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Body cam video shows cops repeatedly tasering handcuffed man until he dies

police tasering
© NY Times
As Chase Sherman was returning home with his parents and fiancée from his brother's wedding in November, he began to hallucinate. Apparently reacting to synthetic marijuana he had taken days earlier, he bit his girlfriend and tried to jump out of the back seat of the car as the family drove through Georgia toward Florida.

About an hour outside Atlanta, at mile marker 55 on Interstate 85, his fiancée pulled over the car and his mother called the police, hoping they would help calm Mr. Sherman, 32. Less than a half-hour later, Mr. Sherman, who worked at a family-owned parasailing business on the Gulf Coast, was dead.

He was stunned numerous times with Taser guns carried by two sheriff's deputies, while handcuffed in the back seat of a rental car.

Like other recent episodes involving the police, this one was captured on video, in this case by body cameras worn by the sheriff's deputies as they tried to subdue Mr. Sherman.


Russian billionaire pledges to leave all his money to charity

russia billionaire charity
© Ramil Sitdikov / SputnikMikhail Fridman
Billionaire Mikhail Fridman, whose net worth is $13.3 billion according to Forbes, is to leave his children out of his will. The businessman said he wants his children to create something on their own.

"I'm not a big fan of such public statements, but I can say that I am going to transfer all my money to charity. I don't plan to transfer any money to my children," Fridman said, responding to a question from the audience at the Forbes club.

He says giving a young person large amounts of money risks ruining his life. He also doesn't want his children to participate in his Alfa Group business.

Fridman said he wants his children to follow his footsteps and create something of their own. Another reason for that is that he doesn't want his elder daughter Laura, who is now 22, to become a focus of people with bad intentions.

The tycoon added that the same decision was made by his business partners. Fridman has four children. The youngest is 10 years old, the eldest is 22.

In 2016, Forbes Russia estimated Fridman's wealth at $13.3 billion; he is ranked second among the richest Russians. He is the principal owner of Alfa Group, which includes Russia's largest private commercial bank Alfa Bank, X5 Retail Group that has a chain of supermarkets in Russia, A1 TV Channel and the LetterOne investment holding.


Actress Brigitte Bardot: Russia is lucky to have a president as remarkable as Putin

brigitte bardot
© AP Photo/ Jacques Brinon
Famous French actress Brigitte Bardot told Sputnik she thought Russia was lucky to have President Putin over his stance in environment an animal rights, yet more work on these issues remained to be done.

"You're really lucky to have a president as remarkable as Vladimir Putin. But even here work remains to be done in what concerns protection of animals. I am counting on the help of the Russian people to help me in this," Bardot said.

The actress said that even though she was French, she no longer recognized the country as it had changed so much.

Георгиевская ленточка

Russian judge: Obama's statements on US exceptionalism the same as what Nazis said about Germany

russian judge
© Vladimir Fedorenko / SputnikRussian Constitutional Court Chairman Valery Zorkin
The chairman of the Russian Constitutional Court has said that Barack Obama's statements about American exceptionalism were very similar to propaganda used by Nazi Germany and equally dangerous to world peace.

"The idea of specialness, exceptionality and unique rights of the American state and American people has been used in US internal political rhetoric for quite a while, but in the recent years it is being actively and persistently offered in US foreign policy documents and public speeches on international politics delivered by US officials," Judge Valery Zorkin said at the St Petersburg international legal forum on Thursday.

"Any unbiased and educated person would see that this statement by Obama is an almost exact copy of leading politicians and propaganda specialists of the Third Reich, including Adolph Hitler... In essence, Obama is using the exact same thing that Nazi bosses said about the German exceptionalism when they started the world war," he added.

The judge also said that in his view the exceptionalism concept had direct influence on the modern US concepts of military planning and these concepts see the main objective of all activities as reaching such degree of military might that the United States remains out of reach of other nations, on land, sea, in air and in space.


World-renowned Pianist, Valentina Lisitsa interviewed in Donetsk: 'They have threatened me many times'

Valentina Lisitsa
© Komsomolskaya Pravda
Interview with Valentina Lisitsa published in Komsomolskaya Pravda, translated to English and published on, May 16, 2016. Translation by Alexander Fedotov for

Musicians Alexander Kots and Dmitry Steshin spoke with the renowned international, classical pianist Valentina Lisitsa for Komsomolskaya Pravda prior to a recent concert in Donetsk. Lisitsa grew up in Ukraine and moved to the United States at the age of 18.

Comment: Here is a an Exclusive SoTT article back from August 2015. Valentina Lisitsa's strength and bravery should be shared with others. SOTT Exclusive: Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa condemns Kiev's atrocities, silenced by Dutch airline KLM


Texas man charged with capital murder after shooting 3yo stepson for jumping on bed

Coty Wayman
© FacebookCoty Wayman
A Texas man was charged with murder after allegedly shooting his 3-year-old stepson in the head because the child would not stop jumping on the bed.

George Coty Wayman initially told police the boy was bouncing on the bed shortly before 3 p.m. Tuesday and accidentally landed on the gun, causing it to fire, reported KFDX-TV.

But investigators said the evidence did not match up with the 18-year-old Wayman's account, and they said he admitted to pointing the gun at the child and threatened to shoot if he did not stop jumping on the bed.

Wayman said the gun accidentally fired and struck the child, identified by authorities as Dominic Tra'Juan Castro, in the back of the head.


Egypt announces debris and body parts from EgyptAir Flight 804 discovered on search mission

egyptair crash
The Egyptian search mission has reportedly found a body part, seats and suitcases from EgyptAir Flight 804, hours after other debris was spotted 290km north of Alexandria. President Sisi and the airline have offered their condolences to families of the victims.

A body part, two seats and suitcases from the EgyptAir Airbus A320 have been found by Egyptian rescuers, Greece's defense minister, Panos Kammenos, said later on Friday. Greece has been notified about the discovery by the Egyptian authorities, he told journalists in Athens

"Regarding the outputs of the research, we have been briefed by the Egyptian JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Center) - and that was also announced to the media - about the discovery of a body part, two seats and luggage at the scene of the search, slightly to the south of where the plane's signal was lost. That is to the south and east of where the plane was lost, and further north of yesterday's sighting, that was not confirmed to be debris from the plane."

He also stressed that Greek radars detected that the aircraft had taken a normal course through Greece's airspace and did not deviate. The radars then spotted sharp turns in the aircraft's trajectory as it plunged from a cruising altitude to 15,000ft, then disappearing from radars.

Comment: See: Egyptair Flight MS804 disappears from radar - Hollande speculates plane crashed with no physical proof - analysts point to "abrupt incident"


Doom and disaster: Project Fear campaign to keep UK in EU goes into overdrive

Fear robot photo
© Flickr/ Okay Yaramanoglu
One the highlights of the television week in the UK is watching Saturday night repeats of the much-loved 1970s comedy show 'Dad's Army'. The classic sitcom - which even outperformed BBC2's much-hyped live Shakespeare "special" featuring Prince Charles - tells the story of a brave, but rather incompetent Home Guard platoon in World War Two.

All the characters are quite wonderful and very-very funny, but a particular favorite of mine is the gloomy undertaker Private Frazer — who's always forecasting doom and disaster. Recently, I've been wondering if Frazer has secretly been put in charge of the Remain campaign, because some of the claims are pure Dad's Army.

Bad Guys

1,000s of Ukrainian far-right zealots vow to oust Poroshenko administration over Donbass elections

Azov battalion protests
© Gleb Garanich / ReutersMembers of the Ukrainian interior ministry's "Azov" battalion attend a protest against local elections in eastern Ukraine under the Minsk peace agreement, in Kiev, Ukraine, May 20, 2016.
Thousands of nationalists are protesting in front of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev. The demonstrators are threatening to oust Ukrainian MPs and Petro Poroshenko's administration if Kiev allows elections in Donbass.

According to Kiev police, an estimated crowd of over 2,000 people have joined the protest, although organizers have said that at least 8,000 people are attending the event.


French Unions announce new wave of protests against labor reform

France labor reform protest
© REUTERS/ Jean-Paul Pelissier
French unions have agreed to hold another round of strikes on May 26 and June 14 against the unpopular labour reforms adopted by the government, seven unions said in a statement.

The CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, UNEF, UNL, FIDL said in a statement that a "national day of strikes, protests and actions" will be held on May 26," as quoted by La Voix du Nord newspaper on Thursday.

On June 14, the unions will "reinforce the move by a day of inter-profession strike with a national demonstration in Paris" as the Senate will be debating the issue.