The first casualty of war is truth: Addounia Expose

With thanks to Rafiq Lutif for leaking these videos

Here western media darling "activist" Danny Dayem can be seen ordering those around him to fire while he waits to go live on CNN, in order to back up his false claims that the Syrian government was committing a massacre against civilians in Homs. For more about dubious Danny (to put it mildly), please read here.

In this video we can see the insurgents have set up a camera before an attack on an oil refinery in Homs which they staged as "government shelling". In itself, that the camera was set up beforehand, shows that they knew something was going to take place. It has been well documented inside Syria known that the western backed insurgents have committed numerous attacks on the energy infrastructure of the country in order to try to cause mass suffering to the population with the aim of weakening their morale and thus support for President Bashar al-Assad.

Here Addounia presents evidence that a caller to Al Jazeera claiming to be witness to government shelling is actually in a building with snipers making most of the noise he claims is being caused by a government attack.

Here a man on the phone to a media organisation asks whether the media would like to speak to him or the [defected] "soldiers". He then turns to those in the room with him and remarks that there is just one "soldier". Note how it is impossible for the media organisation to verify whether there are really defected soldiers there or not.