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Propaganda? WWF Canada: climate change hitting arctic faster, harder than first thought

TORONTO - A study by the global conservation group World Wildlife Fund says that climate change is having a greater impact in the Arctic than was previously thought.

The report is being unveiled at the meeting of the Arctic Council, an intergovernmental forum of Arctic nations Thursday in Norway. WWF says the new report represents the most wide-ranging view of the situation since the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment was published in 2005.


Canada: An 'oasis' of 20,000 intrigues under the sea

Newly designated marine protected area, west of Queen Charlotte Islands, is 'just full of life,' lucky diver finds

Bowie Seamount
©The Globe and Mail
Bowie Seamount called an oceanic oasis because of the variety of life around it


'Forget global warming, prepare for Ice Age'

Sunspot activity has not resumed up after hitting an 11-year low in March last year, raising fears that - far from warming - the globe is about to return to an Ice Age.

ice age
Chop and change ... scientists says we should be less concerned by global warming and more worried about a new Ice Age


Global Warming censored: How the major networks silence the debate on Climate Change

So much for that job requirement of balance and objectivity. When it came to global warming the media clearly left out dissent in favor of hype, cute penguins and disastrous predictions.

Comment: While the above recommendations have merit, it is unlikely that they will be implemented because the Climate Change meme appears to be politically driven as part of a "deeper" agenda for control of the planet.

Cloud Lightning

Australia: Nursing home hit by lightning

A nursing home at Warwick was directly hit by lightning last night which blew out windows and sent a tree crashing through a wall.

Emergency crews were called to the Blue Care home on Law Road at about 9.20pm after the strike caused significant damage.

Frightened elderly residents were evacuated to a large room at the back of the facility, but fire crews discovered a tree had collapsed through the wall.

Residents were then taken to another safe spot while crews worked to patch up the building.

Cloud Lightning

Canada: Water levels starting to stabilize in Fredericton

Fredericton Flood
©Ryan Edwards
Flood waters cascade onto the highway near Maugerville, New Brunswick

The St. John River is expected to stabilize in Fredericton, New Brunswick on Thursday but will continue to rise outside the city, say Emergency Measures Organization officials.

The latest river watch reports the flooded river will remain at its current level of about 7.1 metres into Saturday, while it will rise in nearby Maugerville and Jemseg.

Bizarro Earth

Using chemicals to cut global warming may damage ozone layer

Washington - The rule of unintended consequences threatens to strike again. Some researchers have suggested that injecting sulfur compounds into the atmosphere might help ease global warming by increasing clouds and haze that would reflect sunlight.

Cloud Lightning

US: Severe weather pounds parts of Texas with hail, 70 mph winds

Severe weather pounded parts of Texas with baseball-sized hail, 70-mph winds and possible tornadoes on Wednesday, knocking down power lines and trees, and damaging some buildings. No injuries were reported.

In northern Jones County, Judge Dale Spurgin said a storm damaged roofs in Anson and one highway was closed by downed utility poles. Spurgin said there was minor flooding on some roads.

As the storm moved east, at least one tornado was reported in Erath County, about 60 miles southwest of Fort Worth. The same one appears to have touched down nearby in Palo Pinto County, said Nick Hampshire, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. Trees were knocked down and outbuildings were destroyed along the county line.


Indonesian volcano starts spitting red-hot rocks

Mount Anak Krakatau, a volcanic island in the Sunda Strait, has started hurling flaming rocks from its southern crater, Indonesian Antara news agency said on Thursday.

The agency quoted Anton Tripambudi, head of the monitoring post in a nearby village, as saying that the red-hot rocks shooting up from its crater have reached as high as 600 meters and are clearly visible from the nearby coast indicating that volcanic activity was set to continue.


Hawaii volcano forces park evacuation for 2nd time in month

Elevated levels of sulfur dioxide pouring from Kilauea volcano Wednesday forced the evacuation of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for the second time this month.

About 2,000 people were forced to leave the park when a lack of wind kept the noxious gas from Halemaumau Crater lingering over the Big Island volcano, park spokeswoman Mardie Lane said.