Comment: The following article was written by Laura in the early days of Signs. We're reviving it here and now in the hope of clearing up a lot of the confusion surrounding what this 'Planet X' really is and to provide readers with some insight into the background research that led to our catastrophist hypothesis.

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Is Nibiru going to appear in April, 2003 as is being claimed by certain New Age Gurus?

In a word, NO. And you can take that to the bank.

It is part of a COINTELPRO operation designed to drive believers over the edge and force legislation against alternative ideas, research, and the free exchange of information over the internet.

It is part of the Stargate Conspiracy.

Remember Hale Bopp? Remember Heaven's Gate? Have we learned anything?

Read the following article very carefully. Indeed, Earth will very likely experience cataclysms at some point in the future, but it won't be because of the Planet Nibiru, and it isn't going to be in 2003.

COINTELPRO is at work in the New Age!

COINTELPRO was the FBI's secret program to undermine the popular upsurge which swept the country during the 1960s. Though the name stands for "Counterintelligence Program," the targets were not enemy spies. The FBI set out to eliminate "radical" political opposition inside the US. When traditional modes of repression (exposure, blatant harassment, and prosecution for political crimes) failed to counter the growing insurgency, and even helped to fuel it, the Bureau took the law into its own hands and secretly used fraud and force to sabotage constitutionally - protected political activity. Its methods ranged far beyond surveillance, and amounted to a domestic version of the covert action for which the CIA has become infamous throughout the world.

In recent years, the FBI and other agencies have tried to clean up their image. They have engaged in careful concealment of post-COINTELPRO domestic counterintelligence operations. This effort has sold the "new FBI" to some of the most prominent critics of earlier COINTELPRO. University professors and congressional committees that helped to expose the domestic covert action of the past now deny its persistence in the present. Because of their credentials, these respectable "objective" sources do more damage than the FBI's blatant right- wing publicists. Left uncontested, their sophistry could disarm a new generation of activists, leaving them vulnerable to government subversion.

In addition to political activists, it seems that COINTELPRO has particularly targeted groups that are seeking the truth about the interactions between the US government and Ultra Terrestrials, or so-called "aliens - denizens of hyperdimensional realities.

The COINTELPRO files show the U.S. government targeting a very broad range of religious, labor and community groups opposed to any of its agendas, and it would be foolish to not realize that this very operation extends to the US coverup of its "alien agenda."

The presence of a COINTELPRO operation also goes far in explaining why, when the sincere researcher enters this field, he or she discovers only lies, lies, and more lies. Confusion and disinformation. And it is clearly deliberate, promulgated by Metaphysical Mavens and New Age Impresarios - COINTELPRO agents, all of them.

The objective seems to be to attack and "neutralize" those who are seeking the answers by marginalization, by conversion to wild beliefs that later "fall through," and perhaps even by generating conditions that force legislation against alternative research. The famous Hale-Bopp Flopp is a case in point.

One more incident of wild promulgation of End of the World ideas that lead to erratic or fanatical behavior in any group of people, and the free exchange of ideas on the internet will come to a screeching, legislated halt. Count on it.

As we have delved deeper into our investigation of the series of attacks launched against us personally, and our work and our discussion/research group, the reality of continuing COINTELPRO-type attacks on progressive thinking became more and more evident. As we published these files, we received further information from other researchers that they, too, had been subjected to identical operations.

Ongoing domestic covert action is more than amply documented by The COINTELPRO Papers, Agents of Repression and War at Home. What we are discovering is that the targets are not limited to the opponents of U.S. political policies. Oh, no! They have developed COINTELPRO to an all new level of Social Shaping, Cultural Brainwashing, and this includes virtuallly anyone who is seeking the truth about the shifting realities of our world.

The cases of COINTELPRO activities against political groups are no more than the tip of the iceberg, given that the great bulk of COINTELPRO - type operations remain secret until long after their damage has been done. By all indications, domestic covert operations have become a permanent feature of U.S. politics, and Social Programming.

The implications of this are truly alarming. Those who manage to get close to the truth of these matters, despite the many obstacles in their path, face country wide covert campaigns to discredit and disrupt their research and reputations.

Clearly, COINTELPRO and similar operations under other names work to distort academic and popular perceptions of the problems facing our world. They have done enormous damage to the search for the Truth.

These COINTELPRO operations are clearly formidable and dangerous. Yet, with networking, sharing of information, and exposure of the agents, such covert action is not insurmountable. Knowledge Protects.
"Terrorism is changing. New adversaries, new motivations and new rationales have surfaced in recent years to challenge much of the conventional wisdom..." Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Director of RAND, Washington
One has to wonder why anything that "challenges the conventional wisdom" must be considered "terrorism?"

And how better to "take care" of those who challenge the "conventional wisdom," the "control system," than by making it a crime to "think out of the box?" And how to make it a crime? Machiavelli wrote the manual. All you have to do is create or infiltrate groups that supposedly "think out of the box," then subvert them or drive them to irrational acts, or even commit terrorist acts in their names, and there you have it!

COINTELPRO prepares the ground, so to speak, so that terrorism is more effective. You could call them the "opening acts" of the main attraction, sent in to soften up the audience. They are the "sales team" that sell the ideas upon which the later acts of terrorism depend for effectiveness. They are here, now, in our world in the guise of Promulgators of End of the World and Conspiracy Theories, and running New Age Circuses, seminars, work-shops and "methods" or techniques for "ascension," or accomplishing any of a dozen occult or purported spiritual aims. They are the new phase of COINTELPRO.

Schools, workshops, seminars, conferences, "workings" and just a whole host of fun activities are utilized to part the individual from his money, his sanity, his free will, and in some cases, even his life.

Following the events of the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in March of 1995, and the Heaven's Gate massacre, not to mention the mass suicides of Jonestown and the Solar Cult in Europe, there exists a very real fear of Cults, and with good reason.

The only problem is, the REAL cults are sending out "disinformation artists and deceivers" who play on the vulnerabilities of Seekers of Spiritual Paths and or alternative researchers into questions that have never been satisfactorily answered by "conventional wisdom."

Beliefs in the "End of the World," the coming of the "New Jerusalem," the boom of the Gloom and Doom market has produced rich psychological ground for the planting of the seeds of the general expectation for the return of SOMETHING, and thus, the need to PREPARE. And they are all ready to sell you the right technique, the right workshop, the right school course, the right rituals and accoutrements, to make sure that YOU are among the CHOSEN.

Back to the original question:

Is Nibiru going to appear in April, 2003 as is being claimed by certain New Age Gurus?

In a word, NO. It is part of the COINTELPRO operation.

Today I received an inquiry from a panicked reader who forwarded to me information about "Planet Nibiru" of Zecharia Sitchin fame. The questions were: "Is it true? Have they sighted Nibiru? Is it coming? What shall we do?"

I undertook an inquiry into the matter, carefully perusing the referenced sites and articles, and discovered that, once again, someone is pandering to the public's demand for sensationalism.

Zecharia Sitchin has been quoted as saying:
There is one more planet in our own solar system, not light years away, that comes between Mars and Jupiter every 3,600 years. People from that planet came to Earth almost half a million years ago and did many of the things about which we read in the Bible, in the book of Genesis. I prophecize the return of this planet called Nibiru at this time. The planet is inhabited by intelligent human beings like us who will come and go between their planet and our planet. They created homo sapiens. We look like them. I call them the Annunaki.
There are a few problems with these ideas that I would like to address. Reading The 12th Planet produces a feeling not unlike that apparently felt by the old lady on the television commercial who orders a hamburger from a fast food joint only to be forced to ask the question: "Where's the beef?" And the fast food analogy can be carried a bit further in saying that the Earth Chronicles are immediately gratifying, having been pumped full of fat and chemicals, thrills and chills, but leave us mentally malnourished = lots of theory, no substance and no validation.

The entire body of work is so full of glaring inconsistencies that it is sometimes difficult to decide where to start in sorting it all out. Sitchin claims to have documentary evidence that a tenth planet exists as part of our solar system and that a race of superior beings, originating on this planet, once inhabited our world, genetically engineering mankind for purposes of slavery. However, a few words ought to be said about the kind of evidence that Sitchin and many of his followers like to use: pictographic. Mythological concepts which involve the heavens, deification of the Sun, Moon, or Venus cannot be called astronomy if one is not also willing to count as hydrodynamics the existence of a belief in a storm deity or the personification of a river. Also the denomiation of conspicuous stars or constellations does not constitute an astronomical science.

Yet that has not stopped Dr. Sitchin from astronomical interpretations of great specificity based upon little more than epigraphic evidence. Sitchin and those who follow his lead see great astronomical truths in every objet d'art of ancient times, never supposing for an instant that there could be far more prosaic explanations for many of these things. For example, the famous cylinder seal that set Sitchin on fire: a stylized star surrounded by 11 bodies on a cylinder seal.
"The miniature art of the seal cutter is of peculiar social as well as aesthetic interest. The idea of making personal identity marks by impressing intaglios on clay sealings began, as we have seen, in Protoliterate times and was later extended to tablets. Seals were thus from the first associated with commerce and quite soon, if not from the first, with private ownership. This association with trade is proclaimed not only by their use in Mesopotamia itself but by the appearance of specimens in Egypt, the Indus and then, in the second millennium, in Mycenaean Greece and the Aegean. Possibly Mesopotamian merchants sometimes entrusted them to their agents in these distant lands. A personal seal remained an essential possession down to the later days of Babylon: Herodotus said of the Babylonians of his day, 'everyone owns a seal'." (Hawkes)
Basing a cosmological theory on a cylinder seal is kind of like describing planet earth by Prudential's Rock of Gibralter logo. Imagine some future archaeologist defining our beliefs by examining the RCA dog and gramophone or the flying windows of Bill Gates.

