MMS Miracle Mineral Solution
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The truth is that MMS is a dangerous poison, and as such it has no business whatsoever in the alternative health arena.

~ Dr. Gabriela Segura
Magical or not it's sometimes called Miracle Mineral Supplement or the master mineral supplement. No matter what it's called one does have to be careful when using a substance like MMS. And whether its main proponent Jim Humble is going out of his mind or not we have to be clear about what this substance can do safely and what it cannot. I say out of his mind for now he has invented, out of the pocket of his imagination, the new profession titled "Doctor of MMS", which anyone can become. "Americans can afford the training of less than two weeks, or buy the new book, The Master Mineral of the Third Millennium. In an email he recently said, "We thought you might like to see the difference in a MMS doctor and a Medical doctor."

As Jim has become increasingly embarrassing to the health field I have personally eaten some of my words on the value of this chlorine-type of substance as I have been carefully experimenting with it on myself. In fact, if the truth be known, I am finding out there may be some possible benefits to it but would never take this supplement orally for anything since there are so many better and safer ways to accomplish what Humble claims MMS can do.

I am using it transdermally, mixed with malic acid and DMSO to try to control a fungus infection between my toes. In the end I might conclude I am a bit out of my mind myself for sometimes just the fumes irritates my eyes and I do think I would vomit if I drank some, which would be a typical reaction to drinking a poison. Just thinking about drinking it makes me nauseous. No matter how much can be said for its anti-pathogen action, so far it only controls my fungus but does not eradicate it even though I have been using it for several months.
Many people do not know that MMS is essentially bleach. It's very effective for killing bacteria in toilets, but you certainly shouldn't be swallowing it.

~ Dr. Gabriela Segura
Almost five years ago I wrote in my Survival Medicine for the 21st Century compendium that: There has been a lot of commotion in health circles about a product called Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). It is being advertised as the answer to AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind's worst diseases. The claim about how the chlorine (a poison that would not be considered a mineral for health) interacts with pathogens is the same claim we can make about iodine (a safe nutritional mineral), which is known to also kill pathogens of all types on contact. Iodine is not normally thought to have this action when taken internally but in high enough doses it does. I personally know of a missionary in Africa who uses iodine instead of MMS to treat malaria.
Most people I have given MMS to usually react very aggressively and have to stop taking it.

~ Dr. George Georgiou
Chlorine dioxide is formed from the chemical combination of sodium chlorite and acetic acid (vinegar) or citric acid. Chlorine dioxide is dangerous to handle and use. After searching for and reviewing material safety data sheets I am convinced of the risk of using this substance. Now whenever someone mentions MMS I recommend iodine instead.

Patricia Springstead, RN says, "The historical fact of MMS is that when activated it becomes what is equal to pool shock, to shocking bacteria, fungus and other pathogens from swimming water. In its dry state, MMS is sodium chlorite. When activated with citrus or vinegar, it becomes sodium dioxide." According to Springstead, MMS side effects include:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Uncontrolled diarrhea
  • Disorientation
  • Headaches
  • Chemical poisoning
  • Fatigue
  • Electrolyte imbalances
  • Possible death
© Otto Dix, A German Gas Attack (1924)Chlorine gas used by Germans
Chlorine dioxide: May decompose explosively on shock, friction or concussion, or on heating rapidly. Strong oxidant: reacts violently with combustible and reducing materials and with mercury, ammonia, sulfur and many organic compounds. A strong irritant of the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, and a strong oxidizer that promotes combustion; concentrated solutions may be corrosive to the skin and eyes; harmful if swallowed and can cause irritation to mouth, esophagus, stomach, and mucous membranes. Eye contact: contact causes redness, irritation, pain, blurred vision, tearing, corneal injury and burns. Inhalation: harmful if inhaled; coughing, headaches, labored breathing, nausea, shortness of breath may occur resulting in chronic bronchitis and permanent lung damage with chronic exposure.

In July 2010, the FDA issued a warning1 about Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS): "Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away." MMS was then rebranded with the new name, "Advanced Oxygen Therapy." Since then, the product's salesmen have continued pushing their concoction onto some of the world's most desperate and hopeless populations. Sylvia Fink, a Mexican woman visiting Epi Island with her husband in a Least Developed Country, Vanuatu, a South Pacific Island nation, died 12 hours after ingesting MMS.
"From almost the moment Silvie drank the mixture of MMS and lime juice - which she'd brewed up according to the instructions of Jim Humble, the principal proponent of the stuff - things went wrong. She became nauseated, and was soon both vomiting and suffering from diarrhea. But since the MMS literature emphasized that this was a normal reaction, she assumed it would pass. It didn't. It turned into a day of torture, with Silvie gradually getting worse, to the point of having severe abdominal pains, then urinary pains. I helped her all day, bathing her, comforting her and trying to get liquids into her. But she couldn't keep anything down. About the time it started to get dark, she began to feel faint. That's when I became fully alarmed. She fell into a coma while I was on the VHF calling for assistance. With her unresponsive, I put out another radio call, this time for immediate emergency care. Fellow cruisers rushed to our boat within minutes. For over an hour we administered CPR and oxygen. But neither they nor an adrenalin shot administered by a physician from the village were able to revive her. Sylvie died aboard Windcastle around 9 p.m., just 12 hours after she'd taken that fatal drink of MMS."
Methemoglobin found in the blood was at a "significantly high" level according to Ms. Fink's autopsy report. "Methemoglobin basically results in the inability of blood to carry oxygen within the body causing cyanosis (lack of oxygen to the system). The [autopsy] report states that if the 45 percent saturation reading was accurate and existed at the time of death, then the symptoms could be consistent with being caused by methemoglobinemia and therefore a possible cause of death. Most cases of methemoglobinemia are caused by exposure to drugs or toxic substances2 including chlorate and chlorite."

Dr. Segura, who is a heart surgeon with extensive experience and interest in alternative health, research, psychology and the human condition, would agree with this diagnosis, stated,"The popularity of MMS and its fervent, almost religious marketing involved the claim of curing malaria in tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. Sounds very noble indeed, but this is only natural as MMS' sodium chlorite is well known to cause hemolysis in red blood cells - meaning that red blood cells are ruptured and destroyed. It is actually by killing red blood cells that the malaria parasite is killed since it invades red blood cells. MMS probably kills the parasite and the red blood cells. In fact, MMS consumers may develop anemia."

Jim Humble has explained to a reporter friend of mine, Debra Dupré, that MMS is the only answer for people in the Gulf of Mexico region to survive the oil spill disaster and that the possibility exists for people with MMS to visit every home there, with help of his "church Ministers." In an email on January 16, Humble wrote, "MMS is the only real answer all those people of the gulf have. It is cheap and it will detoxify their bodies. It is the greatest detoxifier for human bodies known at this time as I have observed thousands who have used it." Ever since first reading Humble's book I have gotten used to his use of thousands upon thousands of testimonials that spill with ease out of his mouth and unfortunately people do swallow his word hook, line and sinker.

"The active ingredient in MMS is not a mineral, but chlorine dioxide (oxygenated chlorine), which is formed from the chemical combination of sodium chlorite and acetic acid (vinegar) or citric acid. MMS as a poison does kill intrusive germs in your body, but it would be naïve to believe it to be carefully selective in what it kills and destroys, or to think that the damage done has only limited consequences. It is shocking that MMS is recommended so widely, that it is recommended to already weakened individuals AND that it is recommended for long-term use. In truth, the potential long-term and dangerous side effects of regular MMS use should give anyone the shivers," writes Dr. Gabriela Segura.

My assistant Claudia French has been following the exploits of Jim Humble for years and has said that he changes his protocol like a slippery fish. Dr. Segura, speaking about his original protocol for what is now known as MMS1, said that his original protocol "suggests that taking up to 60 drops per day is within reason. There are 20 drops in one gram, which means that the protocol may call for the ingestion of 3 grams or more of what amounts to household bleach. This is three times the amount required to produce nausea and vomiting and 20 percent of the amount required to kill you. Even though we are told that nausea and diarrhea are positive signs of detoxification when following the MMS protocol, you can be sure that that's actually the way our body tells us we've just been poisoned. If you happen to vomit, then be reassured that it might have saved your life by way of avoiding a lethal overdose of MMS."

Dr. Segura says, "MMS2 is basically calcium hypochlorite, which is a chemical compound widely used for water treatment and as a bleaching and disinfecting agent (bleaching powder). This one is indeed a mineral because it has calcium in it, but a mineral that reacts to produce hypochlorous acid when ingested. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine, is what some of our white blood cells produce in order to kill bacteria through the well-known process called oxidation." The human body produces it to fight infection. White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens. The hypochlorous acid produced by the human body's immune system is done so in minute quantities because the acid holds danger for normal cells as well as the pathogens.

The researchers said the human immune system produces hypochlorous acid in response to infection but the substance does not kill only the bacterial invaders. It kills human cells too, which may explain how tissue is destroyed in chronic inflammation. Knox et al. first noted that HClO is a sulfhydryl inhibitor that, in sufficient quantity, could completely inactivate proteins containing sulfhydryl groups. This is because HClO oxidizes sulfhydryl groups, leading to the formation of disulfide bonds that can result in crosslinking of proteins. The HClO mechanism of sulfhydryl oxidation is similar to that of chloramine, and may only be bacteriostatic, because, once the residual chlorine is dissipated, some sulfhydryl function can be restored. Hypochlorous acid reacts readily with amino acids that have amino group side-chains, with the chlorine from HClO displacing a hydrogen, resulting in an organic chloramine.

Dr. Segura says, "The amount of HOCl that our body is already capable of producing on its own is dangerous enough. In fact, some of our white blood cells have toxic and damaging effects on our DNA through the formation of hypochlorous acid. In fact, hypochlorous acid (MMS2) has the power to chlorinate the building blocks of DNA, breaking the DNA double helix apart and thus interfering with its vital biological functions."

Jim Humble claims that, "The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind's worst diseases has been found. Many diseases are now easily controlled. More than 75,000 disease victims have been included in the field tests in Africa. Scientific clinical trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa. Separate tests conducted by the Malawi government produced identical 99% cure results. Over 60% of the AIDS victims that were treated in Uganda were well in 3 days, with 98% well within one month. More than 90% of the malaria victims were well in 4 to 8 hours. Dozens of other diseases were successfully treated and can be controlled with this new mineral supplement. It also works with colds, flu, pneumonia, sore throats, warts, mouth sores, and even abscessed teeth."

Dr. David Kroll, a natural products cancer pharmacology professor, says, "The product website is full of the most unreal claims I've seen in any online marketing scheme." And this is the main point to look at when reading Humble's book or site. He says anything and everything to convince us that this is the greatest stuff that has ever touched down in the world of medicine and health but he substantiates nothing. The FDA (not my favorite organization) says, "The FDA is not aware of any research that MMS is effective in treating any of these conditions." There is not a person alive who is aware of any documented research yet there is a religious fever based on word of mouth and hearsay.

In a video, Mr. Humble relates the story of a man who "chug-a-lugged" two ounces of MMS because he had mistaken it for a glass of water. Mr. Humble says that the man became very ill. His kidneys stopped working and he had to go on dialysis. He was hospitalized for several weeks. Mr. Humble says that people should know that if they get extremely sick after taking MMS, "they need to go to the hospital because the kidneys will quit working."

Taking vitamin C, an antioxidant, is also discouraged as it neutralizes the effects of this strong oxidant MMS. Jonathan Campbell tells us that because CLO2 is a chemical oxidizer (called a "free radical") it depletes vitamin C and causes oxidative stress. Putting it another way, the vitamin C and other antioxidants in our body get depleted in their attempts to detoxify CLO2; vitamin C and other antioxidants are our "free radical scavengers." The instructions provided with MMS specifically warn people not to take vitamin C while they are taking MMS because vitamin C "interferes" with it. This is a red flag that MMS is a toxic chemical, since vitamin C is our primary detoxification agent. Vitamin C depletion is extremely dangerous: it is the bulwark of our immune system, and it is needed for dozens of other body functions.

According to Jonathan Campbell, health consultant: "The entire approach of Jim Humble is to treat the human body as if it were a simple plumbing system, and MMS is akin to Drano, chemically killing pathogens. But the human body does not work that way. Your body does not need toxic chemicals from a factory to kill pathogens. When fortified properly, your body has the capability to fight literally any pathogen or illness. A healthy immune system automatically and selectively targets pathogens with an array of antibodies and white blood cells. MMS disrupts this natural immunity by depleting immune-building antioxidants.
MMS is the wrong approach to immunity - it is chemotherapy!

~ Jonathan Campbell
MMS is dangerous, even Humble admits that. I am not saying in this essay that MMS cannot be used for certain situations when used transdermally. I even know a doctor in South Africa who safely uses it in her IV cocktail but it is implemented under strict supervision and monitoring like most dangerous drugs needs to be. Doctors often try extreme methods when a patient's life is on the line, when there is little or nothing to lose.

"Bishop" Humble is really doing a huge disservice to the alternative medical field. He is making all of it seem more unbelievable not to mention the disservice he is doing to religious orders. There is the ancient tradition of pastoral medicine but it has nothing to do with "Jonestown" and the drinking of poisons. I never thought I would be on the same side of the fence as the FDA but on the question of MMS I certainly am.

Testimonial One

What follows is a testimonial of the reactions Graham from Spain had when he began taking the MMS - he has basal cell carcinoma on different areas of his face and back. I began this protocol - following the mixing instructions carefully - after having been on the high mineral protocol for several days. The mixture felt highly toxic and reminded me of cellulose - acetona. At the 1 drop X 5 all was well with no side effects. Increasing over 3 days to 3 X 15 drops similarly resulted in no problems apart from a reduced appetite. When I increased to 4 x 20, all hell let loose within about an hour! I suffered severe diarrhoea and purging for the entire day, with stomach ache, headache, nausea, sinus pain and nose running along with disorientation and sight disturbances. I had to lay down near the bathroom the entire day. By evening, all these symptoms had settled and I was able to eat a little and sleep. The following day after breakfast I took the same dosage, expecting a lesser effect, but it was an exact repeat for the entire day. I even tried one more day at this 4 x 20, believing that I would get over this hump and reap the benefits, but it was no different. (Masochist or what!) I subsequently discontinued the MMS protocol and continue with the high mineral intake. One further interesting effect is that I am left with a revulsion to certain foods that I used to crave! I am not convinced this was a healing crisis caused by the detox effect and die off. It seemed more to me like a reaction to a toxic substance. I used to be very sensitive to the smell of paint and thinners as well as certain dust - like cement dust etc. - which in the past has caused a similar effect. The effects the MMS created were more like that than of a detox taking place. Such smells have not bothered me since I began taking HMD around 5 years ago. This was also the first headache I have had in that time, having previously suffered overlapping headaches and migraines for over 40 years.

Testimonial Two

My doctor put me on a special mineral increase due to lack of iron, copper and magnesium in my blood tests. I followed "the book" and did not tell him I use MMS. Now I have to do a stint in the hospital because my counts are worse than ever when they were supposed to improve. My doctor took a urine test (which has been orangeish) and he said the tests show that something is absorbing or disrupting the minerals and not letting them get into my blood where they are needed. Six hours between MMS and the mineral pills and cap. Could MMS be causing this? I am worried that because I did not tell my doctor as the book says, and others here give that same advice, that the hospital will be looking for reasons and doing tests on me unnecessarily. I feel I should take my MMS with me to the hospital and tell them but Jim (Humble) say's don't tell doctors because they don't understand. So I'm confused. My readings only went down since taking MMS and I do as they say here 15 drops 3 times a day with citric acid 75 drops in lemon juice for taste. I have lost 8 kilos since starting and constantly suffer D (diarrhea) and nausea. But my doctor says I will not like how and what they will have to suppository as what I take orally is having no effect and they need to find out why. They think I have a gastrointestinal disease that leads to significant mal-absorption and will need to see a biophysicist. Any advice will help as I go to hospital at Queenstown on the south island Tuesday. My MMS comes from MMS pacific. The teaspoon I use to mix it with is rusted after 12 weeks - is this normal also?

Testimony Three

The MMS lowered my viral load, but it seriously messed up my lab results. My RBC, BUN, EGFR, CO2, Protein (globulin), bilirubin, ALT, AST, platelets, lymphs and cholesterol all went out of range on MMS, in about 6 weeks of taking it. I came to some conclusions about MMS because of my labs and tried to discuss it with Jim Humble; he was not so humble, he got angry with me and told me my results were invalid because I got sick several times. I think the explosions kill red blood cells as they are in close contact with the MMS. It lowered my platelets, cholesterol, protein, RBC, BUN and EGFR and raised the rest.

~ Anonymous

  1. FDA Press Release
  2. Most cases of methemoglobinemia are due to excessive production of methemoglobin following exposure to oxidant drugs, chemicals, or toxins. See here