SOTT SuperSearch 3 gives you over 10 years of news articles from around the world, editorials, and commentary right at your fingertips!

Many of the news articles in our database have long since been scrubbed from the net. Now this excellent research tool is even better...
NEW! Try our new SuperSearch Page! The easy-to-use interface makes searches much easier, and the detailed search results will help you find what you're looking for faster than ever!
Standard usage:

Just type in the word or phrase you're looking for!

SuperSearch will by default look for a match of your search term in the article Title, Author, and Summary fields.

SuperSearch will first show articles with all the words, and also include articles that contain only some of the words you entered.

If you include double quotes around your search term, SuperSearch will only show articles with all the words you typed in.

You can now also search for terms like "CIA" and "UFO" without a problem!

Most of the time, a standard search will give you the articles you need.

For Customized Search Results:
  • Use the special search terms (like "intitle:") to limit your searches
  • Put a + before each word you are searching for
You can fine tune your search by specifying fields in which to search. Fine tuning can speed up your search if you're looking for specific content. To fine tune your search, just include one or more of the following terms in the search box before the word or phrase for which you want to search:
intitle: -- searches in title of article only
inauthor: -- searches in author field only
insource: -- searches in source field only
insummary: -- searches in summary field only
intext: -- searches in main text field only
incomment: -- searches in comment field only
inplace: -- searches in location field only
You may also search for articles that have different text in different fields by adding the word "AND" to your search. For example, if you want to search for an article that has the word "Bush" in the main text of the article and the word "evil" in the comment field of the article, just type:

intext: Bush AND incomment: evil

  • The AND must be capitalized!
  • A search on multiple fields like the above example will be automatically "optimized" to minimize the performance impact on the database. As such, you may not obtain the search results you expect due to this optimization. Try your search first with only one field!
If you want to search for more than one word, add a + (plus sign) before each of the words:
intitle: +Bush +Rice
This finds all articles that have "Bush" and "Rice" in the title.

You can also exclude certain words by using a - (minus sign) as follows:
insummary: +Bush +Neocons -Rice
The above search string will find all articles with the words "Bush" and "Neocons", but without the word "Rice" in the summary field.

If you want to search for a specific phrase, simply place the phrase within quotes:
intitle: "Bush fires Rice"
inauthor: Knight-Jadczyk AND incomment: "take that to the bank"
To search for articles in a particular place, try using "inplace:" like so:
inplace: Chicago
intitle: Obama AND inplace: "New York"
Happy Searching!