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Roman Colosseum to be rebuilt for cultural events, concerts

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Italy's culture minister gives the green light for cultural events once again being held within the historic arena

Two millennia after sword-wielding gladiators fought to the death on the blood-soaked sands of the Colosseum, Italy's culture minister has given the green light to cultural events once again being held within the arena.

Dario Franceschini has thrown his weight behind a proposal to rebuild the wooden floor that once covered the arena and provided the setting for wild animal hunts and gladiatorial combat.

Currently only a small portion of the arena is covered by wooden boards, with the rest exposed to the elements - visitors are able to peer into the labyrinth of narrow tunnels and cramped stone cells that once housed caged animals and gladiators before they emerged into the arena via a network of lifts operated by slaves.

There are no plans to recreate mock gladiatorial battles or fights with lions, leopards and bears.

The minister said that only concerts and other cultural events would be held, insisting that ancient Rome's monuments should not be turned into a cultural Disneyland.

Occasional concerts are held inside the Colosseum but the rebuilding of the arena's wooden flooring would allow more frequent events.

"I'm convinced that with the intelligent reconstruction of the arena in the Colosseum, the monument that is a symbol of Italy could become even more attractive to tourism," Mr Franceschini said at a press conference in Rome on Friday.

He knocked down previous suggestions that football matches could be held in the ancient arena.

Comment: See also: Rome's Colosseum: Medieval condominium

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School football in the police state: Enraged cop pepper sprays student directly in the eyes without provocation

Ski-masked Phenix City Police Officer assaults student with pepper spray
A 17-year-old high school student was having fun and talking to a girl at a football game Friday when all of the sudden a ski-masked Phenix City Police Officer comes from behind and assaults him.

Police officers were near the students because they were trying to move them back from the railing. Cameron Rader, the boy who was assaulted in the video says he was no where near the railing, and we can clearly see in the video that he was not near the railing before the assault.

"This cop in front of me is just staring me and my friends down for absolutely no reason and saying things like, 'I'm not a cop you can mess with,' and I just started laughing, because it was crazy," Rader said. "When I laughed, he said, 'Oh, you think this is funny? Do you see me laughing?' I told him no sir."

According to The Montgomery Advertiser, Rader said the brief confrontation ended at that point and he turned to begin talking with a female student behind him. A few seconds later, he said the officer accused him of pushing him.

The entire incident was captured on video by one of the students watching the game.

Comment: No matter how often we see these bizarre behaviors by US police, it is still jaw-dropping to realize how they have deteriorated into criminal thugs. Their overarching rage is no longer hidden, and its becoming clear that they have been given a license to terrorize the population by their elite masters who are intent on tightening the noose of control on the sheeple.

The Devil's Bargain: The illusion of a trouble-free existence in the American police state

Seven reasons US police brutality is systemic, not anecdotal

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Window washer survives 11 story fall by landing on a moving car

dented car
© KCBSToyota Camry broke the fall.
A window washer remains in critical but stable condition after falling from the roof of an 11-story building onto a moving car at California and Montgomery in San Francisco Friday morning. The man whose car broke the victim's fall says he is praying for him to survive.

The accident happened at 10:03 a.m. at the Sterling Bank & Trust building according to police.

The window washer and a co-worker were adjusting their cables from the roof while their working platform lay on the ground. Something went awry and the man ended up falling 11 stories onto the car, completely caving in the back part of the Toyota Camry's roof.

Comment: Another close call involving window washers:

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State funded pedophilia? Adolescent sex ed conference gives tips on remote use of internet sex toys, role-playing, masturbation and more

Sex Education
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Controversy is surrounding a sex education conference in Oregon as the event has hosted students as young as 11 years old. The conference gives tips on masturbation, using internet porn and quirky alternatives to sex.

Lesson plans taught at the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference include tutorials on porn websites, pamphlets on sexting and information about "teledildonics," or the remote use of sex toys over the Internet, KOIN-TV reports.

The pamphlets handed out at the conference suggest other ways students can engage in intimate activities without having intercourse, including bathing together, shaving each other, wearing each other's underwear, role playing, buying an extra-large pair of pajama bottoms to sleep in together, lap dances and strip teases.

Comment: There is nothing healthy about what you're promoting, Brad Victor. You should be charged with pedophilia for exposing children to pornographic material.

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Canaries in the economic coal mine are dead - what's next?

David Stockman
The global financial system has come unglued. Everywhere the real world evidence points to cooling growth, faltering investment, slowing trade, vast excess industrial capacity, peak private debt, public fiscal exhaustion, currency wars, intensified politico-military conflict and an unprecedented disconnect between debt-saturated real economies and irrationally exuberant financial markets.

Yet overnight two central banks promised what amounts to more monetary heroin and, presto, the S&P 500 index jerked up to 2070. That is, the robo-traders inflated the PE multiple for S&P's basket of US-based global companies to a nose bleed 20X their reported LTM earnings.

And those earnings surely embody a high water mark in a world where Japan is going down for the count, China's house of cards is truly collapsing, Europe is plunging into a triple dip and Wall Street's spurious claim that 3% "escape velocity" has finally arrived in the US is soon to be discredited for the 5th year running. So it goes without saying that if "price discovery" actually existed in the Wall Street casino, the capitalization rate on these blatantly engineered earnings (i.e. inflated EPS owing to massive buybacks) would be decidedly less exuberant.

Comment: David Stockman joins a growing group of financial analysts attempting to rip apart the false facade of economic recovery painted by the central banks of the world.


