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Fri, 09 Dec 2022
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Cloud Precipitation

Woman dead after overnight rains flood Lisbon, Portugal

lisabon poplave
Heavy overnight rains flooded Portugal's capital, Lisbon, and killed a 55-year-old woman who got trapped by the water in the basement where she lived, the national Civil Protection Agency said Thursday.

The intense rainfall and winds washed away cars and flooded streets, buildings, and public transport stations, blocking some metro lines. Authorities shut roads around the capital and city tunnels.

Among hundreds of incidents reported, local hospital San Francisco Xavier lost part of its roof and water flooded some of the building.

Comment: Other parts of the country in the south were also hit by flooding after heavy rainfall:
Heavy rain has been falling in Portugal since 04 December. In 24 hours to 05 December, Civil Protection reported 187 occurrences related to the adverse weather situation, mostly in the municipalities of Faro (92), Loulé (14), Tavira (17) and Albufeira (13).

Firefighters rescued were called on to rescue a person trapped in a vehicle after rising water in the town of Conceição, in Pego do Aragão, municipality of Tavira.

The Municipality of Faro reported several buildings damaged by floods. One school was closed. As much as 19.1 mm of rain fell in Faro in just 1 hour early on 05 December. Loulé in the district of Faro recorded 68.6 mm of rain on 04 December and Castro Marim, also in the Faro district, 62.5 mm on 05 December.

Cloud Precipitation

Peru - Flood destroy homes and bridges in Ucayali Department

Navy helicopter teams carried out flood rescues in Padre Abad Province, Ucayali Department, Peru, 02 December 2022.
© COER Ucayali
Navy helicopter teams carried out flood rescues in Padre Abad Province, Ucayali Department, Peru, 02 December 2022.
Bridges and homes were destroyed after severe floods struck in areas of Padre Abad Province, Ucayali Department, Peru, on 02 December 2022.

Peru's National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) reported flooding in the districts of Neshuya, Alexander Von Humboldt and Curimaná. Ucayali's emergency authority Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Regional (COER Ucayali) said that at least 7 rivers or creeks broke their banks, including the Neshuya, Tahuayo and Uruya rivers. One bridge over the El Trigrillal creek was completely destroyed, while 2 other bridges - one over the Tahuayo and another over the Uruya river - were severely damaged.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills 907 in India as extreme weather surges in 2022

India saw a big jump in extreme weather events such as heatwaves and lightning strikes this year and related deaths rose to their highest in three years, government data showed on Wednesday, with scientists blaming climate change for the heavy toll.

There were nearly eight times as many heatwaves, 27 in all, and lightning strikes rose more than 111 times, killing 907 people, the Ministry of Earth Sciences said in a report to parliament.

Thunderstorms increased more than five times to 240.

This year's 2,183 deaths due to such events until last month were the highest since 2019's 3,017.

Lightning and floods and heavy rains accounted for 78% of the deaths this year, the data showed.

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Landslide caused by heavy rain buries bus in Colombia, at least 33 dead

Landslide in Risaralda Department. Colombia, 04 December 2022.
Landslide in Risaralda Department. Colombia, 04 December 2022.
At least 33 people died when a landslide buried a bus in northwestern Colombia on Sunday, and nine have been rescued alive, the interior minister said.

The landslide, caused by strong rains, hit the vehicle between the villages of Pueblo Rico and Santa Cecilia in Risaralda province, about 230 km (140 miles) northwest of the capital Bogota.

"We have already found 33 people dead, including three minors, and we have rescued nine people alive, four of them are in a critical condition," Interior Minister Alfonso Prada told reporters on Monday.

Colombia's President Gustavo Petro described the incident as a tragedy in a Twitter message.

Cloud Precipitation

Vietnam - Deadly floods in north central coast region - nearly 14 inches of rain in 24 hours

Authorities retrieve the victim's body

Authorities retrieve the victim's body
Disaster authorities in Vietnam report that 3 people have died after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Thua Thien Hue, Quang Tri and Quang Nam provinces in the North Central Coast Region from 02 December 2022.

One fatality was reported in Phu Loc district in Thua Thien Hue on 02 December. Two other people were reported missing at the same time. The bodies of those missing were found on 04 December. As many as 2,860 houses were flooded in the district.

Flooding was also reported in Quang Nam province where one house was completely destroyed and 28 hectares of crops were damaged.


