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Tue, 03 Oct 2023
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Flashing Blue Light Seen Above Exploded Nuclear Reactor


'US orders media silence over Bahrain'


Mourners shout anti-government slogans and wave Bahraini flags during a funeral march for Sayed Ahmed Shams, 15, on March 31in Saar

President of Bahrain's Center for Human Rights Nabeel Rajab says the US media have been ordered not to cover news on the government's brutal crackdown on Bahraini people.

Reports from the Center's colleagues in the United States say "In the US some news agencies and TV stations were asked not to report on Bahrain and not to embarrass [President Barack Obama's administration," Rajab told Press TV.

He went on to say that the US and the Western governments have chosen to keep silent over ongoing atrocities in Bahrain due to their support for the country's authoritarian regime.

According to unconfirmed reports, over 420 people have been arrested during ongoing protests in the kingdom, Rajab pointed out.


'Strange Sex' Exploring More Bizarre Bedroom Behavior, Mysterious Medical Conditions


An image from 'Strange Sex.' (TLC)

TLC is once again taking American audiences between the sheets for an intimate exploration of medical abnormalities, unusual fetishes and the science behind sexual attraction in the second season of "Strange Sex."

The 10 episode docu-reality series profiles a range of individuals brave enough to divulge the trials and tribulations of their various conditions, including a Muslim couple who waited until their wedding night to have sex only to discover they were unable to consummate their nuptials, a woman born with two vaginas dealing with the possibility she will not be able to have children, and, in the debut episode, we'll meet Ron Low, a typical suburban husband and father from Chicago on a mission to help men restore their foreskin.

"In 2001 I realized I had to do something to improve my sex life because it was getting to be dull. I researched online and found out there are a lot of men restoring their foreskins and I decided to do it too," Low, an industrial engineer, told FOX411's Pop Tarts column. "The tapeless device I wanted wasn't available, so that got me tinkering in my own basement to make a device based on some ideas I had seen online and came up with a way to make these things to meet my needs. I hope when you see (the show) you get an appreciation for how foreskin restoration really benefits men. It makes up for a lot of damage."

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Video: Sickened cleanup worker praying that God will just let him die

Clayton Matherne, a clean up worker on the Gulf Coast, shares his pain, illness and personal loss with the world.

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Aerotoxic Syndrome? Emergency Landing in Dayton for American Airlines Flight: Passengers and crew members reported being dizzy

A bit of a detour Friday for passengers leaving Washington, D.C. On their way to Chicago on board one American Airlines flight. That's because there was an unknown illness on that flight.

An American Airlines jet had to make an emergency landing in Dayton, this morning, when something went wrong on board.

It turns out two flight attendants were complaining of dizziness and four passengers later fainted. But when the captain learned of the illnesses, he decided to divert the plane to Dayton for an emergency landing.

Comment: Read the following article to learn more about Aerotoxic Syndrome.


What's going on? Arkansas, US: Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hitting Birds

Damage to the aircraft's nose was severe after it struck a flock of cranes near Little Rock, Arkansas.
A commuter plane was left with significant damage to its nose after it struck a flock of birds, forcing it to make an emergency landing Friday at Little Rock National Airport in Arkansas.

The Delta Air Lines jet, with 49 passengers and crew on board, landed about 4:30pm local time, 4029tv.com reported.

Pictures of the plane show its nose cone smashed in and a hole in the fuselage.

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Japan: The 100-year battle to make Fukushima safe: Grim prediction as brave workers expect to 'die within weeks'

  • Workers warned they're facing a 100-year battle to make fuel rods safe
  • Those battling to stop nuclear meltdown are expected to die in weeks
  • American recruiter asked to hire technicians to help
  • World's largest concrete pump is being flown from U.S. to assist
  • Evacuation zone refugees won't be able to go home for months, admits Japanese minister
  • Joint Japanese-U.S. mission recovers bodies from sea
  • Man arrested after crashing car through gate of stricken N-plant
  • TEPCO releases video showing damage inside Fukushima's Unit 4
A nuclear expert has warned it could be a 100 years before fuel rods at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant are safe.

Dr John Price, a former member of the Safety Policy Unit at the UK's National Nuclear Corporation, said radiation leaks will continue and it could take 50 to 100 years before the nuclear fuel rods have cooled enough to be removed.

The warning comes as the mother of one of the workers who are battling to stop a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant said today that they all expect to die from radiation sickness 'within weeks'.
© Reuters
Deadly battle: The Fukushima 50 expect to die within a matter of weeks as they work in dangerously high radiation trying to keep the temperatures of the destroyed reactors down at the nuclear plant, fresh images of which were released today

© Reuters
Reinforcements: A U.S. recruitment firm is assembling a team to fly into Japan and help with the fight


UK: Police scour lake after man's severed arm is found floating in water

A major police investigation has been launched after the discovery of a man's severed arm in a lake.

Detectives were called to the site in Buckhurst Hill, Essex by a member of the public.

Officers have confirmed that the incident is being treated as suspicious and the lake has been taped off.


Grisly find: A lake in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, has been taped off after a man's arm was discovered by a member of the public
Police have been carrying out detailed searches of the area around the lake while specialist marine divers have been scouring the lakebed for the remainder of the body.

The grisly find was made at 2.50pm yesterday afternoon and the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate are investigating.

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UK: Horror at the School Gates: 14-Year-Old Girl Stabbed "Nine Times in Neck by 18-Year-Old Boyfriend" As She Walked Into School

  • Teachers, pupils and parents sat on the attacker until police arrived
  • Assailant 'did not attend school' where attack occurred
  • Victim's injures are 'serious' but she is stable
© Caters News Agency
Stabbed: Chloe West, 14, was attacked outside her school in Stourbridge on Friday morning. She is pictured here taking a riding lesson
A girl of 14 was stabbed nine times in the neck yesterday as she was about to walk through her school gates.

Chloe West was attacked from behind by an 18-year-old man - said to be a former boyfriend - who had driven up a quiet tree-lined street at 60mph to confront her.

A 16-year-old pupil 'rugby tackled' the man to the ground and a teacher and a parent subdued him until police arrived at Ridgewood High School in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

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UK: 'We will never have closure': Family of Crossbow Cannibal victim reveal grief as inquest hears her remains may never be found

The family of Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths' first victim will never have closure after hearing her body is lost forever.

Prostitute Susan Rushworth, 43, was beaten to death with a hammer in Griffiths' flat before he butchered her body, ate her flesh, and dumped the remains in the River Aire, an inquest heard.

Her tearful family said they will never be at peace because Susans remains cannot be found.

© Reuters (left) PA (right)
Never found: Susan Rushworth (left) was beaten and butchered by Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths