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Thu, 12 Dec 2019
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Earth Changes


Shallow 6.1 magnitude quake rocks off eastern Indonesia, no tsunami alert issued

quake map
A shallow and strong earthquake measuring 6.1 magnitude struck off eastern Indonesia's West Papua province on Saturday evening, but no tsunami alert was issued, the meteorology and geophysics agency said.

The quake jolted at 7:11 p.m. Jakarta time (1211 GMT) with the epicenter at 280 km northeast Tambrauw of the province and a depth of 10 km under sea bed, official in charge at the agency Abdul Rosid said.

"There (is) no potential of tsunami from happening so that we did not issue a warning," he told Xinhua over phone.

Indonesia is prone to quake for its position on the quake-impacted zone so-called "the Pacific Ring of Fire."


Overnight storm drops 10 inches of snow atop Aspen Mountain, Colorado

Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol sets off from the top to check conditions the day before officially opening the mountain on Friday, November 22, 2019.
© Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times
Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol sets off from the top to check conditions the day before officially opening the mountain on Friday, November 22, 2019.
Opening day got a little sweeter as an overnight snowstorm dropped 10 inches of snow at the top of Aspen Mountain and set the ski area up for top-to-bottom skiing for its opening on Saturday.

Aspen Skiing Co. announced Friday that Aspen Mountain will open with 148 acres and 3,200 vertical feet of skiing. The Silver Queen Gondola, Ajax Express and Bell Mountain chairlifts will operate.

The open trails at Aspen Mountain include Bellissimo, Upper Copper, Deer Park, Dipsy Doodle, Easy Chair, One and Two Leaf, Pumphouse, Silver Bell, Pussyfoot, Silver Dip and Spar Gulch.

Skico announced earlier this week it would open 75 acres of terrain on Aspen Mountain and 60 acres at Snowmass. Initially, there wasn't enough snow on the upper portion of Aspen Mountain for the early opening. The snowmaking system only covers some trails on the lower two-thirds of the ski area. But with 10 inches of snowfall by dawn Friday and more snow falling, Skico was able to prepare more terrain.

Snowmass will still be offering 60 acres for its early opening. The Village Express chairlift will operate to midway, providing access on trails down to Fanny Hill. The Elk Camp Gondola will also serve Elk Camp Meadows beginners' area.


Storms bring snow to Hawaii Island summits

image from the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory webcam on November 19

Image from the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory webcam on November 19
Tuesday's stormy weather produced a brief snowfall at the summits of Mauna Loa and Maunakea. Most of the snow melted within a few hours.

A webcam USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory webcam caught a glimpse of the snow on Mauna Loa's Mokuʻāweoweo Caldera from the northwest rim.

On Maunakea, several observatory webcams recorded the event. A thin layer of snow remains on the summit this morning.

The Flash Flood Watch for Hawaiʻi Island has been discontinued.


Grand Canyon transforms into winter wonderland after overnight snowfall

Several inches of snow turns Grand Canyon into winter wonderland

Several inches of snow turns Grand Canyon into winter wonderland
We may only be approaching Thanksgiving, but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Grand Canyon.

Snow blanketed the famed Arizona, national park on Thursday. The official Twitter account for the site warned visitors to expect icy roads.

"An overcast morning on the South Rim, after receiving around 3 inches of snow last night. Caution park roads and footpaths are icy," @GrandCanyonNPS tweeted along with a photo of a view from early Thursday. "There is a possibility of additional snow throughout the day."


Republic of Congo declares state of natural disaster as severe flooding displaces 50,000 people

congo floods
Satellite-detected flooded structures, as of 15 November 2019, over Libenge, Libenge Territory, Sud-Ubangi Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
The Republic of Congo's government has declared a state of natural disaster in three territories after severe flooding displaced at least 50,000 people.

The Council of Ministers said weeks of heavy rains in the Likouala, La Cuvette and Plateaux territories have destroyed homes and infrastructure.

The government says severe flooding has caused the loss of plantations, livestock and food reserves, and has led to a resurgence of waterborne diseases. Some 50,000 people along the Congo River are in a state of distress, according to the council.