It is certainly true, in our opinion, that the evidence for extraterrestrial visitation and even intervention is all but overwhelming but that is no reason to trade off one god concept which must be accepted on faith for another. From time immemorial men have recorded sightings of mysterious objects in the skies and they have been impressed enough by them to hand them down through traditions, artifacts and written documentation. Many legends are based on fact; but it is hard enough and often impossible to decide whether the facts are based on what seems most reasonable or whether they are lying buried in time, under a mass of buildings, mythological elements or psychological hyperbole.

In his prologue to The Twelfth Planet, Sitchin plainly states his bias:
"In the ensuing years, as I have learned the languages and history and archaeology of the ancient Near East, the Nefilim became an obsession."
An obsession it surely is. An obsession is defined clinically as:
" uncontrollable desire to dwell on an idea or an emotion, or to perform a specific act. It is not uncommon among normal persons, but if not banished may become all compelling, developing into a compulsion neurosis." And, a compulsion neurosis is "an obsession or psycho-neurosis urging one to perform an absurd act or to say something silly."
In the case of the Earth Chronicles, this is too sadly true.

On the first page of The Twelfth Planet Sitchin sets up his obsession by saying:
"Archaeological finds and the deciphering of Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, Canaanite and other ancient texts and epic tales increasingly confirmed the accuracy of the biblical references to the kingdoms, cities, rulers, places, temples, trade routes, artifacts, tools and customs of antiquity. Is it not now time, therefore, to accept the word of these same ancient records regarding the Nefilim as visitors to Earth from the heavens?"
Well, I have no objection to accepting the Nefilim as visitors to Earth from the heavens. But there is some question as to how far one can go in accepting the Bible or other ancient documents in a literal or absolute sense when developing complex, comprehensive theories. Aside from this is the fact that many other sources have given quite different explanations for the issues Sitchin addresses. And, often these other explanations fit the facts as we know them far better. Not only that, but it is NOT true that the Bible has been "confirmed" as an accurate historical source. Quite the contrary, in fact. [See: Sitchin's Mesopotamian Rocket Ships: How to Ignore Ancient Mesopotamian Dictionaries - by Michael S. Heiser, author of The Façade, Ph.D. candidate, Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages, University of Wisconsin-Madison]

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Nevertheless, there is much circumstantial evidence to support the idea of an alien race visiting earth; of ancient, advanced civilizations and perhaps even genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens. In fact, at the end of the day when all the material is analyzed, such ideas are the only ones that seem to stand up to scrutiny. Professor John A. Mason of Pennsylvania University cites the oldest Peruvian traditions and refers to the "habitable qualities of the stars" as mentioned by the texts centered on the "descent of gods from the constellation of the Pleiades". The legend is that the first Peruvians were born from a bronze, gold and silver egg which fell from the sky.

Some scholars think that the Peruvian city of Tiahuanaco was built around 16,000 years ago on the ruins of something built by the "fair-haired giants" 200-250,000 years ago, as mentioned in native legend.

"Once men could fly" we encounter again and again in the legends.

"Everything was sufficiently light and big stones were lifted..." (Mysteries of Ancient South America, Harold T. Wilins)

The Haida Indians of the queen Charlotte Islands retain the tradition of "Great sages descended from the stars on discs of fire", and the Navajos tell of "creatures who came from the sky and stayed a long time on Earth but finally returned to their world". Most of the legends around the globe make frequent allusions to the descent of a divinity from the Stars, not from a tenth planet within our solar system.

The evidence suggesting strongly that celestial visitors came to earth and probably played a large role in our early development - even including genetic engineering is extensive. But, that they came from a 12th planet in our own solar system which ferries them along for a short shuttle every 3,600 years is preposterous. This concept is excruciatingly outdated based on reports of modern day UFO activity and what we know about the alleged capabilities of same and their "alien" occupants.

Sitchin writes on page 89 of his second volume, The Stairway to Heaven:
When Marduk invaded our solar system, it brought with it the seed of life. In the collision with Tiamat, some of the seed of life was transferred to its surviving part - Planet Earth. As life evolved on Earth, it emulated evolution on Marduk. And so it was that when on Earth the human species just began to stir, on Marduk intelligent beings had already achieved high levels of civilization and technology."
If Marduk was close enough to a large body for it, or one of its satellites, to collide with said body, and if Marduk itself was as enormous as claimed by Sitchin, then the said proximity would have caused a slowing to near stasis of both bodies and consequent disruption of the entire surfaces of both bodies, reducing both to rubble and equality in terms of evolutionary life forms. In other words, a couple of rocks inhabited by slime. And then, if Marduk were to continue on its way, supposedly evolving life as it went, one of the fundamentals of Sitchin's very own theory, the 3,600 earth year orbit equalling one of our years here on Earth, negates the idea of a civilization more advanced than our own.

Why? Well, it is actually rather simple. If one of Marduk/Nibiru's years is equal to 3,600 of earth's, and the inhabitants age far more slowly than we do, then they would naturally evolve equally slowly. In fact, rather than being more advanced than we are, they would still be amoebas! The same problems of evolutionary theory on earth hold true for Marduk/Nibiru. Life begins with protein chains each made up of amino acids. There are 20 possibilities for each "link" in the chain. Even if a new combination were tried every millionth of a second, it would take longer than the life time of the earth to form a chain associated with life - odds against it are a 1 followed by 95 zeros. Thus, we are left to conclude that, obviously life on earth got a boost from somewhere, but it could not have been from another planet in our solar system that started out with the same potentials, but was slowed by its incredibly long life cycles!

Another problem with this theory lies in certain observations of quantum physics which seem to hold true for larger electrically charged bodies: a body of the solar system large enough (but not beyond a certain ratio) to break apart the earth probably could not do so because when two electrically charged particles approach each other they come under the influence of their mutual electromagnetic fields and the forces operating between them cause disturbance which is transmitted in the form of photons or electrical discharges. The exchange then causes the two particles to Fly Apart. No impact can occur.

Sitchin argues that the mythical tales were actual stories of the doings of the Nefilim. And, while he is insisting we must take them literally, we must trust him to tell us which parts to take literally! Obviously the part of Enki and the World Order where it says "He lifts the penis, ejaculates, fills the Tigris with sparkling waters," is subject to interpretation!

I would like to give Sitchin credit for many of the interesting deductions he has made, but if we want to know the truth, I think we have to look for the common threads in numerous sources. Sitchin leaves too many holes unfilled, too many contradictions to both material science and long established mystical traditions, and too many questions unanswered. I nearly laughed myself into hysterics when I read his theory that the Pyramid was built as an artificial mountain to show the ancient astronauts the way to go home. I can see one of our "primitive" astronauts peering through the window of the space shuttle and saying, "better put on the brakes I see Disney World!"

But, getting back to our problem of the putative Planet Nibiru.

The relative importance of an idea and the implications of the conclusions that can be drawn from that idea, ought to determine the level of attention given to the idea. The fact is, the idea that something may be whacking through our solar system at periodic intervals is a concept of such importance that it simply cannot be overstated.

Zecharia Sitchin analyzed the myths of the Sumerians, concluding that they referred to a massive unseen planet, and further, that all of the stories point to a cyclical return at intervals of 3600 years. I believe that Dr. Sitchin is onto something with this matter. But, perhaps not exactly what he thinks.

The Russians theorized in the 60s that there may be not one, but three planetary bodies existing in our solar system beyond Pluto. Aberrations in the orbital motion of Neptune and Uranus have convinced many of our own scientists that there is a strong likelihood that some kind of large body exists in solar space beyond Pluto and exerts strong gravitational attraction on the outermost planets. So we conclude along with Sitchin that, if a definite cycle exists, one of the most logical explanations for it is that it is caused by a planetary-like body making regular, predictable appearances. But NOT into the inner solar system.

"If it does exist, and it does reappear cyclically, why doesn't science know about it?" The skeptical reader will ask.

This issue of the cycle of this purported "return" is of the utmost importance to our eschatological theme. If we take seriously any of the prophecies of the end-times in any terms whatsoever, we find ourselves facing the idea that the world is either due shortly for great geologic and meteorological events, or it is not. If we consider the remote possibility that this is going to happen, and if we are interested in human destiny, it behooves us to investigate whether or not there is a correlation between cyclical geologic changes in the earth's past and the future, and what that cycle might be. What is more, there is also compelling hard scientific evidence that our planet has relatively recently experienced cataclysmic geological changes. It has only been in recent years that some of the more convincing evidence of this kind, such as ice core samples and tree ring analysis, has been revealed.

If we, for one second, think that there is even a one-percent possibility that such events are cyclic, and that we may be approaching such an event, we ought to be putting the whole force of all our science and all the great minds of our civilization into researching the matter. But that does not seem to be the case. Are the leaders of our nations so stupid that they cannot think that far ahead? Or are they so greedy and power hungry that they don't care? Do they intend to "get while the getting's good," and then when the final curtain comes, they will think that they were the stars of the show? This poses a peculiar problem. How do we assess who really knows what?