Best of the Web: A dark alliance and a lasting shame: Remembering investigative reporter Gary Webb

Kill the Messenger is currently playing at mostly empty theaters, which is a pity, because it's an important movie about a real-life story: A reporter who becomes the target of a vicious smear campaign that drives him to suicide after he exposes the CIA's role in arming Contra rebels in Nicaragua and importing cocaine into Southern California. That reporter is Gary Webb, played on the big screen by Jeremy Renner of The Bourne Legacy fame. This is what I wrote in December 2007 about Webb's expose and investigative journalism in general, with a few embellishments and a new footnote added:

I worked with a goodly number of great investigative journalists over the years, men and women who risk career, life and limb to get the story, and I can say with some satisfaction that this bunch usually did.

But beyond the glamor of the Woodward and Bernstein portrayed by Redford and Hoffman in All the President's Men is a dark side: Investigative reporters and their editors can be an intensely jealous lot, and except for the biggest stories (like the Pentagon Papers, Watergate and the My Lai Massacre) rival papers are more apt to ignore an investigative story than mention it in their own pages, and sometimes even dump on it.


Teacher charged after video surfaces of him forcefully dragging student into pool


Comment: Teachers are supposed to be the caretakers of our young, those who are present to protect and be the example for our children to learn from while parents are away. It's infuriating seeing what this teacher has done, and it will probably scar this poor girl for quite a long time to not trust adults around her. And who can blame her? This a**hole teacher somehow thought it was a good idea to force the girl into the pool, for no good reason. He should never be allowed to teach again. The parents should sue the pants off him.

A California physical education teacher has been charged with corporal injury to a child after video surfaced of him attempting to throw a 14-year-old girl into the pool during his class, News10 reports.

On the video - taken by another student - Edison High School P.E. teacher Denny Peterson can be seen dragging the girl toward the pool while she yells, "My top is falling down."

The lawyer representing her, Gilbert Somera, admitted that the girl was lying about her reason for not wanting to go in the pool - she had had her hair done earlier that day for an event she was attending that evening and didn't want it ruined - before adding that it was immaterial to the way in which she was treated, given the claim she was making.


Why on Earth are police going to a class called "Killology" and training to be "warriors"?

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Albuquerque, New Mexico - Just over a week after the City of Albuquerque signed an agreement with the Department of Justice, promising to scale back aggressive police tactics and address police brutality, the Albuquerque Police Department has found themselves in the midst of another scandal.

This week, it was revealed by local KRQE News 13 that a retired Albuquerque Police Officer was teaching a class that was seemingly designed to instruct other cops on how to be more aggressive.

The class is run and operated by retired Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, and is called "killology - the study of killing." The retired officer instructs a number of similar classes, including his most recent, "The Bulletproof Mind: Prevailing in Violent Encounters Before and After."

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5-year-old raped by psychopathic teen relative also contracted STD

Luis Arevelo
Police in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania accused an 18-year-old native of Ecuador of raping a 5-year-old relative and causing her to contract chlamydia, WCAU-TV reported.

"I guess the best way for me to describe this guy is an animal," superintendent Michael Chitwood said of the suspect, identified by the Philadelphia Inquirer as Luis Arevelo.

The attack allegedly happened months ago, but the victim's illness was not discovered until her mother took her to a Philadelphia hospital on Tuesday. The girl's mother also reportedly told authorities that she had been told about the attack.

Arevelo was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, indecent sexual assault, and rape of a child. He allegedly admitted to police that he has chlamydia, while denying that he attacked the girl. He is currently being held on a $250,000 cash bond.

Chitwood also said that the suspect, who is residing in the U.S. legally, asked to be tried in his native country.

"My statement to detectives was, 'If they want to come and fly him out, that's good with me,'" he told reporters.


Sheeple scanner: The FBI is very excited about this machine that can scan your DNA in 90 minutes

dna scanner
© IntegenXA scanner, quickly: The RapidHIT 200 can generate a DNA profile in about 90 minutes.
Rapid-DNA technology makes it easier than ever to grab and store your genetic profile. G-men, cops, and Homeland Security can't wait to see it everywhere.

Robert Schueren shook my hand firmly, handed me his business card, and flipped it over, revealing a short list of letters and numbers. "Here is my DNA profile." He smiled. "I have nothing to hide." I had come to meet Schueren, the CEO of IntegenX, at his company's headquarters in Pleasanton, California, to see its signature product: a machine the size of a large desktop printer that can unravel your genetic code in the time it takes to watch a movie.

Schueren grabbed a cotton swab and dropped it into a plastic cartridge. That's what, say, a police officer would use to wipe the inside of your cheek to collect a DNA sample after an arrest, he explained. Other bits of material with traces of DNA on them, like cigarette butts or fabric, could work too. He inserted the cartridge into the machine and pressed a green button on its touch screen: "It's that simple." Ninety minutes later, the RapidHIT 200 would generate a DNA profile, check it against a database, and report on whether it found a match.

The RapidHIT represents a major technological leap - testing a DNA sample in a forensics lab normally takes at least two days. This has government agencies very excited. The Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Justice Department funded the initial research for "rapid DNA" technology, and after just a year on the market, the $250,000 RapidHIT is already being used in a few states, as well as China, Russia, Australia, and countries in Africa and Europe.

"We're not always aware of how it's being used," Schueren said. "All we can say is that it's used to give an accurate identification of an individual." Civil liberties advocates worry that rapid DNA will spur new efforts by the FBI and police to collect ordinary citizens' genetic code.