Deadly flooding in parts of Brazil, at least 10 killed (UPDATE)

Floods in Carapebus, Brazil, December 2022
© Prefeitura de Carapebus
Floods in Carapebus, Brazil, December 2022

Several regions in Brazil's north and south have been hit by devastating flooding, due to heavy rains in recent days.

Thousands of people have been displaced and at least three fatalities have been confirmed.

Two people are known to have died when a landslide hit the BR-376 highway in Paraná state, and dozens more are missing.

Local authorities in Sergipe state, in northeast Brazil, also reported a fatality.

Comment: Update December 5

Floodlist reports:
Brazil - Thousands Displaced, 10 Dead After Rain, Floods and Landslides in 5 States

Heavy rain has caused damage, flooding and landslides across the states of Espirito Santo, Santa Catarina, Paranà, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia in Brazil since late November 2022. According to the country's Civil Defence, at least 10 people have died and over 17,500 have been displaced.

Paranà State

As reported on 02 December, heavy rain caused a massive landslide along a highway near Guaratuba in Paranà state. Emergency teams are still working at the site, removing debris and mud. Twenty-one vehicles were buried in the slide, and it was thought at least 30 people could be missing. Two bodies have been recovered, and 6 people rescued alive. Six others were able to escape the vehicles without needing assistance. The search for the missing is continuing, the state government said.

Heavy rain has affected other areas of the state, including Antonina, Araucária, Campina Grande do Sul, Campo Largo, Curitiba, Guaraqueçaba, Guaratuba, Itaperuçu, Morretes, Piraquara, Quatro Barras and São José dos Pinhais.

Civil Protection reported that, as of 02 December, 7,528 people have been affected. Flooding has damaged 647 homes, 500 of them in São José dos Pinhais. One house was destroyed in Antonina. The number of displaced has fallen slightly over the last few days from 1,152 to 1,079.

More heavy rain has fallen and the municipality of Inácio Martins recorded 88.6 mm in 24 hours to 04 December 2022.

Santa Catarina

Heavy rain since late November continues to cause flooding and landslides in Santa Catarina.

As of 04 December, 32 municipalities were affected, 30 of which declared a state of emergency. Across the state, a total of 16,350 people were affected, including 10,000 in Massaranduba and 4,000 in Campo Alegre. A total of 1,077 people were displaced including 688 in Joinville and 220 in São Bento do Sul.

The state government reported fatalities in Palhoça, Brusque and Gravatal. A firefighter is still missing Navegantes and another person was reported missing after being swept away by an overflowing river in Brusque.

Municipalities in a state of emergency are: Araquari, Campo Alegre, Canelinha, Canoinhas, Corupá, Doutor Pedrinho, Garuva, Gaspar, Guaramirim, Itajaí, Itapoá, Jaraguá do Sul, Joinville, Luiz Alves, Massaranduba, Major Gercino, Mafra, Nova Trento, Orleans, Palhoça, Paulo Lopes, Rio dos Cedros, Rio Negrinho, Rodeio, São Bento do Sul, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Schroeder, Timbó, Tijucas and Três Barras.

Flood damage in Santa Catarina, Brazil, December 2022.
© Cristiano Estrela / Secom
Flood damage in Santa Catarina, Brazil, December 2022.
Espírito Santo

Heavy rain has been falling for the last week in the state of Espírito Santo, where Civil Defence reported 18 municipalities affected, several of which have declared a state of emergency including Cariacica, Colatina, Domingos Martins, Fundão, Jaguaré, João Neiva, Santa Leopoldina, São Mateus and Vila Velha.

As of 04 December, there were a total of 4,051 displaced in the state as a result of the severe weather. One fatality was reported in the municipality of Viana, where a total of 1,676 people were displaced.

Santa Teresa municipality recorded 258 mm of rain in 3 days from 01 to 03 December.

The Doce river at Linhares is above the orange alert level (3 metres). As of 05 December, the river stood at 3.14 metres and rising.

Authorities reported severe weather in the Norte Fluminense region of Rio de Janeiro State, from late November 2022. Affected municipalities included Carapebus, Conceição de Macabu, Macaé and Campos dos Goytacazes.

One person died from a lightning strike in Carapebus. One person died, another was seriously injured and around 85 people were displaced after a landslide in Conceição de Macabu.

Flooding has worsened since then, in particular in the city of Carapebus, where 2 people died and around 1,000 families have been displaced.

