I haven't commented on ClimateGate because I felt it was more important to focus on the factors that influence climate and weather, the formation of the IPCC, and this new carbon exchange system. While ClimateGate is certainly compelling, and many listeners and readers may find it engaging, it's a blip on the screen of a global takeover of our entire planet - and that, dear readers, is where the action is.

This morning, I watched a video on YouTube featuring White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. Journalists asked him about the hacked emails that set off ClimateGate and the reason why thousands of scientists do not accept the official climate change story. Of course, he handled the press the way the White House always does - by dismissing and deflecting any questions that required an honest answer.

I wasn't particularly disturbed by the predictable dismissal and redirection process, nor was I shocked by the way they stonewalled the journalists who refused to play ball. I expect that kind of gross imbalance and inequity from the executive office, whereby the stroke of a pen renders the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and other integral foundational documents null and void. (I'm referring to Executive Orders, international treaties, and any other edicts that have to do with legal standing.)

Robert Gibbs had full support to declare that there is no scientific basis for disputing the official climate change story. NO BASIS IN SCIENCE - see for yourself @ 2:20...

I can think of two things that truly have no basis in science:
  1. A carbon exchange designed by people who designed, delivered, and manage the derivatives market.
  2. An international monitoring and enforcement organization that is accountable to NO ONE.
The emerging industrial complex related to global warming / climate change is riddled with conflicts of interest. The mainstream media is acting as a source of public misinformation around the clock. I recommend avoiding the major stations altogether. They are brainwashing entire populations - and, to add insult to injury, indoctrinating our children for generations to come. Please, turn off your television sets. Don't watch these fake news stations.

If anything that I have covered is true and verifiable, it is that the entire global warming planetary emergency scare is a false declaration and an obvious global agenda that has nothing to do with greening the planet. It has no business being empowered to masquerade continually under the guise of "climate change" as if climate change hasn't been occurring naturally for literally millions of years. Nobody is disputing the existence of climate change because it is always happening. This is a false argument.

The global dispute over climate change has to do with...
  1. Falsifying legitimate science and declaring it irrelevant
  2. Obstructing the scientific process
  3. Bullying, slandering, and firing professionals who refuse to tow the line
  4. Inventing a new carbon trading scheme to establish a new financial, legal, and international industrial complex to make trillions of dollars and monitor everyone on earth
  5. Omitting critical information to prevent the public from viewing the issue on a whole-systems level
  6. Using photo ops and images of earth changes to scare people into immediate action
  7. Mass brainwashing by invoking fear over impending doom
  8. Indoctrinating people to believe that cyclical events in Earth's history and the role of the Sun are irrelevant, and that climate change is an issue we can "solve"
  9. Creating a mock campaign that is so pervasive that people are afraid to question the official story for fear of being ridiculed or marginalized

    * Our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president has publicly voiced condescending, discordant remarks such as, "We will deal with them". We versus them? "Them" includes you and I, and anyone else who does not accept the distorted official story about global warming and climate change, which has been systematically been presented out of context.
  10. Using public figures to promote the official story on a galactic scale to ensure increased peer pressure, conformity, and acceptance of the official story
  11. Painting dissenting voices as "flat-earthers", "moon-landing deniers", or "conspiracy theorists" - as if real conspiracies have never existed (they have, and still do!)
  12. The hijacking and deception of people who love the planet and respect all life
  13. Endorsing the marginalization of skeptics
  14. Policy makers who run from or deflect honest dialogue
Climate change is an insidious agenda that operates below conscious awareness. Cyclical climate change is not in dispute: it is nothing more than the repackaging of the global warming agenda. Watch the action surrounding this topic if you want to see the biggest conspiracy of the century unfolding before your very eyes.

Now is the time to see clearly. It's Rainmaking Time!