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Fri, 24 Mar 2023
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RT's response to the U.S. corporate media: 'About Abby Martin, Liz Wahl and media wars'

Today RT America anchor Liz Wahl resigned on air, claiming she disagrees with the channel's editorial stance. And here's what I have to say about it.

These days it takes a lot of courage to work for RT. Never before have I seen RT and its journalists bullied like this. See for yourselves what they did to poor Abby. First, she openly voiced disagreement with Russia's stance on air - and was virtually made an American hero. But then Abby reminded everyone how much she disagrees with America's stance as well, adding she takes pride in working at RT, where she is free to express her views. Less than an hour passed before Abby had her name dragged through something I have difficulty finding a decent name for this late at night. The US mainstream media even went as far as claiming we had orchestrated the whole thing as a publicity move. They labeled Abby a conspiracy theorist, bringing to light her past as an activist. In less than 24 hours, they first sang her praises and then excoriated her. All of this in front of her colleagues, including Liz Wahl. How do you think they felt watching that?

Yesterday I spent quite some time explaining to a New York Times correspondent why I consider Russia's position to be right. I'm Russian. I support my country and I will fight for the truth for as long as it takes. Neither Abby, nor Liz, nor many other employees are Russian nationals, but foreign. And now their country is likening my country to Nazi Germany. For many years they have worked for RT in good faith, proving every day that a voice that stands out from the mainstream media can be beautiful and strong, attract an audience that grows daily. These are the people who were the first to tell their country about the Occupy movement, who were detained at protest rallies, handcuffed for hours and then tried in court for doing their job. These are the people who were outraged by US hypocrisy in Syria, Libya - you can finish the list yourself - and reminded the world who used chemical weapons most often, even resorting to nuclear bombs. These are the people who did things the Western mainstream media would have never done. But those were peaceful times. And now we've got a genuine war going on - no, thank God, it's not in Crimea. It's a media war. Every single day, every single hour the guys who work for us are told, "You are liars, you are no journalists, you are the Kremlin propaganda mouthpiece, you've sold yourselves to the Russians, it's time you quit your job, and everybody is laughing at you, so change your mind before it's too late."

Comment: The vehemence RT staff are confronted with daily from their Western counterparts is something SOTT.net has been up against daily in the alt.media community, particularly since we began researching and writing about the psychopathic nature of the dominant forces in this world. RT's stance is as admirable as it is unusual: a 'mainstream' media outlet that reports the news in an effort to inform people rather than confuse them. We put 'mainstream' in quotation marks because while it has the clout to compete with the dominant media, for a large organization its ethos is rather exceptional, especially amidst the pathos of just about all the rest of 'modern civilization'. It has not yet succumbed to ponerization*, as Al Jazeera did in a CIA coup of sorts sometime in 2010, though as we've seen, individual members capitulate under the pressure. It is unsurprising that they should be two of its US members based in Washington, DC, surely one of the most psychopathic enclaves on the planet.

Kudos, RT.
* 'Ponerization', a description of the process from Political Ponerology

The first step in the ponerization of a group often appears as a moral distortion of the group's original ideology. The existence of simplistic concepts (e.g., whether moral or legal) blocks any ability for critical thought in relation to the existence of psychopaths or their possible influence on the initial warping of the group's ideology. Such doctrinaire concepts are prevalent in the neoconservative ideology. For example, "You're either with us or against us (in the War on Terror)" and the completely arbitrary use of the labels "terrorist," "terrorist sympathizer", and "suspected terrorist."

In the case of the RT journalists, both of whom appealed to moral reasons for their actions, one appealed to the simplistic, doctrinaire, jingoistic assertion that she was "a proud American", while the other used what's called a 'paramoralism', in which she placed Russia's justified defense of ordinary people from psychopathic invasion in economically and culturally connected Ukraine on a par with America's unjustified invasions for personal gain in numerous unconnected countries, and under false pretexts, in the process selecting and substituting readily available data that exposes each behaviour to be fundamentally different, not identical.

Just as it is normal in the life of any human to experience a decline in psychological or physiological resistance (thus leading to moral failings or bacteriological infection), groups experience such crises. The pressure leading to such crises may be caused by the influence of other groups, a heightened hysterical condition, or a general spiritual crisis in the environment.

The resulting weakness in proper reasoning and critical thinking skills leaves an opening for the activity of psychopaths and characteropaths. Their influence then results in a further decline in moral and intellectual functioning. The absurdity of such a dynamic can be seen in the fact that Richard Cheney, an obvious psychopath, was allowed to hold the position of vice-president. Even when he shoots a hunting partner in the face, the media and public will studiously rationalize his coarse and psychopathic behavior.

When such individuals are treated as normal, more perceptive individuals will leave the group. When the group has become sufficiently pathological, members will either perceive its new direction in moral terms (e.g., "We must kill them all on the principle of justice and democracy"), or as a form of psychological terror. As more healthy people leave the group, taking on more counter-revolutionary positions, individuals with psychological anomalies join, removing their masks of sanity ever more often. Without adequate knowledge, normal individuals who have been ejected from such a group will suffer immensely, cut off from their original ideological reason for joining. Infected with unhealthy emotions and pathological material, they can assume positions opposite to those which they formerly followed.