Over and over again, as we have pushed deeper and deeper into our research, we find that investigating these matters is problematic for a lot of reasons. On the surface, what we see is that academic and professional geologists, glaciologists, geophysicists, paleontologists, oceanographers, astronomers, astrophysicists, physicists, mathematicians, archaeologists, and so on, do not take kindly to intrusions into their private little worlds. They have their gods of convention, whom they worship, and god forbid that anyone should criticize the acceptable protocols of the conventional interpretation. They are warm and safe and their career is protected by their covenant with the scientific Thought Police who are, in turn, high priests to the Matrix Control System.

And this is where we discover the problem. The Matrix Control System, via the offices of its high priests of science and social control, ensures that glaciologists do not cross over into astrophysics and that geologists do not cross over into archaeology. In this way, there is no such thing as Comparative Science, and this is most especially true in the United States where the lines between disciplines are most strongly demarcated, patrolled, and enforced by the Scientific Thought Police.

These conditions bring our problem into sharp focus. As we have attempted to get to the very bottom of many of the claims of the experts in the various fields, we have discovered that there is much data that is completely suppressed by this system. There is also a great deal of data that falls under the control of government agencies, and access to it is severely limited. I discovered that there is, indeed, an effort on the part of various government agencies to investigate these cyclical returns and cometary impact matters, but that the results are generally unavailable to the public. They consist of technical papers, stored on microfiche, buried in research and special collections sections of university libraries. Some of it makes its way into print, but the volumes are so costly that the researcher in these fields must be well-financed to be able to afford them. Those things that make it to print in technical journals, are couched in such amazingly obtuse and opaque terminology that one must be as sharp as a Damascus sword to cut through the nonsense. And it is almost a given that only a trained scientist who knows the "hidden jargon" will be able to decipher the code.

In this sense, we are fortunate. Ark has this training, and he is a world-class mathematician. When he finds numbers and theories and results, he can wade through the nonsense, reproduce the calculations, and make some headway in discovering just exactly what it is that is being hidden.

I must also tell the reader that, for weeks on end as we have ordered and read technical papers, books, files of data, reports and so forth, the enormity of the problem of suppression of information has become overwhelmingly evident. Every night, after a long day of analysis, calculations, plugging numbers into formulas and compiling results, we would prepare for bed, both of us shaking our heads and muttering over and over again: "lies, lies, lies; nothing but lies."

And so it is. Not only are the separate scientific disciplines most often unaware of developments in other fields which may have important data that would help their own studies, they are also conditioned - programmed - to consider it scientific blasphemy to compare their own conclusion with the data from other fields. And somebody is controlling this system of suppression.

The terrestrial axis is currently inclined at 23.5 degrees. The early Greek philosophers viewed this tilt as an "irregular condition," and not something that had been fixed since the beginning. Anaxagoras wrote:
In the beginning the stars moved in the sky as in a revolving dome, so that the celestial pole which is always visible was vertically overhead; but subsequently the pole took its inclined position.
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Hesiod discussed the cyclical conception of time in his Works and Days, saying that the human race had five ages: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and Iron. The Heroic age is seen by many scholars as an addition to an earlier scheme meant to accommodate Greek history. During the first of these ages, mankind lived under the rule of Kronos, or Saturn, and were on friendly terms with the gods, and were free from hard work, pain, and old age. Plato wrote about a periodic reversal of the rotation of "the world," his intent probably being the entire "cosmic machine," rather than just the planet, being the cause of the end of one age and the beginning of another. He tells us that all the stories of the changes in the rising and setting of the sun and planets originate from the same event in cosmic history: the usurpation of the rule of Chronos by Zeus.
When God was shepherd there were no political constitutions and no taking of wives and begetting of children. For all men rose up anew into life out of the earth, having no memory of the former things. Instead they had fruits without stint from trees and bushes; these needed no cultivation but sprang up of themselves out of the ground without man's toil. For the most part they disported themselves in the open needing neither clothing nor couch, for the seasons were blended evenly so as to work them no hurt, and the grass which sprang up out of the earth in abundance made a soft bed for them.
But this age came to a close and the gods of that age gave up their benevolent governance, turning the rule of the world over to something "other." Plato describes the close of the era in terms of Pole Shift:

The gods of the provinces, who had ruled under the greatest god, knew at once what was happening and relinquished the oversight of their regions. A shudder passed through the world at the reversing of its rotation, checked as it was between the old control and the new impulse which had turned end into beginning for it and beginning into end. This shock set up a great quaking which caused - in this crisis of the world just as in the former one - destruction of living creatures of all kinds. Then, after the interval needed for its recovery, it gained relief at last from its clamors and confusion, and attaining quiet after great upheaval it returned to its ordered course and continued in it, having control and government of itself and of all within it.

Herodotus seems to be quoting from the same source that Plato utilized when he reports:
Thus in the period of eleven thousand three hundred and forty years they said that there had arisen no god in human form; nor even before that time or afterwards among the remaining kings who arose in Egypt, did they report that anything of that kind had come to pass. In this time they said that the sun had moved four times from his accustomed place of rising, and where he now sets he had thence twice had his rising, and in the place from whence he now rises he had twice had his setting; and in the meantime nothing in Egypt had been changed from its usual state, neither that which comes from the earth nor that which comes to them from the river nor that which concerns diseases or deaths.
Both Herodotus and Plato are explicit in saying that the phenomenon is dual natured, that something happens "out there" in the Solar system and the results on the earth are cataclysmic. Herodotus says that it happened four times in an 11,500 year period, and Plato says that it is an ever-recurring phenomenon. Modern interpreters of these passages generally divide into two groups: the catastrophists and the uniformitarians. The catastrophists suggest that the description is that of a literal 180 degree flip of the earth. The Uniformitarians like to talk in terms of "world ages" according to the "Precession of the Zodiac."

In his Principia Mathematica, Isaac Newton demonstrated that the precession of the equinoxes is the result of the earth's oblate spheroidal shape which causes it to spin in something less than a perfectly aligned motion. In short, it inscribes a very gradual circle in relation to the celestial axis and, according to Newton, the period in which this entire circle is completed is 26 thousand years. This means that not only does the sun rise in a slightly different location, but the terrestrial axis points to a different area in the heavens as time goes by.

As it happens, the general area of the heavens pointed to by the terrestrial pole, does not have an abundance of visible stars to consistently have a pole star. So it is only occasionally that it really has one, and even then, the pole star is not quite "on the money."

Twelve thousand years ago, the time at which many occultists point out that one of the stars in Draco, Thuban, was the pole star, it was actually less of a pole star than the current one if we take into account the decreasing angle of the axis of the earth. That is assuming, of course, that present observations can be extrapolated backward.

Most of the occult or psychic speculations link the Pole Shift with Noah's Flood and the destruction of Atlantis, the fabled ancient high civilization. But, the uniformitarian view is also well represented in the occult literature. Sampson Arnold Mackey, a shoemaker in Norwich, England, formulated a grand theory of the ages of the world that is pretty much based on De Louville's gradual diminution of the angle of the terrestrial axis to the plane of the ecliptic, but also incorporating ideas based on the precession of the equinoxes. And here is where we find the first fully expounded idea that the precession itself is important as a clock that strikes the hours of world ages.

Mackey assumed the precessional cycle to be 25 thousand years. He also accepted the gradual diminution of the axial orientation at one degree every 6 thousand years. He assumed (from where, we don't know), that each completion of the precessional cycle diminished the angle of the earth axis by four degrees. Therefore, it will take four more precessional cycles to get to the "Golden Age," at which time the terrestrial axis is aligned with the celestial axis. Four more precessional cycles equals 150 thousand years from now.

Helena Blavatsky adopted some of Mackey's ideas during her short term of membership in a "secret society" called the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, which taught Mackey's doctrine in an essay called "The Hermetic Key" composed by Thomas H. Burgoyne, secretary of that order. However, the H B of L made some "adjustments" to Mackey's ideas so they would better fit some other scheme of their own. They altered the degrees of change per cycle from 4 to 3'36″ so that a complete cycle takes one hundred turns. They also changed the precessional period from 25 thousand years, to 25,920 years, coming closer to Newton's original figure.

Mackey believed that he had discovered in astrology, the key to universal mythology. His entire scheme was based on certain mythological interpretations, and the H B of L claimed Mackey as a member, but of course, only after he was dead. This seems to be a common practice of many secret societies that seek to align themselves with certain ideas or people for one reason or another.

Nevertheless, the adoption of this precession idea by the H B of L, later taken up by the occultists Papus, Barlet, Guenon, Reuss, Kellner and Steiner, ensured that it would become a foundational philosophy among groups such as the Ordo Templi Orientalis, the Theosophical Society, the Golden Dawn, and so on. Most of their ideas are founded on this uniformitarian, cosmic clock of precession and slow, spiraling movement of the earth's pole in a grand, shifting circle that reverses the polar directions every two million years or so.

There is another interesting motion of the earth's axis called the Chandler Wobble. The Chandler wobble, discovered by astronomer S. C. Chandler in 1891, is a variation in the earth's axis of rotation amounting to 0.7 seconds of arc over a period of 435 days, or about 14 months. This means that the earth's poles wander a bit as the planet spins, describing an irregular circle ranging from 10 to 50 feet in diameter. There's also nutation, an aggregation of sub-wobbles, the most significant of which has a period of 18.6 years and results from variations in the distance of the moon.