Macaé recorded 196.6 mm of rain in 48 hours to 01 December 2022.

The national Civil Defence reported a total of 16,900 people affected across 5 municipalities in the state, as of 04 December.


Heavy rain has also affected areas further north. At least 16 municipalities in the northeastern state of Bahia have declared a state of emergency.

Heavy rain began in late November, causing flooding in Prado City where 3,000 people were displaced on 28 November. The heavy rain has continued to cause problems since then and as of 04 December, a total of 51 municipalities have been affected, 9,281 people were displaced and 65,515 were affected, according to the state's Civil Defence. There were no reports of missing persons or deaths.

The worst affected municipalities and those that have declared a state of emergency are: Prado, Baixa Grande, Itabuna, Santa Cruz Cabrália, Cícero Dantas, Ibicuí, Itambé, Nova Viçosa, Vereda, Olindina, Cachoeira, Eunápolis, Cardeal da Silva, Itapé, Ribeira do Pombal and Teodoro Sampaio.

Heavy rain began in late November. On 29 November the city of Ibotirama recorded 133.4 mm of rain and Barreiras recorded 104.4 mm. The following day 75 mm of rain fell in Ribeira do Amparo. Amargosa recorded 84.6 mm on 01 December; Porto Seguro 90.4 mm on 02 December and Lençóis 49.5 mm on 03 December.
See in addition: Landslide after heavy rain leaves at least 2 dead and dozens missing in Brazil

Cloud Precipitation

Italy - Dozens rescued from flooding in south - as much as foot of rain in 24 hours

Flood rescues in Catanzaro, Italy, 04 December
© Vigili del Fuoco
Flood rescues in Catanzaro, Italy, 04 December 2022.
More severe weather has struck in southern Italy, just days after heavy rain triggered massive landslides on the island of Ischia.

Heavy rainfall from 03 December 2022 has affected southern and central areas of Italy. Flooding prompted emergency rescues in Sicily and Calabria regions, roads were closed in parts of Tuscany and firefighters carried out dozens of interventions in the Lazio region.

Stormy weather also prompted authorities to evacuate an estimated 1,070 residents from risk areas on the island of Ischia, where landslides in late November caused the death of 11 people.

Comment: A week earlier: Deadly landslide triggered by heavy rainfall tears through Italian island of Ischia - 6 inches of rain in just 6 hours - At least 8 dead

Cloud Precipitation

South African worshippers swept away in river flash flood, 9 killed and 8 missing

Rescue teams resumed their search of the river on Sunday after stopping late on Saturday evening
Rescue teams resumed their search of the river on Sunday after stopping late on Saturday evening
Nine people have died in South Africa and eight are missing after a flash flood in a river swept away worshippers taking part in a church ceremony.

Some of the more than 30 congregants were standing on rocks in the river on Saturday when a torrent of water surged through, an eyewitness said.

The pastor was saved after he clung on to an overhanging tree branch as he was being carried away, the witness added.

Rescuers resumed the search of Johannesburg's Jukskei river on Sunday.

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DR Congo - More landslides in east leave at least 9 dead

More heavy rainfall in eastern parts of Democratic Republic of the Congo has triggered yet another deadly landslide. At least 57 people have now died as a result of landslides in the region since mid-November.

The landslide occurred Kalehe Territory in South Kivu Province. Local media, quoting local officials, said at least 9 people had lost their lives and a further 20 were injured.

Heavy rain late on 29 November 2022 caused several rivers and streams to break their banks, which in turn triggered a landslide in the village of Murambi. As many as 50 houses are thought to have been destroyed, leaving dozens homeless.

As of 30 November, search and rescue operations were continuing in search for other victims feared buried in the landslide.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods reported in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after rainfall

Rainfall across Kuala Lumpur today has seen several areas in the capital to be flooded today, including Jalan Parlimen, Jalan Maharajalela, Jalan Travers and others, as well as Taman Connaught in Cheras.

Further north, the same also appears to have taken place in Kampong Sumpitan, Perak, where the flooding appears on video to be rather more severe (video for Kampong Sumpitan in embedded tweet immediately below).

If you had planned to leave to office or otherwise travel into or out of these affected areas, check your areas from your point of origin to your destination to find out if your route will take you through any of these affected areas; if they are, delay your journey if you can, and move your vehicle to a safer location where possible.