A woman who was apparently angry that Seattle police had blocked a street to investigate a traffic accident assaulted two officers early Sunday morning.

Police had blocked traffic to investigate a hit-and-run accident in the 1600 block of 15th Avenue West when two women drove up in a cab around 3 a.m.. When the cab was blocked from continuing on, the two women got out and walked down the middle of 15th Avenue West, police said.

Police said one of the women repeatedly screamed obscenities at the officers. The two women started to walk toward the crash scene when they were told by a detective that they needed to get on the sidewalk.

One of the women complied, but the other woman continued to scream obscenities while ignoring the detective's order. Another officer stopped the woman and tried to explain that a criminal investigation was underway. The officer pointed out another route she could take to get around the crime scene, according to police.

The woman screamed profanities at the officer and continued walking, knocking over a piece of measuring equipment being used by detectives. The officer grabbed the woman by the arm and she punched the officer in the face, knocking her to the ground. The suspect then jumped on top of the officer and tried to strike her again.

A second officer ran over to help and she was also assaulted, police said. A detective then ran over and the woman was arrested. The woman was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of felony assault.

Police said the two officers attacked by the woman sustained non-life-threatening injuries.