Scientists have been particularly intrigued by the Chandler wobble, since its cause has remained a mystery even though it has been under observation for over a century. Its period is only around 433 days, or just 1.2 years, meaning that it takes that amount of time to complete one wobble. The amplitude of the wobble amounts to about 20 feet at the North Pole. It has been calculated that the Chandler wobble would be damped down, or reduced to zero, in just 68 years, unless some force were constantly acting to reinvigorate it. But what is that force, or excitation mechanism? Over the years, various hypotheses have been put forward, such as atmospheric phenomena, continental water storage (changes in snow cover, river runoff, lake levels, or reservoir capacities), interaction at the boundary of Earth's core and its surrounding mantle, and earthquakes.

Researcher Michael Mandeville has charted and analyzed the Chandler Wobble and suggests that it is progressively shifting the location of the poles at an accelerating rate. His conclusion is that something is "driving" this change - possibly some interaction between the earth and the Sun and/or Moon. Whatever is driving it, it seems that the result is a heating up of the interior of the earth with consequent El Nino, and accelerating earthquake activity.

The fact that the Earth's magnetic poles have changed many times in "history" is now a well accepted scientific fact. But this actually says nothing at all about the planet itself "flipping." It just signifies a reversal of the magnetic field. As we now know, the Sun reverses its magnetic field regularly and cyclically with no apparent cataclysmic effects. So, a simple reversal of the magnetic field cannot be used in support of a physical and literal "Pole Shift."

The Pole Shift idea was described as the "ultimate disaster" by John White in his book appropriately entitled Pole Shift. White listed numerous psychic prophecies that are clearly describing a Pole Shift and attempted to relate them to scientific ideas. One source claims that the Hawaiian Islands will rise and become peaks of a great mountain chain on a new continent that will rise in the Pacific. Another source predicts that the Hawaiian Islands will sink beneath the sea. Such contradictions among psychics are often handily explained with the "branching universe" theory with a twist: both are true, they just refer to different periods of future history.

As it turned out, most of the psychic predictions analyzed by John White concerned the period right around the year 2,000. Well, it has come and gone, the pole didn't flip, and we are still here.

Naturally, many of the psychics and channels of the space brothers say that we ought to thank their "guides" or "guardians" for that fact since they all pulled together to keep us from falling into the pit. Nice try, but, as the Cassiopaeans have said: "Tales are easy to sew/sow, when the past is yours only to know." And how true that is.

In the end, the chief problem of all the theories is that of the "trigger mechanism." What is driving the machine? What is changing in our solar system that we are not being told about? Why are the rumor mongers and the theorists of such things as "Planet Nibiru" or "galactic alignment" or "precessional ages" allowed to promulgate their nonsense, while the real data is being so carefully hidden?

In order to form any ideas about a "trigger," it is important to try to sort out the data that we can get and decide if a Pole Shift is a gradual, uniformitarian event, or if it is sudden and cataclysmic. There are endless descriptions of possible scenarios and none of them were ringing any bells until I discovered the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky. Indeed, John White devotes about 20 or so pages to Velikovsky's ideas, and in general, he merely used them to support the idea of past Pole Shifts, pointing out that Velikovsky made no predictions about future events of this type. We might also note that Velikovsky must have hit a real nerve to have been so viciously vilified. The Scientific Thought Police went into overdrive to suppress him!

Velikovsky was condemned because he denied that the orbits in the solar system were stable.

When reading Velikovsky's blow-by-blow interpretation of the events of the Exodus as recorded in the Bible, the result of the close approach of a cometary Venus, I realized that these events mirrored, almost word for word, the events described in the book of Revelation. What is more interesting is that the book of Revelation was written long before the current craze of End Time Prophecies. It is sort of the Mother of all End Time Prophecies. (And I will soon be writing more about this specifically, so stay tuned!)

As it happens, there are many individuals who have noted the evidence in ancient myths and legends. We are not the first. Sitchin is not the first. Theories of the earth encountering a comet did not originate with Velikovsky either.

In 1882, Ignatius Donnelly, a Minnesota congressman and scholar of all-things-Atlantean, wrote a book entitled Ragnarok, wherein he proposed that a giant comet had passed close to the earth in past ages. The intense heat from the comet had set off huge fires that raged across the face of the globe. He suggested that the comet had dumped vast amounts of dust on the earth, triggered earthquakes, leveled mountains, and initiated the ice age. He even explained some of the miracles of the Bible in terms of his comet, proposing that the standing-still of the sun at the command of Joshua, was possibly a tale commemorating this event. Donnelly's readers were thrilled by his descriptions of the "glaring and burning monster" in the sky, scorching the planet with unearthly heat and shaking the land with "thunders beyond all thunders."

Possibly inspired by Donnelly, Camille Flammarion wrote The End of the World in 1893 in which he recounted a fictional collision between the earth and a comet fifty times its size. Flammarion's lurid prose ensured that his book was an immediate sensation!

For thousands of years, comets have been associated with disaster and misfortune. They are harbingers of plagues, earthquakes, floods, natural disasters and wars. In fact, the passing of a comet followed by war has been so frequent as to earn for comets the soubriquet "The Swords of Heaven." Tradition has assigned responsibility to comets for death and destructions, disease and decay, defeat and dissolution, the deaths of kings, and the fall of empires. It could be said that no celestial phenomenon is so widely and generally feared. Velikovsky believed that this fear had a foundation in fact: it was a sort of global subconscious memory of actual encounters between the earth and other cosmic bodies that were so devastating that the fearful reality of the event was suppressed into the collective subconscious, and only a "comet phobia" remained in evidence.
© Miloslav Druckmuller (Brno University of Technology)Three Galaxies and Comet McNaught

In 1857, an anonymous German astrologer predicted that a comet would strike the earth on June 13 of that year. The impending catastrophe became the talk of all of Europe. The French astronomer, Jacques Babinet tried to reassure people by stating that a collision between the earth and a comet would do no harm. He compared the impact to "a railway train coming into contact with a fly," His words, apparently, had little effect. The Paris correspondent for the American journal, Harper's Weekly, wrote:
Women have miscarried; crops have been neglected; wills have been made; comet-proof suits of clothing have been invented; a cometary life insurance company (premiums payable in advance) has been created... all because an almanac maker... thought proper to insert, under the week commencing June 13, 'About this time, expect a comet.'
Naturally, by the time of dawn on July 14, it was apparent that there wasn't going to be a comet. The point is: an astrologer's "prophecy" had terrified millions in the total absence of any evidence that there was a comet anywhere near the planet. And this type of scenario has occurred more than once, even down to our own day and time when the Heaven's Gate cult members committed mass suicide in response to rumors and prognostications regarding comet Hale Bopp.

Immanuel Velikovsky demonstrated rather convincingly that there was massive evidence of both a literary and scientific nature that great catastrophic earth changes had occurred during the second millennium BC due to cometary showers and the close passage of Venus. He settled on a date of 1450 BC, but more recent scientific evidence points to the date actually being 1628 BC. There is also evidence for a disruption circa 5200 BC, 8,800 BC, 12,400 BC, 16,000 BC, 19,600 BC, and by logical extension every 3,600 years previously for an indefinite and unknown period of time. What is more, if the last "return" was in 1628 BC, we are not just due, we are overdue for the next one.

The theories about Nibiru do not take into account many of the literary reports from the ancients regarding these great bombardments of comets. Velikovsky tried to account for this by suggesting that a cometary Venus was hauling around a tail of rocks. It seems that Velikovsky and his supporters, and Sitchin and his supporters, although recognizing serious worldwide catastrophes, have failed to recognize the true nature of such events. Velikovsky proposed that Venus out of orbit was a more or less one-time event rather than a symptom of a long term cycle. Sitchin came closer with his understanding of the cycle, but he failed to consider all the variables in his solution. What is more, once he settled on his idea as the one and only solution, his efforts to make the mythical elements fit the hypothesis became almost as absurd as the efforts of mainstream science to avoid them!

The confirmed linchpin for the fall of the late Bronze Age cultures, the Middle Eastern Civilizations, and other recorded disasters that are found to be "around that time," seems to be the period from 1644 BC to 1628 BC. The ice cores show the disturbances starting in 1644 (registering in 1645) and the tree rings show a big spike in 1628, though the entire period was disturbed.

Yoshiyuki Fujii and Okitsugu Watanabe's "Microparticle Concentration And Electrical Conductivity of A 700 m Ice Core from Mizuho Station Antarctic" published in Annals of Glaciology (1-, 1988) pp. 38-42, demonstrate that "large scale environmental changed possibly occurred in the Southern Hemisphere in the middle of the Holocene. (Within the last 10,000 years). Their depth profiles of microparticle concentration, electrical conductivity and Oxygen 18 at circa 1600 BC indicates a spike in readings for all of these elements. The evidence shows that this disturbance covered this designated period, but with a "huge spike" at c. 1600 BC

Similar evidence from the same source article exists at 5200 BC. This period shows a less severe but similar period. The oxygen 18 profile is close to normal, but there is a visible volcanic dirt band. The dating of this segment is less close because it is clear that nobody is really looking for this cycle, but it appears to correspond to the ash band from the Byrd station core.

It is conjectured that the cycle goes unnoticed because of long term aftereffects, such as cooling climate, as well as the fact that each cycle has greater or lesser effects on the earth depending on its relative position in the solar system at the time.

What is clear is that whatever comes at 3600 year intervals as shown by the ice cores, is capable of setting off prolonged periods of earth changes that are above the levels of ordinary uniformitarian geologic and climatalogical changes. But the evidence suggests that it is a shower of asteroids or comets that are NOT seen until it is TOO LATE.

