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Mon, 27 Feb 2017
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Climate changes alarm: Colorado River drought woes could affect 41 million Americans

© Marc Rasmus / www.globallookpress.com
Colorado River, Arizona, USA
Residents of the Southwest US will almost certainly face drought because of water loss in the Colorado River caused by global warming, according to scientists. By mid-century the water levels will drop by 5 million acre-feet, a new study says.

Researchers from Colorado State University and University of Arizona are predicting the Colorado River will suffer up to a 55 percent reduction in volume by the end of this century, due to global warming. That will be concern to the 41 million people in seven states of the American Southwest that use the river's supply for drinking water, and affect the water supply for six million acres of farmland.

The scientists began investigating after noticing that recent Colorado flows were lower than water managers expected, given the amount of precipitation. The projected loss is equal to the amount of fresh water used by 2 million people a year.

Researchers looked at the drought years of 2000-2014, and found that 85 percent of the river's flow originates as precipitation in the Upper Basin, the part of the river that drains portions of Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. The team found during 2000-2014, temperatures in the river's Upper Basic were 1.6 degrees F (0.9 C) higher than the average for previous 105 years.

Comment: Man made global warming didn't cause the megadrought in the 16th century, and it's not going to be the cause of a future one. Any solutions involving that bogus claim are useless. This is not to say that such kinds of megadroughts are not on the way. They very well may be, but the earth changes we are seeing are not so black and white as some pseudo-climate scientists would like them to be.

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Sinkhole swallows snowplow in Sioux City, Iowa

© Alex Boisjolie
A Sioux City snowplow was swallowed by a street sinkhole Friday afternoon.

The street caved around 4:30 p.m. while the dump truck was traveling eastbound at the intersection of Pierce and 30th streets.

The back of the truck was filled with sand and had to be lifted out of the hole by a crane while another tow truck pulled it forward.

There were no injuries reported.

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20-foot wide sinkhole closes street in Toronto

A street in Toronto's west end is closed to traffic while crews work to repair a sinkhole that opened up on Friday afternoon.

It happened around 4:30 p.m., police were called to Morningside Avenue, near South Kingsway and south of Bloor Street West.

When police arrived, they found a sinkhole 20 feet wide and five feet deep, where a truck had become trapped. No injuries were reported.

Officers said a watermain break may have caused the road to cave in.

Black Cat

Leopard mauls six people in Bihar, India

Leopard atack
Muzaffarpur district of Bihar was left terrified on Friday afternoon after the news of a leopard being spotted in the near-by farms made way. Seen loafing around freely, the leopard soon turned violent when a massive crowd gathered around the area to witness the sight.

The struggle to catch the leopard went on for over 9 hours where all the commotion led to the wild animal attacking over 6 villagers. Although the experts were called upon for rescue, their delay of over 3 hours in reaching the spot with tranquillizers resulted in the villagers opting for other measures to capture the animal.

Leopard atack

Cloud Lightning

Rare February thunderstorm hits Central New York

© Lindsey Geiger
Pea-sized hail fell in Solvay this morning (Feb. 24, 2017) during a rare February thunderstorm in Central New York.
A rare February thunderstorm slammed Central New York this morning, bringing pea-sized hail, blinding rain and scattered power outages.

Lightning struck a house in Solvay while the owner was inside. (No one was hurt.) An elevator at Destiny USA halted momentarily as the power flickered, one witness said. Rain was so intense that even with wipers on high, motorists had a hard time seeing. One Solvay resident reported pea-sized hail.

Between 8 and 9 a.m., 0.63 inches of rain fell at Hancock International Airport. The most intense portion of the storm was centered on Syracuse.

National Grid reported several scattered outages in Lyncourt and Liverpool, affecting about 2,500 customers.

Do you have any photos or video of the storm? Share them in the comments below, or email them to [email protected].

Reader William Blanchard sent us the video below, taken from his office window Friday morning in downtown Syracuse. At the 18-second mark you'll see a flash over the State Tower Building.


52 feet (16 meters) of snow and counting: California's record-breaking snowfalls continue

Scene at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski resort: The snow is so high that it's burying chairlifts, forcing ski resorts to close.

The snow amounts in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range this winter are difficult to wrap your head around. In many cases topping 500 inches, they are some of the highest totals in memory.

At the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows resort, seven feet fell in just the past week. The snow is so high that it buried chairlifts and ski patrol shacks.

Cloud Lightning

Thunder snow and lightning filmed in Grand Chute, Wisconsin

Representative image
You just have to love Wisconsin weather. One day, we're breaking high temperature records. The next thing you know, we're getting snow, sleet, ice, and lightning!

Action 2 News has received numerous reports of thunder snow and lightning Friday morning.

Jackie Disch of Grand Chute shared this video with us on Twitter. You'll see lightning and hear thunder at about 25 seconds in:

@WBAY @SteveBeylonWBAY pic.twitter.com/967s7dkdOG

— Jackie Disch (@JackieDisch) February 24, 2017

Cloud Precipitation

Floods leave 1 dead and 2,000 displaced in Cundinamarca and Huila, Colombia

Aftermath of the floods in Rivera, Huila, Colombia, February 2017.
Recent heavy rain in central and western areas of Colombia has caused flooding in the 3 departments of Antioquia, Cundinamarca, and Huila.

At least one person was killed in floods in Gachetá in Cundinamarca. Around 2,000 people have been evacuated after flooding in Rivera, Huila, where over 100 homes have been destroyed. In Antioquia minor flooding affected the cities of Medellín and Itagüí and parts of the Aburrá Valley between 21 and 23 February.

Colombia's meteorological agency IDEAM (Instituto de Hidrología, Meteorología y Estudios Ambientales) says that the conditions are unusual and the heavy rain is falling during what would normally be considered the dry season.

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Strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Fiji

© Google Maps/USGS
A earthquake magnitude 6.9 (ml/mb) has struck on Friday, 283 km S of Ndoi Island, Fiji (176 miles). Exact location of event, depth 396.08 km, -178.845° West, -23.2032° South. The 6.9-magnitude earthquake was detected at 05:28:43 / 5:28 am (local time epicenter). Exact time and date of earthquake 24/02/17 / 2017-02-24 17:28:43 / February 24, 2017 @ 5:28 pm UTC/GMT. Id of earthquake: us20008m3t.

Event ids that are associated: at00olw37x, pt17055051, us20008m3t. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 396.08 km (246 miles) below the earth's surface. A tsunami warning has been issued near Ndoi Island in Fiji (Does not indicate if a tsunami actually did or will exist).

Each year there are an estimated 135 quakes in the world. Earthquakes 6.0 to 6.9 may cause a lot of damage in very populated areas. In the past 24 hours, there have been two, in the last 10 days three, in the past 30 days five and in the last 365 days fourty-three earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater that was reported nearby.

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Horrifying 'sea monster' carcass washes up on Philippines beaches

© iamjohndavid11 / Instagram
Sea cow or monster from the deep?
The sea around the Philippines has produced nightmarish sea creatures in recent days, with two bizarre carcasses washing ashore. Locals were left baffled by the horrifying discoveries, though marine experts believe they've solved the mystery.

Photos of a 4.5-meter bloodied carcass covered in white hair went viral after washing up on one of the Dinagat Islands in the Philippines on Wednesday.