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Zoologists Unlock New Secrets About Frog Deaths

New research from zoologists at Southern Illinois University Carbondale opens a bigger window to understanding a deadly fungus that is killing off frogs throughout Central and South America, and that could threaten amphibian populations in North America as well.

Evil Rays

Lima: Two earthquakes hit Peru's capital city

Two earthquakes, one a magnitude 4.4 and the other a 5.4, which were felt across Peru's capital and throughout the province of Lima, struck Peru's coast early Saturday morning, said the U.S. Geological Survey.

The first occurred at approximately 1:41 a.m. and was not perceived by many of Lima's citizens.

The second, however, which was felt at 7:51 a.m., alarmed many and caused people in the country's capital to dart out of their homes and business establishments.


US: Additional evidence of wolverine found in the Tahoe National Forest

During ongoing investigations by an Oregon State University graduate student, the Forest Service, and California Department of Fish and Game (DFG), two additional wolverine photographs were captured this past week. A variety of hair, track and scat samples were also sent for analysis to determine if these were from a wolverine. After the initial photograph of a wolverine was taken by a remote camera on Feb. 28, 2008, in the Tahoe National Forest, researchers, biologists and volunteers intensified the search for more detections in the same general area, north of Truckee, Calif.

©US Forest Service and Oregon State University
Side view of a wolverine photographed in California's Tahoe National Forest by a remote-controlled camera. A wolverine was first photographed on the national forest on Feb. 28, 2008, the first scientific confirmation of the animal's presence in California since the 1920s.

Cloud Lightning

Rising Concerns: Floods inundate half of Arkansas

Sand Hill, Ark. - Volunteers armed with sandbags held back water springing up from under a rural levee Tuesday as the White River continued its highest surge in a quarter-century through eastern Arkansas.

Arkansas flooding
©Jim Williamson
Flood waters submerge a fishing pier and parking lot Monday morning at Beard's Bluff on Millwood Lake. Heavy rains from last week's storms left the lake about 8 foot higher than normal. Rising water continues to wreak havoc across the state, with 35 counties declared disaster areas.

Alarm Clock

US: Why Are The Horses Going Hungry?

Southeast Drought Wreaks Havoc On Hay Supplies, Leading Farmers To Despair

LEXINGTON, Ky., The rolling hills of central Kentucky appear as scenic as ever. But there's a more troubling picture developing in the bluegrass and beyond.

Horses are starving - even dying - in Kentucky, Tennessee, and at least five other Southeastern states, CBS News correspondent Daniel Sieberg reports.


Deep quake off New Zealand felt across North Island

A deep earthquake which struck several hundred kilometres north-east of New Zealand tonight was felt in much of the North Island

Bizarro Earth

Earthquake South of Crete but No Damage

Athens, Greece - Authorities say an earthquake has struck the southern island of Crete, but no damage or injuries have been reported.

Crete Earthquake

Better Earth

New 'battle of Midway' over plastic

On the coral atoll of Midway in the central Pacific - famous for America's first victory over the Japanese fleet in World War Two - wildlife experts are facing a new battle against a rising tide of plastic waste.

Life Preserver

Australia: Giant ocean eddy shadows Sydney

The giant ocean eddy that cooled Sydney's shores a year ago has been superseded by another 300 km diameter giant.

CSIRO Wealth from Oceans National Research Flagship scientist, Dr David Griffin, says the 'birth' of the eddy has been traced to last August.

"From satellite maps of sea-level we can see that it had been loitering this side of Lord Howe Island for some time and began approaching the NSW coast near Christmas," Dr Griffin says.

"It remained stationary during January and simply grew larger but, because it remained offshore, less people would have noticed its impacts on water temperatures."

The cold water at the new eddy's centre has welled up about 500m from the ocean depths.

Life Preserver

Russian tourists rescued after avalanche in Siberia

Russian rescue workers have evacuated a group of tourists hit by an avalanche in the northeast Siberian republic of Yakutia, a member of the emergency services said on Wednesday.

Two members of the group, including the leader, died yesterday when they were struck by the avalanche.