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Thu, 01 Oct 2020
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Earth Changes


Brilliant pink auroras are dazzling the Arctic Circle amid an ongoing solar storm

The northern lights appear pink over Tromso, Norway, on Saturday night.
© Markus Varik/SpaceWeather.com
The northern lights appear pink over Tromso, Norway, on Saturday night.
The northern lights may even dip into southern Canada

Mesmerizing curtains of colorful lights shimmered across the night skies above the Arctic Circle on Saturday and Sunday, with luminous pillars lighting up the landscape beneath shades of green, purple and pink. Skywatchers fixed their cameras pointing upward, the spectacle witnessed from Scandinavia, Alaska and Canada. It was a display of the northern lights, or aurora borealis.

The ordinarily ephemeral show lasted for hours as a powerful geomagnetic storm transformed bursts of energy from the sun into a palette of pastels. Energy hurtling toward Earth from the sun poured along the magnetosphere, the magnetic field that surrounds the planet. Like a natural sunscreen protecting us from damaging high-energy particles, it transforms protons and cosmic radiation into innocuous visible light.

Eye 2

Signs and Portents: Woman discovers 2-headed snake inside home in Alexander County, North Carolina

An Alexander County woman was surprised this weekend after finding a baby, two-headed snake inside of her home.
© Dave Faherty
An Alexander County woman was surprised this weekend after finding a baby, two-headed snake inside of her home.
An Alexander County woman was surprised this weekend after finding a baby, two-headed snake inside of her home.

Jeannie Wilson nicknamed the snake "Double Trouble" after she discovered it in her sunroom.

She believes the one-foot long snake is a rat snake.


Italy's coldest September in 50 years

September snow falls near Rome

September snow falls near Rome
Temperatures plunge suddenly as Italy battered by torrential rain.

Italy's incessant rain and sudden drop in temperature in recent days have resulted in the country's coldest September for 50 years, reports Italian media.

Over the weekend, temperatures in Italy plunged by between 10 and 15 degrees, leading to snow falls much earlier than usual.

The spell of bad weather, triggered by a belt of cold air from northern Europe, has been particularly intense in Milan and Turin which recorded 5°C and 4°C degrees respectively on the night of Sunday 27 September.


Mount Buller hit by 16 inches of spring snow in Victorian Alps, Australia

Mount Buller resort
© Mount Buller
Mount Buller resort
It's the middle of spring, but Victorian Alps have turned into a wintry wonderland following the cold blast that swept through most of the state at the weekend.

Mount Buller recorded more than 40 centimetres of fresh snow, one of its largest snowfalls of the season.

Mount Buller resort's Rhylla Morgan said it was a real taste of winter.

"It went from spring back to winter very quickly," Ms Morgan said.


Beartooth Highway closed due to 3-4 foot snow drifts in Wyoming

© WYDOT Public Relations Specialist Cody Beers
Wyoming Department of Transportation Public Relations Specialist Cody Beers said on Monday, Sept. 28 that a portion of Beartooth Highway has been closed.

He noted there are 3-4 foot snow drifts at the summit of the pass.

"Beartooth Highway (US212) will remain closed until further notice from the Long Lake barricade on the Wyoming side of the Wyoming/Montana border to the MT/WY state line," Beers said.

Beers said that the National Parks Service is monitoring the road.

"It may be reopened if the winter weather moderates," he added.

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly floods and and landslides in Vietnam after 13 inches of rain in 24 hours

The Disaster Management Authority in Vietnam reports that 2 people have died and 7 others injured in northern provinces following heavy rains and landslides from 26 September 2020.

Hanh Cu in Phu Tho recorded 338mm of rain in a 24 hour period to 27 September.

Rain triggered a landslide causing a house to collapse in Ha Hoa District, Phu Tho, killing 2 people.

Across the province, 7 people were reported injured and 3 bridges and roads at over 30 points were damaged or destroyed. As many as 61 houses were damaged in Phu Tho, while heavy rain in Lao Cai caused damage to 12 houses.

Rain related damage, in particular to crops, was also reported in Ha Giang and Yen Bai provinces.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: This is what happens when global growing seasons shorten

Indian Farmers told to deal directly with multi-national companies to sell food, Europe orders Romania to give crops to the collective. Record cold and out of season events in both hemispheres as all signs point to 2021 as the roll over year for global food production in the Grand Solar Minimum.


Comment: For more information, images and videos, see: Early snow in the northern hemisphere, late in the southern

Cloud Precipitation

Flood inundates 17,135 hectares of croplands in Kurigram, Bangladesh - 6 inches of rain in 12 hours

© Dhaka Tribune
At least 60,000 people are marooned and road communication has been snapped in many parts of the districts

About 17,135 hectares of cropland has gone underwater in nine upazilas of Kurigram district during the fifth phase flooding triggered by the onrush of upstream water and heavy downpours.

The flood can damage homesteads and croplands of thousands in the district, say residents of these areas.

The local office of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) says the district experienced 156 mm rainfall in the last 12 hours, from 10pm on Saturday to 10am on Sunday.


Last weekend of September brings early snow on Romania's mountain road Transalpina

Those driving on Romania's high-altitude road Transalpina last weekend had first seats to a preview of the upcoming winter season.

The temperature dropped to 1 degree Celsius on Transalpina on Saturday afternoon, and the rain turned into sleet and even snow in some places, local Stirileprotv.ro reported. Fortunately, the thin layer of snow that covered the road did not cause problems for drivers, even if the cars were not equipped for the winter.


6,000 sheep trapped by early snow in French Alps - snowdrifts 2 meters deep

6.000 sheep and ewes, about a hundred cows, divided into five flocks are trapped in the snow

6.000 sheep and ewes, about a hundred cows, divided into five flocks are trapped in the snow
Thousands of sheep have been trapped in the Col du Gandon in the Savoie in the south-east France at 2,000m altitude after heavy snowfalls on Friday night took shepherds by surprise. Locals managed to get emergency food supplies to the flocks on Sunday.

The 6,000 sheep and some 100 cattle got stuck in the Col du Gandon mountain pass along with their shepherds on the night of Friday 25 September after an early flurry of snow coupled with icy winds created snowdrifts of up to two metres high.

On Sunday the local town hall in Saint-Colomban-des Villards set up a crisis centre and launched an operation to feed the animals.