"Our global climate is now actually cooling," says meteorologist Thomas F. Giella.

"An Interglacial period is a geological interval of time with warmer global average temperature that separates glacials/ice ages," says Giella. "Our current Holocene interglacial has persisted since the Pleistocene, approximately 11,500 years ago. Superimposed on this very long climate change cycle is a number of smaller ones caused by small variations in the energy output of our Sun, wobbles of our Earth as it spins on its axis and the eccentricity of Earth's orbit around the Sun."

"However there is now growing evidence that the interglacial warming reversed itself beginning around 1940 but I'm not sure if the reversal signals a return to a long term Ice Age or another shorter Little Ice Age. Typically an interglacial period lasts approximately 11,500 years, so anecdotal evidence would point to a return of a long term ice age. Personally I lean towards another Little Ice Age similar to the Dalton Minimum that occurred in the early and mid 1800's."

"It's really a sad state of affairs but we cannot trust elements of the U.S. Government, academia and certainly not the media, as they insist that harmful man induced climate change (global warming) is occurring, when it's not."

Thomas F. Giella is a retired meteorologist & space plasma physicist. See his website.