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Tue, 21 Mar 2023
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Former Miss Nevada Caleche Manos Sues Police For Breaking Into Home, Getting Her Out of Bed Naked

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Former Miss Nevada 2007 Caleche Manos says that law enforcement officers busted into her Santa Monica, CA apartment, on November 15, 2011, and forced her to get out of bed without any clothes on, all because they targeted the wrong apartment.

The officers then reportedly joked that Manos would "have a story to tell at Thanksgiving."

Instead of a story to tell, Manos and her fiance, Eric Otto Ryder, have sued Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The lawsuit says that the officer's warrant was clearly marked and intended for apartment 'C,' while Manos lives in apartment 'A.'


Wife of disgraced senior Chinese politician charged with murder of British businessman

© Reuters
Gu Kailai with her husband, Bo Xilai.
Wife of disgraced politician Bo Xilai is alleged to have poisoned Neil Heywood after an argument

Chinese prosecutors investigating the death of the British businessman Neil Heywood are to charge Gu Kailai, the wife of the disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai, with the murder.

The official Xinhua news agency reported that the indictment in the case said Gu had had a falling out with Heywood and was worried that it would threaten her and her son's safety.

The report says Gu and a family aide, Zhang Xiaojun, who is also charged with murder, are alleged to have poisoned Heywood together.

Bo was removed from office this spring and the investigation into his family is the biggest political scandal the normally secretive Chinese leadership has faced in decades.

The brief report is the first official news that the case against Gu is proceeding since the announcement three months ago that she and Zhang were being investigated and that Bo was being suspended from the powerful politburo for unspecified discipline violations. Xinhua did not mention Bo's case.


Anatomy of a Criminal Psychopath: British Murderer Shows no Remorse for Shooting Stranger Dead


Do I look bothered? Kieran Stapleton, who said during his trial that he is looking forward to prison.
Anuj Bidve's killer, an angry man with a penchant for random acts of aggression, was accused of not taking his trial seriously

His declaration from the witness box in courtroom one at Manchester crown court that he "wasn't bothered" about spending 65 years in prison revealed for the first time the true extent of Kiaran Stapleton's contempt for his fate and his lack of remorse.

There had been a glimpse of it during his first appearance at Manchester magistrates court when the 21-year-old was asked his name. "Psycho, Psycho Stapleton," he replied.

Yet it was not until he had an opportunity to answer the prosecution's questions in court and during the cross-examination of his evidence that his lack of empathy and indifference to his fate was finally evident.

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Occupy Wall Street - What's It All About?

The following video explains why the Occupy Movement exists in the modern global pathocracy. Most countries on the planet are under direct governance by the pathocracy, a concentration of psychopaths who have used the banking system to subvert democracy.
The judicial and law enforcement systems are also run by psychopaths in order to protect the interests of other psychopaths. For normal people there is no justice.

Check out 'ponerology'

Bizarro Earth

Second Toddler Mugged in Broad Daylight in New York City

© NY Post: William C Lopez
SHAME: A Brooklyn man was arrested for allegedly stealing a bracelet from Destiny Maizanche, pictured here yesterday.
No toddler is safe in this city!

A heartless thug mugged a 2-year-old toddler in a Brooklyn elevator - saying nothing as he snatched the young girl's bracelet while her terrified, pregnant mom looked on, The Post has learned.

Michael Andrews, 30, was arrested yesterday morning for the sickening attack, which happened a half-mile away from where a thug ripped a $400 chain off a 3-year-old boy's neck as he sat in his stroller, sources said.

"He didn't care that I was pregnant and he was stealing from a little girl," said Adriani Espinal, whose daughter, Destiny Maizanche, was mugged six days before her third birthday.


Boy, 12, drowned in boiling water after robbers raped his mother before killing both his parents

© Unknown
Violent death: Amaro Viana was brutally killed in a bath of boiling hot water because he have identified his parents' murderers

A 12-year-old boy was drowned in a bath of boiling water by robbers who raped his mother before killing both his parents in a violent house robbery.

Three men broke into the family's home in Walkerville, Johannesburg, where they assaulted and shot dead Tony Viana, 53, and brutally raped and killed his wife, Geraldine.

