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New Zealand: We are not alone: lights in the sky

Some call them crazy. But for people who believe they have seen UFOs, it is a very real experience.

So many times Suzanne Hansen will go back to the moment which occurred 29 years ago. If only she could just once fill in the gaps in her memory of a bizarre and frightening night in 1978.

Fridays were always a long day, the opportunity for Hansen, 23, and her husband to stock up in Gisborne for the week ahead, before returning to their isolated home on East Cape where she taught at the local school. On this occasion, after they shopped they had dinner with friends and didn't get on the road until 10.30. They had an almost three-hour drive ahead of them.

About 11.30 they reached an isolated point high up in the hills between Tologa Bay and Tokomaru Bay, and saw something they would never really speak about to each other again.


Mysterious icy chunk smashes through roof in California, US

Corrina Vargas, 26, was cooking breakfast in her mother's neighborhood home Monday morning when she heard an explosion.

Her son, Carlos Mendez, 10, was sitting on a bed in the living room watching cartoons when something came through the roof. A small piece of the debris hit him in the back of the head.

They ran outside, and Vargas' mother, Mary Montano, gathered the rest of the adults and children in the house and got them out.

No one was hurt by what turned out to be a bowling ball-sized chunk of ice that crashed through the roof. The hole in the roof appeared to be two to three feet wide.

Police spokesman Sgt. Craig Gundlach said investigators were not sure where the ice came from, but it may have dropped from a commercial airliner.


England: UFO spotted over the New Forest

A flying saucer, a practical joke or simply a trick of the light?

Call it what you will, an eagle-eyed walker has spotted yet another UFO hovering in Hampshire's skies.

This mysterious object was seen circling above trees in the New Forest in broad daylight on Sunday morning.

©Basingstoke Gazette
AIRBORNE MYSTERY: The UFO seen through the trees.


England: UFO spotted over Exmouth

Newly-published Ministry of Defence records have revealed a UFO sighting over Exmouth.

According to reports released under the Freedom of Information Act, an unidentified object was recorded over the town on July 18, 2001.

The MoD is contacted in all UFO cases, the aim being to investigate whether the country's airspace has been threatened. However, since 2000, the MoD has simply logged all public sightings and saved resources for other matters.

The records state: "The object was cream-coloured. Was traveling at an altitude of about 8,000 feet."

Comment: No doubt that the "more than 100 sightings a year" can be simply explained...


England: UFOs over Hackney

Random fireballs lighting up the skies of Stamford Hill were one of 97 unexplained mysteries that occurred in the UK last year.

The sightings were reported to the Ministry of Defence and have been published following requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

There was a massive bang in Stamford Hill at 9pm on September 9 last year before two large fireballs were seen moving east to west across the sky.

Denis Plunkett, 76, a founder of the British Flying Saucer Bureau and a former lecturer for the London UFO studies group, said: "I don't think I have ever heard of that sort of description.


England: UFOs spotted in the Midlands

Stargazers have reported a series of inexplicable objects in the night sky over the Tamworth area.

On Wednesday one resident noticed a silver ball of light above Hopwas, accompanied by rumbling noises.

Another resident, from the Stoneydelph area of the town, saw a blinding circle of lights.

Joyce Smith, president of Tamworth Civic Society, was another of the eye-witnesses.


Earthlights on Peru's Earthquake?

Following the terrible natural disaster on Peru, which caused hundreds of casualties, some local news agencies are also speaking about reports from locals of flashes of light in the sky both before and after the event.

According to El Comercio from Peru,
"During the night ... before and after the stron earthquake, neighbours from the districts of Miraflores, La Molina and Cercado de Lima assured having seen the sky light up because of an unexpected lightning in the middle of the night. Nevertheless, the National Hydrology and Meteorology told El Comercio that it didn't detect any anomaly in Lima's skies, and assured that this phenomenon could have been caused by the light of a beacon or some spinning panels that exist in the city".


Mystery lights over Walsall UFO hot spot

Mystery lights have been spotted over Brownhills - the latest in a long line of UFO sightings around the town.

The sighting comes just days after the Ministry of Defence officially declared our area a UFO hotspot.


Cell phone captures 'UFOs' flying in the sky

David Chapman has hard evidence that Leeds folk claiming to have witnessed mystery lights above the city's night sky were not just telling tall tales.

The 20-year-old managed to film strange goings-on overhead just hours after reading about Mark Frank's claims to have spotted a phenomenon in the sky.


Throwing light on a UK mystery

Strange lights are being seen across Liverpool, from Crosby to Kirkby, from Speke to Seaforth, and several readers have even provided me with photographic proof of these mysterious luminous entities.

On Monday 6 August at around 7.30pm, a woman visiting a relative at Broadgreen Hospital was astounded to see a ball of light hovering less than 100 yards from the hospital main entrance.

'I thought it was a flare at first,' says the witness, 'but could plainly see no parachute. I took two pictures of the light with my phone camera, but it only came out on one. I didn't see it move off or vanish, I just looked back and saw it had gone.'