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Fri, 24 Sep 2021
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 4 in Sherpur, Bangladesh

They were killed in four separate incidents of lightning strikes in the district

A total of four people including two teenagers died from separate lightning strikes in Sherpur on Wednesday.

The deceased were identified as Mostofa Mia of Krishnapur Doripara village in Sherpur sadar, Azizul Haque of Lava village in Nokla upazila, Md Arman Hossain of Goshaipur village in Sreebardi upazila, and Russel Mia of Jhenaigati upazila.

Mostofa was struck by a thunderbolt on Wednesday afternoon when he was working in a paddy field during rain. Two others were injured in the strike.

Comment: On the same day a lightning strike killed 2 people in Odisha, India.

Bizarro Earth

Major landslide hits northern Indian highway near Tibet border: Dozens trapped under debris

landslide india highway tibet
© ITBP/Twitter
A landslide reported on Reckong Peo- Shimla Highway in #Kinnaur District in Himachal Pradesh, August 11, 2021
The monsoon season has wreaked havoc in several parts of India, causing landslides and flash floods.

On Wednesday a major landslide hit the Reckong Peo-Shimla Highway, which passes through the Kinnaur District of India's mountainous Himachal Pradesh state, burying dozens of people and vehicles.

While the exact number of people feared trapped remains unclear, conflicting reports in Indian media suggest it could be as many as 80.

Bizarro Earth

Powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake rattles Philippines

Sitting off the ring of fire, the Philippines is no stranger to seismic activity. One of the most disastrous earthquakes that shook the nation took place in 2012 after a magnitude 6.7 unfolded and led to the deaths of dozens of individuals and prompted injuries to over a hundred others. Many are still considered missing.

A massive magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the Philippines early Thursday, according to readings by the United States Geological Service.

Although the US agency initially issued a tsunami warning for the archipelagic country and nearby Indonesia, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has since stated that there is no longer a tsunami threat to the Philippines.

Details released by the USGS indicate that the quake struck at a depth of 50 kilometers at a distance of just 66 kilometers southeast of Bobon, Philippines. Initial readings of the the quake came in at a magnitude 6.1 and later upgraded to a magnitude 7.2 quake, before being downgraded to 7.1.
Philippines Earthquake


19-month-old toddler killed by family dog in Brooklyn, New York

stock photo
Stock photo
An 19-month-old child was killed in New York by the family dog, while his father was at work.

The attack happened in Flatbush, Brooklyn, at around 10.45pm EST (3.45am BST). According to New York Daily News, the boy had been left at home while his father went to work.

He was being watched over by two older brothers, aged 11 and nine.

Whilst the father was out the family's rottweiler launched a brutal assault in the ground floor apartment.

After the dog attacked the child, his siblings ran out into the street to seek help.

They managed to flag down a passing car, with an occupant then rescuing the toddler from the apartment.


Wildfires in Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo

Firefighters managed to control a huge fire that broke out Monday night near the village of Kalimash in Albania and threatened the main access to neighbouring Kosovo.

The fire engulfed the area above the Thirrë-Kalimash Tunnel, burning trees and shrubbery.

No injuries occurred and traffic was able resume some hours later.

Comment: More extreme wildfires recently struck (on August 7) another country in the region - Kosovo:


Algeria wildfires: At least 65 people killed as blazes ravage forests and villages east of the capital

Smoke rises from a forest fire in the mountainous Tizi Ouzou province, east of the Algerian capital, Algiers

Smoke rises from a forest fire in the mountainous Tizi Ouzou province, east of the Algerian capital, Algiers
The dead include soldiers who were killed saving residents from wildfires ravaging mountain forests and villages east of the capital, Algiers.

At least 65 people have been killed in wildfires that erupted in Algeria, according to state television reports.

Officials said the number included 25 soldiers killed trying to save residents.

The fires have been ravaging forests and villages east of the capital, Algiers, in the Kabyle region, covering the mountainous area with thick clouds of smoke.

Prime Minister Ayman Benabderrahmane told state television the blazes appeared to be "highly synchronised", adding that "leads one to believe these were criminal acts".


Russia - Far east faces another wave of floods as rivers rise again - Over 24,000 affected (UPDATE)

Regions of Russia's Far East are facing yet another wave of flooding after days of heavy rain caused river levels to rise.

Yevgeny Zinichev, head of Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations EMERCOM, visited areas of Amur and Jewish Autonomous Oblasts (regions) on 07 August 2021. He described the situation as "extremely difficult".

In Amur Region, the Amur, Zeya, Selemdzha, Tom and Zavitaya rivers are all flowing above flood stage. As of 09 August, 182 homes were flooded, including 67 in the district of Belogorsky, 12 in Blagoveshchensk, 25 in Seryshevsky and 19 in Selemdzhinsky. Over 50 people have evacuated their homes and were staying in 3 temporary shelters. Furthermore, 1 bridge is damaged and 40 sections of highways are flooded leaving 28 settlements cut off by road.

Comment: Update: TASS reports on August 10:
Over 24,000 people in Russia's Far East affected by floods

The flood affected 145 settlements in 56 municipalities

© Russian Emergencies Ministry/TASS
More than 24,000 people in Russia's Far East have been affected by floods, the press service of the office of the Russian presidential envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District said on Tuesday.

"Four Far Eastern regions, namely the Amur region, the TransBaikal and Khabarovsk Territories, and the Jewish autonomous region, were affected by the flood. <...> More than 24,000 people have been affected by the flood, more than 1,000 living premises were recognized as unfit for living and 1,871 premises require repairs," it said.

The flood affected 145 settlements, 56 municipalities, more than 3,000 private houses, 8,900 land plots, and 160 social facilities. More than 950 kilometers of motorways, 102 bridges, seven railway sections were damaged.

According to the press service, more than 80% of those affected by the flooding have received a lump-sum allowance of 10,000 rubles (135 US dollars) from the federal budget. Those who have lost daily necessity property will receive a sum of 50,000 rubles (676 US dollars) and a sum of 100,000 rubles (1,352 US dollars) will be paid to those who lost their housing.
See also: Thousands evacuate floods in far east of Russia

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rain causes flash flood in Surat Thani, Thailand

Raging currents of flood swept away the roof of a shop at Surat Thani province. Due to heavy rain, water from the Nuea Khlong waterfall flowed down the mountain yesterday, flooding some houses in Wiang Sa District.

Southern parts of Thailand get by far the most rain, with around 2,400 millimeters every year, compared with the central and northern regions of Thailand. The national weather service for Surat Thani reported yesterday to be the wettest day in the coming week with around 7.90mm or 0.3 inches of rainfall.

Cloud Lightning

Fore! Family of 4 golfers struck by lightning in Hayward, Wisconsin

Authorities said four people, all related, were struck by lightning at the Big Fish Golf Club course in Hayward.

Multiple units with Sawyer County responded to the incident around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

They said four male golfers who were visiting the area suffered injuries from a nearby lightning strike on the golf course.

The golfers were alert at the time authorities arrived and all four were brought to a local hospital.


British Columbia wildfires by the numbers: Over 650,000 hectares burned

The sun has risen on another summer day in British Columbia where thousands of hard-working personnel are combining their efforts to get the province's ongoing wildfire situation under control.

Since April 1, there have been 1,451 wildfires in BC that have burned just over 650,000 hectares of land.

Currently, there are 260 active wildfires and here's how they break down by region: