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Floods leave tens of thousands homeless in Mexico

People use a make-shift boat
© AP Photo/America RocioPeople use a make-shift boat to cross a flooded avenue in Villahermosa in Mexico's Tabasco state, Tuesday Sept. 7, 2010. Weeks of torrential rains have unleashed flooding in huge swaths of southern Mexico, forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes. )
Villahermosa - Weeks of torrential rains have unleashed flooding in huge swaths of southern Mexico, forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes.

Tens of thousands more are sleeping on their roofs, refusing to abandon their possessions even as the rivers around them rise rapidly.

Authorities on Tuesday started releasing 2,000 cubic meters (71,000 cubic feet) of water per second from four damns in the region that have reached capacity. That caused several rivers to overflow.

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New landslip buries 100 rescue workers in Guatemala

A massive landslide buried up to 100 people who were trying to dig out a bus caught in deep mud, killing at least 22 people with dozens more feared dead, as torrential rains battered Guatemala.

Emergency workers recovered 22 bodies from the landslide on a major highway northwest of the capital, and they warned it could take two days to dig out all the victims.

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Tropical Storm Hermine Threatens Mexico, Texas

© National Hurricane Center/ReutersTropical storm Hermine is seen in this satellite image courtesy of the National Hurricane Center.
Tropical storm Hermine has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and warnings have been issued from Tampico, Mexico to the Baffin Bay on the south Texas coast, the National Hurricane Center said on Monday.

Hermine, the eighth tropical storm of the season, carried maximum sustained winds of 40 mph was located about 190 miles east-southeast of Tampico, Mexico. it was moving north at 8 mph.

U.S. forecasters said it was expected to turn toward the northwest and increase in speed on Monday.

"The center of Hermine is expected to approach the coast of northeastern Mexico or extreme southern Texas in the warning area early Tuesday morning," the Miami-based hurricane center said.

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Guatemala mudslides kill at least 38; 2 buses hit

© Associated PressPeople stand in front of a bus partially covered by a landslide, due to heavy rains, on the Pan-American highway at Tecpan, Guatemala, Saturday Sept. 4, 2010.
Nahuala - Torrential rains from a tropical depression caused landslides that have killed at least 38 people in Guatemala - some of them rescuers trying to save people already buried under a wall of mud.

In the village of Nahuala, about 200 rescue workers searched through mud and rocks for bodies Sunday after two slides in the same spot killed at least 20 along a highway leading northwest of the capital toward Mexico. Another slide closer to Guatemala City killed at least 12.

Suagustino Pascual Tuy, a Nahuala police officer, said he and several others rushed to the highway with picks and shovels after hearing radio reports of the fallen earth, which had buried two pickup trucks and a bus at kilometer 171 of the Inter-American highway.

Pascual Tuy said the crowds were able to rescue several people alive including his nephew, who was driving one of the pickups.

"He is in critical condition, but thank God we were able to get him out alive," he said.

Pascual Tuy said people were still digging through the rubble when the mountain above them began crackling. He shouted a warning, but moments later the second slide buried a number of rescuers. Pascual Tuy ran for his life and the slide only caught his legs.

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Heavy rains trigger flooding in Australia

Victoria flooding
© UnknownThunderstorms and heavy rains have triggered flooding in most areas of Victoria
Thunderstorms and heavy downpours have triggered massive flooding in Australia's Victoria State, threatening the safety of hundreds of homes.

"Many communities and individuals across the state have been affected by flooding from heavy rain over this weekend," said Victoria Premier John Brumby on Sunday.

The State Emergency Services say the army has been called in to help assess the damage inflicted by the floods.

This is while residents are working together to sandbag businesses and homes to protect them against rising floodwaters.

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20 Killed in Guatemala Floods, President Alvaro Colom Declares Emergency

At least 20 people were killed in Guatemala in landslides triggered by weeks of driving rains, according to figures released by national emergency and rescue services.

President Alvaro Colom has declared a national emergency in the wake of the disaster.

"Top priority at present is dealing with this emergency. There are no funds left to deal with earlier disasters like the one caused by tropical storm Agatha," in late May, Colom told reporters after a surveying tour of the country Saturday

He said damage estimates across Guatemala after weeks of rain stood at 350-500 million dollars, or 40 percent of the damage wrought by Agatha, which killed 183 people in Central America, including 165 in Guatemala earlier this year, and left thousands homeless.


Scotland: The first snow of winter falls ... in August

© Unknown
The first snow of winter fell in Scotland at the weekend - still August - forecasters have revealed.

Temperatures on the highest peaks of the Cairngorms began dropping below freezing on Saturday night into Sunday morning and mountains more than 1100 metres high in the area saw a light powder of snow.

Geoff Monk of Mountain Weather Info Service, which produces forecast for eight different mountain areas of the UK, said that very cold winds had given the Munros a wintry feel.

He added that he would not be surprised to see snow on the top of Ben Nevis this weekend.

Mr Monk said: "There were snow showers across the Cairngorms. They lasted a couple of hours, it was almost ongoing. On some places the snow remained on the ground.

"Most of it was gone after a few hours, but some fresh patches remained there until Monday morning.

"It is something that very occasionally happens in Scotland. Northerly winds from the Arctic cause them. It's very unlikely more snow will fall in the next 10 days.

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US: Evacuation order expanded in North Carolina ahead of Hurricane Earl

North Carolina's governor has declared a state of emergency as evacuation of the coast ahead of Hurricane Earl continues.

Gov. Beverly Perdue issued the declaration during a Wednesday afternoon briefing at the state Emergency Operations Center near the state capital.

Earl's strongest winds are expected to reach the coast Thursday night into Friday morning. Perdue warned residents along the Outer Banks to leave those areas immediately.


Hurricane Earl May Skim North Carolina as Strong Storm

© Ricardo Arduengo, APA boy in Puerto Rico takes cover from a wave driven by Hurricane Earl on Monday.

"Excellent chance" it'll be a Category 3 as far north as New Jersey, expert says.

Hurricane Earl is on a path that could take it near North Carolina's Outer Banks (map) late this week - and unusually warm Atlantic waters mean the storm could stay a major hurricane as it travels northward along the U.S. East Coast.

As of 11 a.m. ET today, Hurricane Earl's strongest winds were blowing at 135 miles (217 kilometers) an hour, making it a Category 4 storm.

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Earl could force US evacuations ahead of Labor Day

© AP Photo/Todd VanSickleA boat is battered by waves in Sopers Hole during the passage of Hurricane Earl near Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Monday Aug. 30, 2010. The Category 4 hurricane was expected to remain over the open ocean before turning north and running parallel to the U.S. coast, potentially reaching the North Carolina coastal region by late Thursday or early Friday.
Raleigh, North Carolina - A powerful Hurricane Earl threatened to sideswipe much of the East Coast just ahead of Labor Day, worrying countless vacationers who planned to spend the traditional last week of summer at the beach.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency warned people along the Eastern Seaboard to prepare for possible evacuations and islanders in the Turks and Caicos hunkered down in their homes Tuesday as the Category 4 hurricane steamed across the Caribbean with winds of 135 mph.

Earl was expected to remain over the open ocean before turning north and running parallel to the East Coast, bringing high winds and heavy rain to North Carolina's Outer Banks by late Thursday or early Friday. From there, forecasters said, it could curve away from the coast somewhat as it makes it way north, perhaps hitting Massachusetts' Cape Cod and the Maine shoreline on Friday night and Saturday.