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A new Bigfoot movie popped up on YouTube Monday, this time from Kansas, not normally a hotbed of Sasquatch activity. The video is, as usual, very shaky. Why can't people learn how to use a camera when they shoot these things? Maybe they're truly scared?

The one-minute video shows a loping "creature" passing from tree to tree as a family shoots from the other side of a fenced-in area. The quick glimpses of the mystery cryptid recall the film that started it all, the Roger Patterson movie.

Comments from the family making the video sound authentically surprised, with a mom, pop and child. Dad sounds like a cartoon character himself, but the kid sounds pretty scared. Mom becomes a true believer...

Truthfully, the thing looks like somebody walking by in a monkey suit, but the unusual feature of actual daylight, as opposed to a night-vision view or grainy 16mm footage lends a bit of credence.

There's only one way to find out. Calling all crypto-zoologists! Get your video processing tools out and weigh in on this one, please... since the series finale of Finding Bigfoot left the world with a big, fat zilcho.

Have a look: