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Wed, 28 Sep 2022
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Bird flu outbreak in south Russia spreads

A fifth case of bird flu has been confirmed at a farm in the Rostov Region, south Russia, close to the site of previous outbreaks, the regional emergencies ministry said.

"The outbreak at two smallholdings was registered on Saturday, samples were taken and sent for analysis, they came back positive for bird flu," the ministry said.

All 79 birds on the smallholding have been culled. A quarantine zone has been introduced in the Tselinsky district near the site of the first case of the deadly virus.


Nigeria court issues arrest warrant for Pfizer staff

A Nigerian state court Monday issued an arrest warrant for three Pfizer Inc. group staffers who allegedly defied a summons and failed to appear in court for hearings of a case against the US drugs company for an alleged illegal clinical trial.

Presiding judge Shehu Atiku said the three accused resident in Nigeria had been served summonses to appear before the court on November 6.

"But up till this moment none of them has appeared before this court either out of neglect, disrespect or contempt," the judge said before issuing the warrant.

Red Flag

Nigeria Takes On Pfizer over 'Killer Drug'

The Nigerian government is taking on Pfizer, the world's biggest pharmaceutical company. It accuses the company of using a meningitis epidemic to test an unapproved drug on Nigerian children. Eleven children who participated in the tests died and others were left with disabilities.

©Der Spiegel
Anas Mohammed who was one of the children tested with Pfizer's meningitis epidemic experimental drug. He is now suffering brain damage.


Tea drinking may not curb ovarian cancer risk

©REUTERS/David Gray
A man prepares to drink a cup of tea from a traditional Chinese cup in Chengdu September 10, 2007.

Tea drinking, in general, does not appear to decrease the risk for ovarian cancer, according to combined data from nine studies.


Coffee, tea linked to lower risk of kidney cancer

©REUTERS/Osman Orsal
A waiter carries two cups of Turkish coffee at a coffee shop in Istanbul October 19, 2007.

Coffee and tea lovers may have a slightly reduced risk of developing kidney cancer, research hints.


Drug contaminated with HIV-AIDS in Iraq

Fear spread among Babel Province residents after receiving reports from Babel medical officials that the "Albumin" drug was contaminated with HIV-AIDS.


Food poisoning outbreak affects 53 Siberian children

A total of 53 school children have been hospitalized following an outbreak of food poisoning in Buryatia, a republic in East Siberia, local officials said.

Doctors said the infection could have been caused by salads made from raw vegetables, which were served at the school canteen.

Meanwhile, Russia's consumer rights regulator, Rospotrebnadzor, said Monday that another possibility could be rodents at the warehouse where the vegetables were stored.


Thanks to testosterone, men are more humorous than women

If you ever wondered why the male comedians outnumber women in showbiz, the scientists now have an answer for you. Findings from a recent study in London claim that men are logically more comedic than women owing of the male hormone testosterone!

The study conducted by Professor Sam Shuster of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, says that testosterones found in males stimulate belligerence and this in turn, develops humor.

It may be mentioned here that nearly two years ago, on the basis of studies of brain patterns scientists at the Stanford University had asserted that a gender divide exists while it comes to appreciating humor.

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Man turns blue after using silver extract to treat a skin condition

Paul Karason is feeling blue - literally.

The US man used a silver extract to treat a skin condition. But it ended up changing the colour of his face, leaving him with a deep blue tinge.

The 57-year-old was fair-skinned and freckled 14 years ago, until he developed a bad case of dermatitis caused by stress. When it got so bad that the skin on his face began to peel and crack he began to use a substance called colloidal silver, he told US television.


The product is said to be made by extracting silver from metal into water with an electrical current before it is drunk.


What Science And History May Owe To Homeopathic Medicine

A new scholarly written book describes hundreds of well-known and respected physicians, scientists, politicians, corporate leaders, and literary greats who used or advocated for homeopathic medicine.