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Doctor-legislator asks utilities to stop putting fluoride in water

The only practicing physician in the state legislature has asked hundreds of water districts to stop adding fluoride to drinking water, citing recommendations from the American Dental Association that moms avoid using tap water to mix baby formula.

State Rep. Joey Hensley, a Republican from Hohenwald, said he mailed about 250 letters last week after hearing that ingesting too much fluoride can cause fluorosis - or staining of the teeth - in young children.


Sir Richard Doll - blamed lung cancer on cigarettes while on the payroll of chemicals industry!!

Some of Britain's most senior scientists have angrily denounced suggestions that Sir Richard Doll, who proved the link between smoking and lung cancer, had deliberately failed to disclose financial dealings with the chemicals industry.

The scientists said that tens of millions of people owed their lives and health to studies pioneered by Sir Richard. "It is with dismay that we now hear allegations against him that he cannot rebut for himself," the scientists say in an open letter.

Comment: In other words, Doll and other scientists on chemical company payrolls had a vested interest in finding something to blame for lung cancer and many other illnesses caused by industrial chemicals in the air, food and water.


Cancer drugs harmful to brain cells

Common cancer drugs may be more harmful to the brain than the tumour cells they are meant to destroy.

Laboratory tests have shown that dose levels typically used when treating patients killed 70-100 per cent of neural cells but just 40-80 per cent of cancer cells. Several types of healthy brain cell continued to die for at least six weeks after exposure.

The findings, published in the Journal of Biology, may help explain the little understood cancer therapy side effect of "chemo brain".


Traces of antibiotic found in fish-dish favorite

Beijing -- Shanghai's food safety watchdog issued a warning over a popular fish dish after small amounts of a cancer-causing antibiotic were found in samples of turbot.

In the wake of the warning, one seafood market said it would tell vendors not to replenish stocks of the fish, while city restaurants said they would continue to serve turbot to customers unless there was an official ban.

Shanghai Food and Drug Administration officials said tests on 30 turbot samples taken from wholesale markets, supermarkets and restaurants showed low levels of AOZ, a carcinogenic antibiotic, in all of them.


No Fluoride for Infants, Say Dentists - NRC reveals fluoridation's adverse effects to the thyroid gland, diabetics, kidney patients

New York -- To prevent tooth damage, the American Dental Association (ADA) warned its members that fluoridated water should not be mixed into concentrated formula or foods intended for babies one year and younger, in a November 9th ADA e-mail alert.


Superbug brought back by Iraq war casualties

Injured soldiers returning from Iraq have brought back a superbug that has been linked with outbreaks in NHS hospitals where they have been treated, a health minister has confirmed. The links between casualties brought back from Iraq and outbreaks in the NHS have caused alarm within the health service and led to renewed demands for more dedicated wards for Britain's armed forces to enable wounded soldiers to be isolated more effectively.

The Health Protection Agency has urged NHS hospitals to step up their infection control measures as a result of the outbreaks of a strain of the superbug Acinetobacter baumannii which is resistant to many types of antibiotics.


Puberty Hitting Girls as Young as 4 Years Old

Experts Say Environment, Genetics May Be Factor

Most parents would agree that their kids always seem to grow up too quickly, but now, puberty is hitting young girls earlier than ever.

Nearly half of African-American girls start showing signs of puberty by 8 years old, and some American girls are developing as young as 5, even 4 years old, experts say.

Skyla Jones is an energetic 5-year-old from Georgia who loves to play.

Last year, her mother, Melissa Jones, noticed Skyla was tired all the time, had a body odor, and had blood in her urine.


Expert casts doubt on flu vaccine

Flu vaccines may not be as effective as people think, an expert has warned.

There is little clinical evidence that the vaccines have an effect on things like hospital stay, time off work, death in healthy adults or even those with conditions like asthma and cystic fibrosis, he said.


Why does eating feel so good? It's all in the head

Washington - Why does eating feel so good? The secret may lie in the head, not in the stomach, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

Tests on rats show that the appetite hormone ghrelin acts on pleasure receptors in the brain.


Diet products "boost appetite"

Diet products make people eat more, says nutritional toxicologist Peter Dingle.

He said some sweeteners in diet products were linked with stimulating appetite.

"Aspartame, commonly known as the sweetener NutraSweet, is a neuro-stimulant linked with stimulating appetite, so it can make you hungry," Prof Dingle, associate professor in health and the environment at Murdoch University, said.