They then tied up and gagged the sobbing boy, Amaro, and pushed him into a bath of boiling hot water to drown him, 'because he would be able to identify them'.

The family's gardener, Patrick Petrus Radebe, 24, their domestic servant's son, Sipho Mbele, 21, pleaded guilty to three charges of murder and one charge of rape each, reported Sowetan Live.

David Motaung, 20, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to robbery charges.

They then left the South African court and walked back their cells laughing, according to Beeld newspaper.

The family dog was killed by having his stomach cut open.The men's lawyer told Vereeniging Regional Court that they had broken into the house to steal and to get revenge for the way they had been treated by 42-year-old Mrs Viana, their employer.

The court heard that Mr Viana arrived home at the house to be attacked with a golf club and a machete-like 'panga' and ordered to open the family's safe.

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Triple-A rating under threat as UK economy enters disaster zone


Zapped! 'Chancellor of the Exchequer' (the banker's man in the UK government) George Osborne is in the firing line after it emerged that the UK's tripe-A rating is set to be downgraded
George Osborne was coming under intense pressure from business, the City and the opposition on Wednesday to rethink his hardline austerity approach after news of a deepening double-dip recession dealt a severe blow to the government's deficit reduction strategy.

The Bank of England is expected to embark on further emergency measures to stimulate growth this autumn following the release of official figures showing a shock 0.7% contraction in economic activity in the three months to June.

Although the decline was almost certainly exaggerated by the extra bank holiday for the Queen's diamond jubilee, the City was left stunned by the data from the Office for National Statistics.


Anaheim officials scramble to contain public anger as protests escalate

© Stuart Palley/AP
Tensions are on a knife-edge once more in LA: Demonstrators gather on the steps of city hall on Tuesday to protest the death of Manuel Diaz, who was unarmed when killed.
Officials in Anaheim, the southern California home to Disneyland, are scrambling to contain public anger over a rash of police shootings of young Latino men and pleaded for calm following a fourth night of street demonstrations marred by vandalism and looting.

Members of a 1,000-strong crowd broke windows and set fire to garbage skips in downtown Anaheim on Tuesday night, leading to hours of clashes with police, who responded with pepper spray and rubber bullets and made at least 24 arrests. The demonstrators said they were expressing frustration at what is widely seen as indifference by the city's all-white leadership to the majority Latino population.

The immediate catalyst for the protests was the death of 25-year-old Manuel Diaz on Saturday afternoon. According to media reports, he was shot twice by police in a residential neighborhood - the first time in the leg and then, once he was on the ground, in the head. He was apparently unarmed.

Selective Outrage and Empathy In The USA - The Anaheim and Colorado Shootings


Libor Manipulation Was Known by US Government Since 2008

© atoast2toast.com
Washington - An unidentified employee of U.K. bank Barclays PLC told the New York Federal Reserve Bank more than four years ago that the bank was filing false reports on a key interest rate, according to documents released by the regional central bank Friday.

The documents show that a summary of this admission was quickly circulated throughout the U.S. government, including the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department, in 2008. The Libor rate is at the center of a sweeping industrywide, cross-border investigation into the setting of interbank lending rates.

United Kingdom bank Barclays was fined $450 million for fixing Libor. Other banks across the world including Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank have said they also are being investigated.


Police Fire on Protesters, Journalists During Demonstration over Recent Police Shootings in Anaheim, California

Anaheim Police officers reportedly fired pepper balls and bean bags at demonstrators and journalists Tuesday night during the latest round of protests against last weekend's police shootings.

Freelance journalist Tim Pool posted a video of himself and another journalist, Amber Lyon, being fired upon, an incident he first mentioned while live-streaming the protests Tuesday night. Pool also said during his live-stream that he was fired at after identifying himself as a media member. Staff members at KFI-AM also reported via Twitter that they were fired upon.

A video posted by KPFK-FM reporter Amber Stephens shows protesters gathered outside Anaheim City Hall Tuesday afternoon, chanting "no justice, no peace" at the officers guarding the door. Riot police eventually emerged from the building. According to KNBC-TV, the crowd measured in the hundreds, with at least five people being arrested.