An Argentinian official investigates the impact site in the Monte Grande suburb of Buenos Aires
A bright blue fireball fell out of the sky and smashed into a suburban neighbourhood in Buenos Aires today, killing one woman and injuring six others. In other news, the Russian prime minister is set to become the president again and again.... no, wait, back up a second. WHAT just happened in a major capital city in Latin America??

Argentina: One woman killed and six injured as meteorite smashes into Buenos Aires

Believe it or not, incoming cometary debris may actually have killed someone today. The space debris also destroyed a house and some cars. People reported seeing a fireball descending followed by an explosion. One witness told local TV news that prior to the explosion the sky lit up and windows began to vibrate strongly. They had no idea what was happening as 'the thing' just appeared... within a few seconds somebody's home was obliterated.

An Argentinian SOTT reader reported:
The laughable thing is that the program hosts of local TV news, although considering the possibility of a meteorite being to blame, kept telling people about the satellites rubbish, that a "gas explosion in combination with street electricity cables" was to blame, and other things like that... they gave those hypotheses equal or even more credibility than the meteorite one.
Stunned onlookers cannot believe what they've just experienced
The "satellites rubbish" our local witness is referring to is of course that AWOL NASA satellite we've been told for weeks is due to plummet to earth.

Check out this YouTube video which appears to be the trail left by the incoming fireball:

Apparently the man who filmed it can be heard saying: "Did you see it fall? What a strange thing, man!" Earlier he said, "It's like it caught on fire." He finished by saying, "And it's still on fire".

Just imagine a whole bunch of those falling at the same time and the unbearable shock people would experience. Then again, people can be told anything, like a fireball crashing into a capital city is 'part of a satellite that broke off', or just a 'once-in-a-life-time' event. Nothing to see here folks, move along please!

It reminds us of the intense programming about the no-plane at the Pentagon immediately after 9/11. Give people a story about a fictional airplane, Islamic terrorists or broken satellites, repeat them over and over, then hope for the best that most will accept it. And most DO! But who can blame them really? The truth is just too much to bear.

It's kinda funny that the current flurry of meteor sightings and impacts should happen right when SOTT is being labelled by the French police as "apocalyptic" in their witch hunt based on a ridiculous cult accusation. If you just talk about comets and meteors, simply from observing DATA , not imagining 'End of the World' scenarios, then you are immediately labelled an "apocalyptic cult". The police clearly don't spend much time observing the sky...

But then why would they? The sky is where their invisible god on a stick lives and they don't want to anger him...
A photograph of the incoming meteor taken by a witness who was later arrested and forced to recant, saying that the image was hoaxed. That may well have been the case, but it's important to realise that incoming fireballs can cycle through every colour of the rainbow as they burn through the Earth's atmosphere. This explains the apparent discrepancies between witness testimonies of the fireball being both bright blue and dark red, as shown above.

So here we are. It's 2011 and something SOTT has been saying for years would happen has happened. And still, it's amazing to us how easily people's minds can be primed into buying a cooked-up version of events. We've all been hearing about falling satellites in the lead-up to this event... therefore this incident must be a falling satellite too! Never mind that they had previously claimed the 'NASA satellite' fell into the Pacific Ocean. Can't leave any room for alternative explanations, now can we?

What you're supposed to think is all prefabricated by the media. It's diabolically clever, efficient mind-programming.

Is Another Disabled Satellite Headed for Earth?

We strongly suspect that the meme about falling satellites indicates that the Powers That Be knew we'd have incoming objects during this time frame, which means they can track some of them (even though they supposedly "lost the satellite".) Things will get really interesting when the ones they can't track start hitting the ground.

Here's a report of another impact starting a fire in Texas on Sunday.

Raindrops keep fallin' on our heads.... and Nero fiddles while Rome burns.