New members are psychologically screened. No one with too much independence or psychological normality is allowed in the group. (Such screening should have taken place to root out psychological deviants in the first place.) Detractors are treated with paramoral condemnation. In short, the patients have overtaken the asylum.


Health insurance marketplaces signing up few uninsured Americans - the Affordable Care Act's central goal‏

© Jon Elswick/Associated Press
Open enrollment ends March 31st. One survey suggests that just one in 10 uninsured people have signed up for a private health plan.
The new health insurance marketplaces appear to be making little headway in signing up Americans who lack insurance, the Affordable Care Act's central goal, according to a pair of new surveys.

Only one in 10 uninsured people who qualify for private plans through the new marketplaces enrolled as of last month, one of the surveys shows. The other found that about half of uninsured adults have looked for information on the online exchanges or planned to look.

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ABC, CBS exclude comments from scientists critical of global warming for more than 1,300 Days‏

Like a simple parlor trick, the networks are able to make skeptical scientists vanish, at least from the eyes of their viewers.

In some cases, the broadcast networks have failed to include such scientists for years, while including alarmist scientists within the past six months. ABC, CBS and NBC's lengthy omission of scientists critical of global warming alarmism propped up the myth of a scientific consensus, despite the fact that many scientists and thousands of peer-reviewed studies disagree.

Comment: When the mainstream media has to work so hard to bolster one side of a debate, while suppressing the other side, it's clear that we are facing a propaganda operation and that the truth is being purposely hidden.


'Newsweek' identification of Bitcoin founder sparks frenzy‏

© Newsweek

, the weekly magazine once thought to be on journalistic life support, returns to print life Friday with a bang.

Its cover piece, which ran online Thursday, revealed the unconfirmed identity of the elusive founder of crypto-currency Bitcoin, birthing a literal interpretation of reporters chasing a story.

In a bizarre sequence, reporters at other news outlets rushed Thursday to the house belonging to Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto in Temple City, Calif., near Los Angeles, and waited to confirm Newsweek's piece. As Nakamoto, who later seemed to be denying his role in Bitcoin, fled the throng with a reporter from the Associated Press, a chase ensued through the freeways of Los Angeles.

"It's been overwhelming," says Newsweek editor Jim Impoco, a veteran business journalist who previously worked for Fortune, Reuters, the AP and The New York Times. "I was happy to have low expectations, and I think we over-delivered."

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Man said to have created Bitcoin denies it, leads LA car chase

© REUTERS/David McNew
Satoshi Nakamoto is surrounded by reporters as he leaves his home in Temple City, California, March 6, 2014.
A Japanese American man thought to be the reclusive multi-millionaire father of Bitcoin emerged from a modest Southern California home and denied involvement with the digital currency before leading reporters on a freeway car chase to the local headquarters of the Associated Press.

Satoshi Nakamoto, a name known to legions of bitcoin traders, practitioners and boosters around the world, appeared to lose his anonymity on Thursday after Newsweek published a story that said he lived in Temple City, California, just east of Los Angeles.


Sally Kohn's Hypocrisy on Ukraine hurts everyone

sally kohn
© Sally Kohn or Unknown
Sally Kohn looks like she got a haircut from a meat grinder.
Editor's note: Sally Kohn is a progressive activist, columnist and television commentator. Follow her on Twitter @sallykohn.

(CNN) -- While hosting CNN's Crossfire this week, I said: "Republicans are practically cheering for Vladimir Putin today. He's given them a new excuse to bash President Obama."

Comment: Bit sensational, and facetious.

I pointed out that Republicans have been slamming Obama for his handling of the Ukraine crisis even though I have not heard a single, specific way in which they would handle the situation differently. No new ideas, just new insults.

Comment: No they are acting like moneys in a zoo throwing faeces at the tour guide while he pontificates to a gaggle of 1st graders. ( Psst. You're one of them. )

The howls came quickly, and my assertion has been repeatedlyattacked and mischaracterized. But the evidence to support it is, troublingly, everywhere.

Comment: Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

I'm not saying Republicans are pro-Putin or that they want him to invade Ukraine. But they certainly have - conveniently, even gleefully -- found a good way to put Putin's actions to political use at home. Just listen to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Monday: "Putin decides what he wants to do and he does it in half a day... he makes a decision and he executes it. Quickly. Then everybody reacts. That's what you call a leader."

Comment: You know a man is good when even the insults from his enemies are a kind of praise.

And Sarah Palin: "People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil; they look at our President as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates."

Comment: Sounds like someone has been reading the Thesaurus. Easy way to tell when an idiot tries to look smart: They suddenly use obscure words as if they always have.