In an article in Nature, November 1980, Hammer, Clausen and Dansgaard date a disturbance from the Camp Century core to 5470 BC +/- 120 years. This compares to the proposed Hekla eruption which was radiocarbon dated to 5450 BC +/- 190 years. There is an appreciably high acidity signal at these sections of the core which indicates a high level of volcanic activity - again, right at the 3600 year cycle mark.

Looking further: Michel R. Legrand and Robert J. Delmas of Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Geophysique de l'Environment published an article "Soluble Impurities in Four Antarctic Ice Cores Over the Last 30,000 Years" in Annals of Glaciology (10, 1988, pp 116-120). They graphed the Oxygen 18 variations and the ionic components Na = NH (sub4) and Ca (sup 2) and H and Cl and NO (sub 3) and SO (sub 4). The time scale for each ionic component level as well as the O (sub 18) levels stretches back 30,000 years. The graph shows correlations to spikes at 5,200 BC, 8,800 BC, 12,400 BC, c. 16,000 BC, c. 19,600 BC. All of these were times of great geologic stress.

When looking at the data and taking into account the acknowledged dating inaccuracies (some of the ranges of dates can go 100 years in either direction of the spike, even though the spiking is regular and rhythmic) for the more recent dates, and 3 to 600 years variance for the older dates - especially when one considers that these are broad analyses and nobody was really looking for anything specific - they just said "wow! look at that wavy line!" we find that the southern ice cores do not register the same as the northern ones. The 1628 BC event that really slammed the tree rings shows almost no registration in the Antarctic cores in terms of volcanic activity. But the northern cores show the activity beginning 1644 BC.

The evidence for the 5200 BC event is strong in the Dome C core. The 8,800 BC event is well marked - in fact, seems to be the strongest of them all... The Flood of Noah, no doubt! The oxygen 18 isotope variation is noticeable, the rise in sea-salt, elevated levels of C 1 and C1/Na. There is an extreme spike in SO (sub 4) and H readings suggesting widespread volcanic activity - great earth changes were happening at that time, and they registered in the climate, the oceans, and were preserved in ice.

The 12400 BC event is extremely pronounced in the cores. The graphs show a quick, vast change including the end of the Wisconsin Ice Age.(See: Evidence of Nuclear Activity in Paleoindian Times) There is a great Oxygen 18 isotope variation. Peaks of Na and very pronounced spikes in Ca, SO (sub 4) and H.

To ascribe all of these things to a "uniformitarian" idea that it just got cold and then got warm and got cold and warm... with such an evident cycle is sort of absurd. To ascribe it to a "galactic core explosion" is equally absurd. To ascribe it to "Galactic Alignment" is not worth consideration.

I think that, based on the observations of the ancients that what we are looking for is a recurring shower of comets that cycles through the solar system regularly, on a 3,600 year orbit. What is more, it seems that this body of comets, clustered together resembles a Fiery serpent with a mouthful of devouring teeth in the blackness of space. For this reason, it was given the name spdt, spdw, and spd-ibhw (sharp toothed), in the Pyramid Texts. It undoubtedly is a terrifying spectacle!

Of course, an important question is: what is the "initiator" of these showers, and did they begin in some interaction with an outside agent?"

According to scientific studies about the possibilities of our Sun having a companion, periodic comets were "bumped" into the solar system by a dark star, a "little brother" or "little sister" of our own Sun, which has a long, elliptical orbit measured, most likely, in millions of years.

If it is a companion star, present day science pretty clearly demonstrates that it must have a very long period, otherwise, we would notice it quite plainly in orbital perturbations of a certain type. In actual fact, the computer model that best fits the various dynamics is that of a 27 million year orbit. And this, of course, leads us to a considerable difficulty: the period of return of the Dark Star, as opposed to the period of disasters. Obviously, a body with a 27 million year orbit isn't likely to be remembered. However, an ancient advanced science may have certainly figured it out and it was remembered and passed down in fantastic myths and legends.

J. G. Hills of Los Alamos National Laboratory writes:
Two groups have recently suggested that the Sun may have a low-mass stellar or black dwarf companion, nemesis, with an orbital period of 26 million years (Davis, Hut, and Muller, 1984, Whitmire and Jackson, 1984). They note that the perihelion passage of Nemesis throught the inner comet cloud postulated by Hills (1981) would cause an intense comet shower to enter the inner planetary system. Some comets hit the Earth, causing severe environmental stress. They propose that these induced comet showers are responsible for the periodic extinctions suggested by the data of Raup and Sepkoski (1984).1
The work by these experts suggests that the observations of other binary systems demonstrate the model for the projected separation they have given. Such paired stars are "physically connected systems," and that these brown dwarfs are "burning," though non-nuclear.

The minimum mass needed to perturb the inner Oort cloud to produce such showers is, according to Hills, 0.01 percent of the Mass of the Sun.

Hills writes:
In the current paper, I use computer simulations to investigate the potential damage caused by the passage of a Nemesis-like object through the planetary system. I use these computer results and the apparent lack of damage to the planetary orbits to place limits on the number and masses of any other black dwarfs (or large planets) within the Oort cloud. [...]

We conclude from the lack of damage to the planetary orbits that it is extremely unlikely that any object more massive than 0.02 percent of the Mass of the Sun dwells in an orbit with a semimajor axis in the range 10,000 to 40,000 AU.1
What Hills is clearly saying is this: If it is out there, it never enters the Inner Solar system.
© Robert Roy Britt/

Thus, we understand that it is not this Twin sun that makes its "appearance" at each period of catastrophe. Nevertheless, the analyses of the periodic comets suggests that it does, at very long periods, again and again, crash through the Oort cloud like a bowling ball through rows of pins, sending a new collection of them spinning into a periodical orbit, and because of the laws of celestial mechanics, they establish an orbit of 3,600 years. This idea has some support from SCIENTIFIC STUDIES, which the theory of the Planet Nibiru as a visitor to the inner solar system does NOT.

Discovering the details requires research. And research requires a hypothesis. And a hypothesis requires admitting possibilities and making observations that are not predicated on assumptions that have proven again and again to be inadequate to explain the order of the universe. At present, there are very few "experts" who are even looking into the matter of our sun having a companion. You can count them on the fingers of one hand. There are more "experts" on Brown Dwarfs, but most of them seem to be limited by the same conventions that restrict science in general. For example:

A group of summer students making a long-shot astronomical gamble with the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Very Large Array (VLA) have found the first radio emission ever detected from a brown dwarf, an enigmatic object that is neither a star nor a planet, but something in between. Their surprising discovery is forcing experts to re-think their theories about how brown dwarfs work.
"Many astronomers are surprised at this discovery, because they didn't expect such strong radio emission from this object," said Shri Kulkarni, a Caltech professor who was on the team that first discovered a brown dwarf in 1995, and advisor to one of the students.

"What is so cool is that this is research that probably nobody else would have tried to do because of its low chance of success. That made it ideal for summer students -- we had almost nothing to lose," said Kate Becker, a student at Oberlin College in Ohio.

"The radio emission these students discovered coming from this brown dwarf is 10,000 times stronger than anyone expected," said Dale Frail, an astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Socorro, NM. "This student project is going to open up a whole new area of research for the VLA," Frail added.

Brown dwarfs are too big to be planets but too small to be true stars, as they have too little mass to trigger hydrogen fusion reactions at their cores, the source of the energy output in larger stars. With roughly 15 to 80 times the mass of Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System, brown dwarfs had long been thought to exist. Actually finding them, however, proved difficult. After decades of searching, astronomers found the first brown dwarf in 1995, and a few dozen now are known.

The strong radio emission was unexpected because brown dwarfs, according to conventional theories, are not supposed to have magnetic fields strong enough to generate the radio emission. "The presumed internal structure of a brown dwarf will not permit a strong enough magnetic field," said Frail. "It looks like we're going to have to re-examine how we believe brown dwarfs work," he said. (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
Imagine, students discovered something that, according to the standard theories, had no right to exist. Note that the emission is 10,000 times stronger than "expected." Not 10 times, not 100 times, not even 1000 times! It is 10,000 times stronger!

Ark: In 1985 Los Alamos scientist J.G. Hills published a paper1 analyzing possible consequences of a passage of a hypothetical stellar companion, 'Nemesis'. He estimated the probability for its orbit to be perturbed by a passing star to be 15%. Judging by the lack of evident damage to the planetary orbits (all orbits being nearly circular, with some irregularities for Neptune and Pluto), Hills concluded that that no black dwarf more massive than 0.02 of the mass of the Sun has entered the planetary system from interstellar space. That does not preclude the possibility that Nemesis can cyclically send cometary showers towards the internal solar system. Moreover, his conclusions are based on the assumption that there are no corrections to the standard laws of gravitation, which assumption may change in the future, when more data become available from the deep space probes, and when we learn more about the role of electric and magnetic interactions of cosmic bodies and of space plasma.

LBL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) physicist Richard Muller devised the Nemesis theory2 to account for regularity of the mass extinctions discovered by Raup and Sepkowski3 According to this theory a companion star, called also cosmic terrorist Nemesis, orbiting the Sun, perturbs the Oort comet cloud every 26 millions years causing comet showers in the solar system. Muller believes Nemesis is most likely a red dwarf star, magnitude between 7 and 12, that should be visible with binoculars once localized.

