyson's name on her wall and call her by it.

He now wants to warn other parents about the danger.

"As a father, I'm supposed to protect her against people like this," Gilbert said. "So, it's a little embarrassing to say the least, but it's not going to happen again."

The only saving grace is that Allyson never heard a thing.

"Allyson was born deaf, so she has cochlear implants. Thankfully, we had them off, and she didn't hear any of it and she slept right through it," Gilbert said.

A computer expert suggests following all security recommendations for these types of cameras as well as securing your home networks as much as possible.