Victor Ngassi, secretary general of Makotipoko, more than 400km (248 miles) upstream of Brazzaville, says people in his district are starving and waiting for government help, AP reports.


Rare sky-high rainbow halo snapped in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Sun halo over NZ
© Kaila Kahui-Grosvenor
A high school student in Lower Hutt has captured impressive photographs of a rainbow halo around the sun.

Sacred Heart College student Kaila Kahui-Grosvenor snapped the pics during lunchtime on Thursday.

"I saw this crazy looking halo around the sun and thought it looked pretty cool," she told Newshub. "A teacher said it was from the Australian fires."

WeatherWatch forecaster Philip Duncan told Newshub halos like these are usually caused by ice crystals very high up in the atmosphere - over 10km.

"The fine ice crystal behaves like mist so when the sun hits it, it refracts and reflects the light making a halo or rainbow around the sun and moon."

But he wouldn't rule out the Australian bushfires having an influence.

"The bush fires probably didn't create this, but I do admit our atmosphere is probably a little dirtier at the moment so I couldn't 100 percent rule it out."

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Sinkhole in Brazil swallows mother and daughter as they drive behind truck

Sinkhole opens in Brazil
© YouTube/Jornal Lê Aí

A mother and daughter casually driving along the streets of Flores da Cunha in Brazil were swallowed up by a giant sinkhole which suddenly opened up in the road before them.

Vanessa Cavagnolli, 34, suffered a broken nose and her daughter Andressa Carnesela, 12, sustained minor, non-life threatening injuries in the dramatic incident in the Rio Grande do Sul region on Tuesday.

CCTV footage from the street shows the road disintegrating after a heavy construction truck carrying clay drove over it.

The driver immediately behind the truck averted danger in time but Cavagnolli unwittingly sped right into the abyss. Thankfully, Cavagnolli was largely unharmed, and could be seen getting out of her vehicle in shock at what had just unfolded.

Snowflake Cold

Hail hits Phoenix, snow plagues Denver and the weather forecast ahead of holiday travel rush

Stormy weather is expected to start this weekend and last through Thanksgiving week.

On Thursday, a storm in the west dumped more than 1 foot of snow from northern Arizona to the Colorado Rockies. Even the Grand Canyon saw up to three inches.

Meanwhile, heavy hail struck Phoenix, Arizona, coating roads and neighborhoods, nearly looking like snow.

That same storm brought about 1 inch of snow and freezing rain to Denver Thursday night, causing dangerous driving conditions and a crash involving over 50 cars.

Snowflake Cold

Martin Armstrong Warns Of The Coming "Big Freeze"

big freeze ahead sign

The BIG FREEZE is upon us.

The volatility in weather that our computer has been forecasting on a long-term basis should result in this winter being colder than the last. In Britain, the snow has hit an already flood-ravaged country as temperatures plunged to -7C. This is part of the problem we face. The ground freezes down and this prevents winter crops.

During the late 1700s, the ground froze to a depth of 2 feet according to John Adams. When John Adams set out to travel to Philadelphia, it was bitterly cold and there was a foot or more of snow that covered the landscape that had blanketed Massachusetts from one end of the province to the other. Beneath the snow, after weeks of severe cold, the ground was frozen solid to a depth of two feet. Packed ice in the road made the journey very hazardous.

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Ice Cube

Farmers in Canterbury, New Zealand fearing 80 percent crop loss from hailstorm

One of the large hailstones that fell on Timaru, New Zealand
© Facebook / Rob Haines
One of the large hailstones that fell on Timaru, New Zealand.
Canterbury farmers are scrambling to salvage what was spared from hail the size of eggs which pummelled Canterbury this week.

Some of them are fearing as much as an 80 percent crop loss after two severe storms battered the region.

Insurers said they've received hundreds of claims after the egg-sized hail and driving rain caused extensive damage.

"Its been pretty extensive its done a lot of damage to a broad range of crops, wheat and barley particularly.

"It's just been chopped right off by the hail storm," Brian Leadley, Vice-chairperson of Federated Farmers, said.

His crop of peas is just one month out from harvest. He said the storm bruised the plants badly.

Many of the crops are going to be exposed to disease which means farmers may have to invest more money into crops.

Comment: Erratic seasons and extreme weather devastating crops around the world