In 1999 Matese, Whitman and Whitmire published a paper4 in which they came to a similar conclusions by statistical analysis of 82 new class I Oort cloud comets. The next paper, entitled "Supportive Evidence for a Brown Dwarf Solar Companion",5 uses an extended database which has increased the number of comets from 82 to 89. The putative brown dwarf is expected to be located somewhere along the arc of 135 and 135+180=315 degrees of galactic longitude:

© By permission.Figure 11 Graph by Matese showing cometary scatter patterns which may suggest the orbit of the “Perturber.”
When we look at the mythology of the "Winged Disc" that occurs in both Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, we begin to realize that this symbol does not refer to a "Tenth Planet, " but to the presence in our own solar system of the Sun's dark sister, a failed star classified as a "brown dwarf."

It also seems to be the one hypothesis that encompasses all the "sub-hypotheses" of the many researchers who have attempted to deal with different aspects of the problems of the past and future of the earth.

Sitchin proposed that a "10th Planet" caroms through the inner solar system. Scientific evidence does not support a body the size he suggests, entering into the inner solar system. However, science can support a cluster of comets spread out in space that returns at 3,600 year intervals.

Sitchin suggests that his 10th planet is inhabited by the Annunaki/Nefilim. He claims that they are our creators and masters. His ideas are tremendously out of synch with the strong circumstantial evidence about the alien presence on this planet. Sitchin's ideas are also flawed for the other reasons we have already mentioned, though he has certainly produced inspired work in his interpretations of the Sumerian texts as being related to "alien interactions" and the periodic return of something!

Other theorists suggest that the Dark Companion of the Sun has its own habitable planetary system, home to the mythical 'gods' of the ancient world. This theory, that a brown dwarf with its own planetary system, is able to pass through the Oort cloud and the Kuiper belt, keeping its own mini-solar system intact, is obviously extremely problematical. In the same way that Sitchin simply passes right over the problems of Nibiru seeding life on earth, forgetting that evolutionary processes that are being postulated must apply to both bodies, the creator of the "Dark Star: Have Planets; Will Travel" theory also does not consider the fundamental problem of such an idea.

The two great themes of myth are the yearning for the golden age and a terror of a world destroying catastrophe. And the two ideas are inextricably linked to each other. In virtually all of the stories about the Fall from Eden and the Flood of Noah, the great celestial bodies in the heavens were said to have been out of control.

Kochab is an obscure Arabic name that might simply mean "star." It is just barely the second brightest, and appropriately the Beta, star in Ursa Minor, and represents the top front bowl star of the Little Dipper. Only 15 degrees from the north celestial pole, middle northerners can see it every night as it follows its small circular path. Together with the other bowl star (Pherkad, the Gamma star), it makes a small asterism called the "Guardians of the Pole." In myth, it seems that the function of these stars is to "protect" the pole star. (This star has run out of hydrogen fuel and is an evolving orange giant star running on helium, giving off infrared light). The importance of this star is that it was referred to as the 'Mill Peg' and with the other stars surrounding the North Pole, was called the "hole of the mill peg because they represent as it were, a hole (the axle ring) in which the mill axle turns since the axle of the equator (the polar axis) is to be found in this region, fairly close to the star Al-jadi (Polaris). There is a myth associated with this that the Mill Peg which held the earth upright had broken loose and the polar axis had tilted.

Now the serpent connected to the Garden of Eden story and Draconis was the old, evil serpent. The constellation Draco and Hercules and Ophiuchus and Serpens are associated in ancient mythology, illustrating the struggle between mankind and serpentkind. In ancient times, Draconis was on top of the World-tree and laid in the same plane as the equator, so the days and nights were equal year round - a true 'paradise'. When the axis of the earth tilted, the 'Serpent was cast down'.

What seems to be a more "pristine" version of the story is that of Amlodhi, of Icelandic legend, who owned a mill which, in his own time, "ground out peace and plenty." Later, in decaying times, it ground out salt. Finally, it fell to the bottom of the ocean and was grinding out rock and sand, creating a vast whirlpool, the Maelstrom. According to Giorgio De Santillana and Hertha Von Dechend, this myth was evidence for an astronomical process, the precession of the zodiac. This is the shifting of the sun through the signs of the zodiac, and, according to them, it determines "world ages." They write:
Now it is time to locate the origin of the image of the Mill, and further, what its alleged breakup and the coming into being of Whirlpool can possibly mean.

The starting place is in Greece. Cleomedes (c. AD 150), speaking of the northern latitudes, states (1.7): "The heavens there turn around in the way a millstone does." Al-Farghani in the East takes up the same idea, and his colleagues will supply the details. They call the star Kochab, Beta Ursae Minoris, "mill peg," and the stars of the Little Bear, surrounding the North Pole, and Fas al-rahha (the hole of the mill peg) "because they represent, as it were, a hole (the axle ring) in which the mill axle turns, since the axle of the equator (the polar axis) is to be found in this region, fairly close to the star Al-jadi..." These are the words of the Arab Cosmographer al-Kazvini. Ideler comments: "Koth, the common name of the Pole, means really the axle of the movable upper millstone which goes through the lower fixed on, what is called the 'mill-iron'."

...The Bhagavata Purana tells us how the virtuous prince Dhruva was appointed as Pole star. The particular virtue of the prince, which alarmed even the gods, is worth mentioning: he stood on one leg for more than a month, motionless. This is what was announced to him: "The stars and their figures, and also the planets shall turn around you."[...]

There is a remark by Trimalchio in Petronius (Satyricon 39): "Thus the orb of heaven turns around like a millstone, and ever does something bad." It was not a foreign idea to the ancients that the mills of the gods grind slowly, and that the result is usually pain.6
The nine grim goddesses who "once ground Amlodhi's meal," working now that "host-cruel skerry quern" beyond the edge of the world, are in Mundlfoeri, literally "the mover of the handle." The word mundil ..."is never used in the old Norse literature about any other object than the sweep or handle with which the movable millstone is turned."

Here we have a clue that refers directly to something that "turns the mill." The "nine grim goddesses," which we may identify with the Egyptian Ennead, are located in the "handle."
The case is then established. But there is an ambiguity here which discloses further depths to the idea. "Moendull" comes from Sanskrit "Manthati," says Rydberg, "it means to swing, twist, bore ...Its direct application always refers to the production of fire by friction."7
And here we see the idea of a binary star system moving in tandem orbit with one another.
The identity of the Mill, in its many versions, with heaven is thus universally understood and accepted. But hitherto nobody seems to have wondered about the second part of the story, which also occurs in the many versions. How and why does it always happen that this Mill, the peg of which is Polaris, had to be wrecked or unhinged? Once the archaic mind had grasped the forever enduring rotation, what caused it to think that the axle jumps out of the hole? What memory of catastrophic events has created this story of destruction? Why should Vainamoinen ... state explicitly that another Mill has to be constructed? Why had Dhruva to be appointed to play Pole star - and for a given cycle? For the story refers in no way to the creation of the world.8

The simple answer lies in the facts of the case. The Pole star does get out of place, and every few thousand years another star has to be chosen which best approximates that position. It is well known that the Great Pyramid, so carefully sighted, is not oriented at our Pole Star, but at alpha Draconis, which occupied the position at the pole 5,000 years ago. ...It is the more difficult for moderns to imagine that in those far-off ages men could keep track of such imperceptible shifting, as many of them are not aware of the mere facts.9
This remark about the Pyramid being oriented to Draconis is an ignorant remark. The fact is, the orientation of the pyramid to the pole remains constant. It is only the pole stars that change.
Most of these myths, however, come under a misleading name. They have been understood to deal with the end of the world. ...What actually comes to an end is a world, in the sense of a world-age.

Coherence will be reestablished in this welter of traditions if it is realized that what is referred to is the grandest of heavenly phenomena, the Precession of the Equinoxes.10
Now, did you notice what these two authors have done here? Aside from their abysmally ignorant remark about the orientation of the pyramids to Draconis, they have resorted to Uniformitarianism to explain the great mystery of this worldwide myth of the "unhinging" of the Pole star. They, and many, many others, have followed this path, believing that all the clues from ancient monuments and myths have to do simply with measuring time, "World Ages," in more or less "cultural" and historical terms. The World Age of the Hebrews was the age of the Ram, symbolized by Abraham taking his son to sacrifice him, and a Ram appeared in the thicket, and such other allusions. The age of Pisces, the age of Christ, is symbolized by the fish, and numerous allusions are dredged up to support that one. Now, we are supposed to be entering (or have already done so, depending on your source), the Age of Aquarius.

I should point out right here that if the Precession of the Zodiac was such a great way to measure time and world ages, there wouldn't be so many opinions about when one began and another ended. As a measure of time that is so "vastly elegant," it ought to at least work, right?

Well, it doesn't. What is more, the zodiac has been created and altered within recorded history, having at various times ten signs, eleven, twelve and thirteen. So, what's the point? From this perspective, there isn't one except for an attempt to deny the possibility that the ancients meant exactly what they said even if they did tell the stories as allegories.

But still, using this Precession as a giant clock, with some fantastic perambulations through archaic lore, a dozen or more authors have produced as many different versions of what a "world age" is, and "when" they begin and end, and how. They then try to link these ages to all sorts of weird theories from the opening of "stargates" to galactic core explosions to "monuments to the end of time."

© UnknownHale-Bopp, 1997
The answer is a lot more simple than that. I think that those things that point us to the idea that the pole comes "unhinged" do, indeed point to the Precession. But the important thing about this Precession is that it points us to the fact that the Earth WOBBLES. And I think that the thing the ancients are trying most desperately to point out to us in these stories is that the Earth wobbles for a REASON, and we ought to notice this wobble and ask some questions about the "nine grim goddesses" who "turn the handle" and where and what that "handle" might be that increases friction to the point that fire is produced!