Comment: You know what Sally, you appear to be a really bad sort of person. You seem to be a poseur. That is to say: It looks like you pretend to be an edgy progressive activist. What it really looks like is that you just might be an altershill for the established power. People like you come across as pretending to having dissenting opinions to gird up the fast sinking impression that America is anything other than an Opinion Dictatorship.

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CNN Team "claims" strong arm tactics from hotel management

A CNN team in Crimea was told to stop broadcasting on Thursday or they'd be kicked out of their hotel.

CNN International correspondent Anna Coren told Anderson Cooper her team was told by the management of the hotel they are staying in that unless they stopped broadcasting the hotel would kick them out.

"Really bizarre, just a couple of hours ago the management of our hotel where we've been staying for over a week, we've got a team here, told us we basically have to shut down our operation or we'd be kicked out. We asked for the reason, they didn't give us one. Very unusual, basically said stop broadcasting or we'll kick you out,' Coren said.

Coren told Cooper her team got the "very strong feeling" the hotel was getting pressured.

"They're getting pressured, whether it be from local milita, who obviously had the major run in with the UN official envoy Robert Serry yesterday and basically rode him out of the country, or whether it came from the new Crimean government which as we know is very much pro-Russian," Coren said.

Comment: Yeah, I wonder why.

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Army sexual assault prosecutor suspended for alleged sexual assault

Lt. Col. Joseph
© LM Otero/AP
In the midst of a flurry of court cases and Senate activity over sexual assault in the military, the news that the Army's top sexual assault prosecutor assaulted a woman himself is probably not the kind of thing Army officials are excited about having to address. Well, whoops - here we go anyway.

Stars and Stripes reports that a female lawyer who worked for Lt. Col. Joseph "Jay" Morse recently alleged that Morse "groped her and tried to kiss her," most appropriately, at a sexual assault legal conference in 2011. While sources say no official charges have been filed against Morse, he was suspended from his position as Chief of the Trial Counsel Assistance Program (a position he was appointed to after the incident in question) when the woman came forward with her claim. An Army official revealed to Stars and Stripes that the case is currently being investigated.

According to his bio on the military's Response Systems to Sexual Assault Panel website, Morse oversaw "twenty-three Special Victim Prosecutors, all criminal law experts focusing on the prosecution of crimes involving sexual assault, domestic violence, and children as victims" in his role.


School forces half-naked, sopping wet student to stand outside, frostbite results

Kayona Hagen Tietz
© WCCO screenshot
A Minnesota public high school was so committed to obeying its fire drill policy to the exact letter of the law that it forced a female student - dressed only in a swimsuit, and sopping wet - to stand outside in the freezing cold for ten minutes. As a result, she suffered frostbite.

Administrators wouldn't let the student retrieve her clothes, sit in a car or wait inside another building, according to WCCO.

The trouble began when a small science experiment triggered the fire alarm at Como Park Senior High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fourteen-year-old Kayona Hagen-Tietz was swimming in the school pool for health class at the time. Her clothes were in her locker, and a teacher told her that there was no time for her to change. Hagen-Tietz was rushed outside - still wet and dressed in only swimsuit.

It was 5 degrees below zero in St. Paul that day. With the windchill, it was 25 degrees below zero.

Hagen-Tietz asked to wait inside an employee's car, or at the elementary school across the street. But administrators believed that this would violate official policy, and could get the school in trouble, so they opted to simply let the girl freeze.

Her fellow classmates, at least, huddled around her to try to keep her warm. And one teacher did eventually lend her a coat.

Still, Hagen-Tietz came down with frostbite on her feet, according to her mother, Eva Tietz, who took her to the doctor as soon as she found out what had happened.

Comment: This is what happens when Authoritarian Followers are in positions of power. Unlike psychopaths who wantonly hurt people, the Authoritarian hurts people casually by fixating on their own subjective interpretation of absolute rules. Authoritarians can be anywhere, and on any side of the fence.

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Sexual predation: Same story, different ministry

Bill Gothard
© Institute in Basic Life Principles via Wikimedia
Bill Gothard founded the Institute in Basic Life Principles
Stunning allegations are emerging about Bill Gothard, who is a big deal in conservative Protestant homeschooling circles. Here is a new allegation from a woman, "Charlotte" (she's pictured), who says she was raped by her conservative pastor father at age eight, and later, at 16, sent to work at Gothard's headquarters at Gothard's request. Excerpt:
He wanted all the details of my past sexual experiences. He asked me a lot about how much I had let my boyfriend touch me, how we kissed - it went on and on. He seemed to get pleasure from pulling every detail out of me. We would then kneel at the couch and pray. I remember how my knees would hurt after a while. He made me confess, often holding my hand. He liked to make me cry over it. Bill told me that God had a better plan for me.

He knew what my father had done to me, but he called me into repentance for my own sins without confronting my father or addressing his sin. I was a temptation to men; Bill Gothard told me that I had tempted my own father.

I craved Bill's attention but felt guilty about the increasing touches he gave me. I wanted a relationship with a man that was like a relationship with a father. Bill Gothard gave me that feeling of being worth something.
© Unknown
“Charlotte” at IBLP Headquarters