Nuclear Holocaust
© The Excavator

Face it. In order for the PTBs to sufficiently take out mighty Iran, a vastly powerful nation, it will have to be with nukes. Iran has tremendous capabilities not only militarily, but is protected by natural, mountainous fortresses, and is strategically placed between two vulnerable US battlefields, and sufficiently close to Israel and even Europe to do some serious damage if and when attacked.

So if you're the aggressor, what would be your major concern about your target?


And knowing the West is clearly itching to take out Iran, and knowing they have these capabilities and that your first strike needs to be incredibly devastating, what would justify such an action in the world's mind?

You got it. A supposed preemptive nuclear strike from Iran. Your archetypal false flag set up.

And the world will lap it up.

This type of attack would never be done by a peaceful Iran knowing the consequences on its people. It would instead most likely be done by covert Israeli Mossad forces as we've seen before, perhaps even on their own people. Don't put it past them. They have the most to gain, as in 9/11. The gain outweighs the pain, in their minds.

It's been done before not only on 9/11, but Vietnam, Pearl Harbor, the Lusitania, Hitler's Reichstag fire, and a host of other false flag events through the years. No cost is too great for the next big prize to the Controllers.

If You Don't Get It Yet, It's Time You Did

The world is controlled, manipulated to the nth degree. Yes, there's freedom to some extent, like prisoners can roam the grounds or pace their cells, or watch TV like most of the world's voluntary prisoners. But we're being led by the nose down a path that's been described and articulated and even screamed from the hilltops for decades....yet few seem to notice.

They want war, they want chaos, they want excuses to modify society into a format they have predestined for us. And war brings about the quickest method for societal transformation. One look at the Patriot Act and you'll get it.

Comforting, eh?

The Nuke Option Is Clear

Monstrous actions always conveniently beg monstrous responses. After all, they're "justified". 9/11 meant the utter devastation of both Afghanistan and Iraq in retaliation, and the blinded, bloodthirsty American populace now laugh at the death tallies of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis, Libyans, Pakistanis, Yemenis, Somalis, etc. as the war mongers march toward world domination.

After all, they're just rag heads, deviant Muslim whack jobs who are jealous of our enlightened freedoms. Who gives a damn.

Nicely Done, Eh?

So why not ratchet the situation up a bit, especially if you'd like to see major chaos in the world in order to bring about some "big idea" of world governance that can restore "law and order" after such devastation. That's the plan, and it has been for generations.

Just wanted to sum up the situation. If it's not clear by now, I don't know what to say.

Love, Zen