In Snorri's11 Gylfaginning, there is a prediction for the future given in the Song of the Sybyl, followed by a dialogue between King Gylfi and the Aesir,12 disguised as men. King Gylfi asks: "What happens when the whole world has burned up, the gods are dead, and all of mankind is gone? You have said earlier that each human being would go on living in this or that world." The answer is that there are several worlds for the good and the bad. Then Gylfi asks: "Shall any gods be alive, and shall there be something of earth and heaven?"" And the answer is:
The earth rises up from the sea again, and is green and beautiful and things grow without sowing. Vidar and Vali are alive, for neither the sea nor the flames of Surt have hurt them and they dwell on the Eddyfield, where once stood Asgard. There come also the sons of Thor, Modi, and Magni, and bring along his hammer. There come also Balder and Hoder from the other world. All sit down and converse together. They rehearse their runes and talk of events of old days. Then they find in the grass the golden tablets that the Aesir once played with. Two children of men will also be found safe from the great flames of Surt. Their names, Lif and Lifthrasir, and they feed on the morning dew and from this human pair will come a great population which will fill the earth. And strange to say, the sun, before being devoured by Fenrir, will have borne a daughter, no less beautiful and going the same ways as her mother."
Again, the authors of Hamlet's Mill take a prosaic view of these matters, pronouncing sagely that it is "just a metaphor." And again, I have to disagree. I do not think that the point is to "measure time," in the sense of "world ages" of culture, civilizations, or even "psychic" or occult influences, except in that they relate to something far more important: WHAT IS CAUSING THE WOBBLE AND WHAT CAN BE THE RESULT? And we have a clear answer in Snorri's tale: The sun will have borne a daughter...

In this sense, the ancients might have supposed, and quite rightly, that if we ever noticed this fact, if we were pointed in this direction, if we were plainly told that there is a handle that turns the axis, that this handle gets hot, that the axis of the planet comes unhinged, that it started out spinning upright and then gradually wobbled out of place and finally FALLS OVER INTO THE SEA, that we would be clever enough to get it. The clue they are pointing out to us is that there is something OUT THERE that is the HANDLE and we ought to be able to figure out, by applying principles of atomic physics to celestial mechanics, exactly what it is and what it does. The repeated references to the "dying and rebirth of the Sun," in some sort of cosmic hierogamy and the Sun giving birth to a daughter, or having a Celestial Twin ought to be pretty plain clues to anybody who is paying attention to these things.

Now, getting to the recent pronouncements about Zecharia Sitchin and his prophecies. The email forwarded to me said:
Zecharia Sitchin, the world renowned scholar & archaeologist now finally agrees, quote: "I prophecize the return of this planet called Nibiru AT THIS TIME!"

Trusting the Pentagon/gov't to guard itself & relay needed information to protect you is clearly illogical. In July the red planet "2001 KX76" was disclosed. This was the original cover-label for Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, or THE MOST REVERED HEAVENLY BODY IN ALL ANTIQUITY. After 3600 years on its regular orbit it will pass again in SPRING 2003. It's RECORDED IN ANCIENT TEXTS & the SCIENCE OF ARCHEOLOGY shows its effect on Earth with each passage. Yes, some conspiracies are without merit, ignoring history and science is another matter.

By August 2001 the disinformation had changed to the LARGEST ASTERIOD EVER and it's now shown as blue. It's the same label on a different object.

When the attention was drawn to the area by announcing the "Largest Asteriod" was there, they made sure the color of the new "2001 KX76" was blue. All speculation about a large DULL RED brown dwarf being there was to be avoided. This is one of their tactics for hiding Planet X. First giving it a label, then using that same label for another object to misdirect attention. X is not a red KBO. The original color was not red for photographic reasons. Too many stories for the color change is just the first of many obvious clues of a cover up. They will continue to identify objects ahead and around X to misdirect attention.

The normal helpful & professional Nasa employees are being evasive & condescending when asked about it.

X has INTENTIONALLY BEEN MADE TO SOUND RIDICULOUS and confusing for several reasons. One of which is to avoid causing panic among the world's population. Many websites and articles continue to be written about Planet X that spread lies. They say it only MAY exist and comes around only once every few million years IF it does. This disinformation is widespread.

X orbits between our sun and its dark twin. A diagram from the 1987 NEW SCIENCE & INVENTION ENCYCLOPEDIA shows our dead twin sun & the 10th planet.

X's MASS, MAGNETISM & DENSITY is such that it DISRUPTS the surface of EVERY PLANET IT PASSES. In fact, history shows approximately 7 YEARS PRIOR to its passage its far reaching eletromagnetic/gravitational influence changes Earths core flows TRIGGERING WEATHER, VOLCANIC & SEISMIC ACTIVITY. Since early 1996 traditional WEATHER has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY, breaking all time records regularly. The up-tick of QUAKES, VOLCANIC INCIDENTS & changes in ELECTROMAGNETICS are being kept out of the media as much as possible. Weather alone can falsely be blamed on global warming & sun cycles but not earths rumblings at the same time.

Research the advent of PLANET X and the cataclysms it will trigger by passing EARTH. Being prepared and FOREWARNED gives one an EXCELLENT CHANCE to SURVIVE.


Even the majority of the earthchange intuitives prophecies are tied into or name Planet X.

Well, when I went to the above websites to get the confirmation that "Planet X" had been sighted, I found the following (excerpted):
July 3 - The discovery of a large reddish chunk of something orbiting in Pluto's neighborhood has re-ignited the idea that there may be more than nine planets in the solar system.[...] What the discoverers are calling 2001 KX76 might be one of the largest "Kuiper Belt Objects" or KBO's, found in the what is essentially a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune. Initial reports give 2001 KX76 a diameter of 900 to 1200 kilometers - roughly the size of Pluto's moon, Charon. Pluto itself, it should be noted, is smaller than our own moon.
Now, please note right up front here that this very first announcement is rather straightforward about the issue as to whether or not this object ought to be called a "planet" or not. The email above waxes hysterical about color, but pays absolutely no attention to the size designation. Here is the initial photo:

© ESA, ESO, Astrovirtel and Gerhard Hahn (German Aerospace Center, DLR)2001KX76 shows up as two coloured dots against the stars
"Because KBOs are believed to have very elongated orbits around the sun they spend a lot of time on dark, centuries-long excursions into deep space. That makes them very hard to find, said astronomer Robert Millis, director of the Lowell Observatory, which was involved in the discovery. [...] "There are certainly lots of (KBOs) in distant parts of their orbits now and we can't detect them," said Millis. The possibility that 2001 KX76 has big brothers and sisters again raises the thorny question of what can be called a planet and what cannot. [...] Historically, Pluto was designated a planet when it was discovered in the 1930s because it was thought to be much larger than it is, Marsden said. [...] If 2001 KX76 is any indication of larger KBOs out there, it might also lead to the demotion of Pluto from puniest planet to king of KBOs, said Marsden. Millis prefers a third alternative: "There may exist a new class of planets."
Now, please notice the point of the discussion and the size of the object and its distance from us: the orbit of PLUTO. 1200KM. Let's have a look at the issue in the second site referred to in the above, hysterical email wherein it is now claimed that the disinformation process has set in by changing the color of the object in both the photo and the article:

© ESA, ESO, Astrovirtel and Gerhard Hahn (German Aerospace Center, DLR)Original caption: "ESO PR Photo 27a/01 shows a reproduction of a colour composite image, based on three exposures with the Wide Field Imager (WFI) at the MPG/ESO 2.2-m telescope at the La Silla Observatory. By combining data from the world's first operational "virtual telescope", Astrovirtel, with that from a conventional telescope at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) at La Silla (Chile), European astronomers have determined the size of the newly found, remote asteroid, 2001 KX76. Their measurements indicate that this icy rock has a diameter of at least 1200 km and is therefore larger than any other known asteroid in the Solar System. The previous record-holder, the asteroid Ceres, was also the first object of its type to be discovered - by the Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi on January 1, 1801. Its diameter is about 950 km, relegating it to second place after holding the asteroid size record for two hundred years."
23 August 2001: Ceres, the first asteroid (minor planet) to be discovered in the Solar System, has held the record as the largest known object of its kind for two centuries. However, recent observations at the European Southern Observatory with the world's first operational virtual telescope 'Astrovirtel' have determined that the newly discovered distant asteroid "2001 KX76" is significantly larger, with a diameter of 1200 km, possibly even 1400 km.
Now, let's just get clear about this. The very first article was about an object that no one was sure whether they ought to call it a planet or not. It was larger than what we call asteroids, but smaller than Pluto. So, it was, at first, called a planet. But please note, the size was given in the first article, and it was then reiterated, only given a likelihood of being slightly larger than the original estimate in the second article. So, the entire discussion was about whether to call this object a planet or an asteroid. And, apparently, it was decided that "asteroid" was a better choice until the decision about what size constituted being a planet was decided once and for all.

And how BIG is this putative "Planet X?" This gigantic and terrifying object that Zecharia Sitchin predicted and which is now being claimed to be hidden from us in this tricky shell-game by NASA?

Well, have a look for yourself.

© European Southern Observatory
The first scientific results from Astrovirtel have allowed a substantial improvement of the accuracy of the computed orbit for 2001 KX76. It is now possible to confirm that this object is just outside that of the most remote known major planet Pluto.

