Horrific: An 18-month-old girl was chopped up by her drunk uncle
A drunk uncle chopped up his 18-month-old niece then roasted her body parts in an oven, police said today.

Andrey Gadzhiev's sister Elena Titova, 29, had left him caring for the toddler for 15 minutes while she visited a neighbour.

When she returned there was no sign of the child and her intoxicated brother could not explain what had happened to her.

She searched the house in Oldonda village in eastern Siberia, but then noticed a strange smell from the stove.

Opening the hot oven, she discovered the roasting remains her daughter's body.

A fragment of the child's leg was also found near the sink in the kitchen.


'Killer': Andrey Gadzhiev (pictured under blanket) 'showed no emotion when he admitted to killing the baby and putting her in the oven'
Police arrested the man who 'without showing emotion admitted to killing the baby and putting her in the oven'.

Gadzhiev, 34, had 'pushed' the girl, causing her to fall on the floor, killing her, he claimed.

'I was trying to hide her body so I put her in the oven,' he told police.