Further analysis carried out by the team seems to indicate that the orbit of 2001 KX76 is very similar to that of Pluto. Asteroid 2001 KX76 is even larger than Pluto's moon Charon (diameter 1150 km), adding fuel to the discussions concerning Pluto's status as a "major" or "minor" planet. The new data show that 2001 KX76 is about half the size of Pluto (diameter about 2300 km) and this increases the likelihood that there are other bodies still to be discovered in the outer Solar System that are similar in size to Pluto.

The first observations of 2001 KX76 were quite sparse, so the initial estimates of the size of the new asteroid were very uncertain. However, it did look large, possibly about the same size as the largest known asteroid, Ceres, the diameter of which had earlier been measured at about 950 km.

In order to measure the size of any asteroid, it is necessary first to determine its orbit around the Sun, which gives its present distance from the Earth. The next step is to estimate its "albedo", i.e. the percentage of incident sunlight reflected from its surface. From these numbers and the measured, apparent brightness of the asteroid (as seen from the Earth), its diameter can finally be derived.

To determine the orbit of 2001 KX76, the group used "Astrovirtel" to apply automatic search software to scan through "old" photographic plates obtained with various astronomical telescopes, as well as recent CCD observations made with the ESO Wide Field Imager (WFI) at the MPG/ESO 2.2 m telescope on La Silla (Chile). The search was successful: the astronomers were able to find several photographic plates on which faint images of 2001 KX76 could be identified - some of these plates had been obtained as early as 1982. The exact sky positions were measured and with accurate positional data now available over a time span of no less than 18 years, the team was able to compute the first, high-precision orbit of 2001 KX76. This also allowed to determine that the current distance from the Earth which turned out to be about 6.5 billion km, corresponding to 43 times the distance of the Earth from the Sun, or nearly one-and-a-half times farther from the Sun than Neptune.

Thanks to the work of this group of astronomers, the orbit of 2001 KX76 may now be considered relatively secure and it may therefore soon receive a real name.13
Now, what are we to make of all of this?

It's fairly evident that I am not saying that something is not going to happen. After laying out the evidence that there is, indeed, a 3600 year cycle, and that the last "hit" was right around 3600 years ago, no one can accuse me of not being as "catastrophic" as the next person. In fact, I think that what we are suggesting here, including our findings that something is definitely being hidden from us, is singularly catastrophic. In fact, it is damn scary.

However, we believe that having accurate information about these matters is not just important, but that it is CRUCIAL. Does the reader have any idea of how long it takes an object in the neighborhood of Pluto to get here?

Pluto is 6,000,000,000 km from Earth. If you travel at 100 km/hr, you could get to Pluto in 6849.3 years. Moving at 1,000 MPH, it will tak 684.9 years to get to Pluto, or vice versa. So please, take it to the bank that the object sighted in the neighborhood of Pluto is NOT Nibiru/Planet X and it is NOT going to arrive in 2003. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that there will not be an asteroid strike in 2003, or anytime between now and then. THAT could happen any day. If there is a brown dwarf perturber that slams through the Oort cloud, and if we do have a cluster of comets that travels on a 3600 year orbit, then there is NO WAY to have ANY warning whatsoever without the willingness of the government and the scientists who have control of the instruments of observation to share their data with us. And I can promise you that if a panic ensues from false alarms such as this nonsense about Nibiru, there will be no possibility of any sharing of data, and if it is gonna happen, you won't know.

The Cassiopaeans have given us the clues. We have followed and are continuing to follow them and make discoveries that are grounded in scientific fact. We have discovered that there is, indeed, a Control System; that the influence of science has been to institute a form of Thought Control. But it most certainly does not operate the way the Rumormongers and purveyors of hysterical, half-baked theories would have us believe.

What is more, there is much, much more to this matter at the present time than meets the eye. There are many other clues, and we are making discoveries regarding these clues almost daily. We are also coming under increasing financial pressure that is obviously an attempt to prevent further discoveries, as well as deliberate attacks from various "cells" of the Thought Police intended to dissuade us from pursuing our present research.

What do I think? I think that, based on what the Cassiopaeans have said, supported by our research to this point, it is very likely that we are already experiencing some of the comets from the cluster that has been cycling through the solar system on that 3600 year orbit. In fact, we - or our Moon - may get hit by a couple of small ones in the next year or two. But I think that, for the most part, this former group has lost its potency. It is scattered and dissipated. Indeed, it seems likely that it is time for the birth of a new cluster from "between the thighs of the Ennead."

I think that we will witness some amazing astronomical phenomena in the next few years. "Signs in the Sun and Moon." I think that the powerful activity of the Sun during this sunspot maximum has been because its companion is drawing close. It is not yet close enough to be seen, but that will probably change. We may see it in the next year or two. There will be more solar activity. The companion star will be seen to "interact" with its primary similar to observations of other binary star interactions. A "hieros gamos" of cosmic proportions will take place. Earthquakes will shake the earth. Volcanoes will erupt. Sitchin will go on a veritable world tour of lectures declaring that this is the appearance of Nibiru and that he was "the first" to predict it. He will be lionized, courted, interviewed, and trotted out on all the television shows. Oprah will kiss his cheek and Art Bell will give him a regular spot.

But the important thing to remember is this: It will not be a planet Nibiru. There is no "Planet Nibiru." But there IS a sun's companion, Nemesis. And, even if this companion star is seen, it will never enter the inner solar system. That is not the way these types of bodies interact with each other. The closest that Nemesis will come is probably the orbit of Pluto. It will then "go away." Everyone will settle down and think that nothing is going to happen. Sitchin will be disgraced because his predicted giant planet won't do what he says it will do. Oprah will no longer take his calls, and Art Bell will not answer his faxes.

© NASA/JPL/Yeomans
But that will not be the end of the matter... Because the important thing to remember about the appearance of a Dark Star at the outer reaches of our solar system is that, in order to get close enough to be seen, it has to pass through the Oort cloud and the Kuiper belt... like a bowling ball through a row of pins. What is more, the macrocosmic quantum changes that could result from an interaction between a binary star system are too poorly known, and may contribute to an entirely different cometary intinerary. Cometary bodies that are slammed into the Solar System by a gravitationally heavy object may proceed rather more quickly than one would suppose.

And so, in addition to whatever is left over of a cyclical cometary swarm from the previous interaction with our Sun's companion, will be augmented by a whole new grouping.

In closing, allow me to repeat a quote from Noah [now published as Secret History of the World]:
One of the chief proponents of catastrophe theory in the last century was Immanuel Velikovsky. Criticisms aimed at Velikovsky included remarks stating that his vision "showed little respect for the laws of physics: In his books, planets change orbits - in blatant violation of the laws of mechanics - and go crashing into other planets."1

Is this attack really justified? Is talk about jumping planets evidence of ignorance, as the authors of Three Big Bangs seem to imply?

In a paper published in a collection entitled: "The Stability of the Solar System and of Small Stellar Systems", Jeno M. Barthomy2 wrote: "It is conceivable that when the Earth was formed, it occupied a higher quantum state, and by releasing energy in the form of gravitational waves 'jumped' to its present 'ground state.' I do not wish as yet to speculate on a possible gravitational wave spectrum emitted from newly formed planetary systems in the universe."

How can such jumps occur in terms of more conventional concepts? G.J Sussman and Jack Wisdom wrote in 1992: "The evolution of the Solar System is chaotic. Exponential divergence of nearby trajectories is indicative of chaotic behavior."3

Up to the present time the computer simulations that have been done4 have not even attempted to take into account a possible cosmic intruder - the brown dwarf Sun's companion whose existence and properties have been researched by R. Muller and J. Matese.5 They also did not try to take into account a possible fractal structure of space-time, which was the subject of a series of papers and of a monograph by French astrophysicist Laurent Nottale.6

I have discussed Nottale's rules of quantization of planetary systems in my notes in the present work. Here it is enough to say that fractal and multidimensional structure of space-time, along the ideas put forward by many physicists, astronomers and astrophysicists, whose works are quoted in this book, make cosmic jumps plausible. My own research added one more factor here: as discussed in this work, it is one of the conclusions of EEQT (Event-Enhanced Quantum Theory) that, as a rule, couplings of quantum systems to classical ones induce chaotic behavior and fractal-like patterns of quantum jumps.7 That may be one of the reasons why space-time is fractal-like both in micro- and in macro-scale.

The event generating algorithm that is at the foundation of EEQT can be easily modified, using cosmic scale coupling constants, to describe such jumps in terms of a piecewise deterministic Markov process, when prolonged periods of continuous evolution are interspersed by jumps of a random character.

The main feature of EEQT is that it provides an algorithm for describing the history of an individual system, where jumps really take place. Therefore it provides appropriate tools for dealing not only with micro-particles but also with cosmic bodies, as discussed in this present work.

It may also put tools into our hands that will help us to intervene in the "events" of Cosmic Catastrophe.

The primary message of Noah is that one such continuous period may be coming to an end soon, and that the target quantum state after the jump is not fully determined. Our actions, or our lack of action now, shape the probability distribution of our future "after the Flood" environment.

Paraphrasing slightly the quote from Niels Bohr's friend Piet Hein, as used in John Archibald Wheeler's Geons, Black Holes and Quantum Foam:8

We need to know
what this whole show
is all about
before it's out.
And time is running out.

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Notes from Noah [Secret History of the World]:
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